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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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yes, though was the "grand open" its been open for a month... not much of a turn out for the event and most of the stuff they said were there (mermaid, violinist in water) couldnt be seen by normal people as thed blocked the top off by big dipper for all the suited lot... loads of crap was said about the ride that wasnt true and hyping it up to be good... vernan lost his mic pack when he went on the ride and the gazette said angila not amnda which i think was funny... http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/template/video.aspx?VideoPath=BLAC/vernon512k_stream.wmv&VideoID=2952&ArticleID=2934375

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Oh wow, that's pretty high to be fair. Blackpool do actually do Big One lift walks, so knowing them they charged the riders for the walk down.

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Are you a stupid tit or just a great actor...?


Infusion is 100% Traumatizer with bits added - water effects etc, and the odd support modification. Track is the same, trains are the same but refurbed. As said previously, the 'extra' piece of track is old PMBO track, used for Traumatizer's sign (Spin Doctor did the same). It was likely used as a paint sample.


The real 'stupid tit' bit comes in when you brag about filming onride. Now, I used to do it, I'm sure most of us did. But there's always been very valid reasons for parks to prohibit it and some of us see this and have changed our ways. ONE - think of the park you 'love' - you let go of your camera, it smacks someone on the head, the PARK is in trouble, not you. That's unfortunately how the system works - they can't help this, they simply have to prevent people doing stupid things as best they can. If there's incident, THEY get the rap, you maybe just get banned from the park while they pay out compensation and have their insurance premiums bumped up. Don't be a dick. If I'm there and I see you, you're not getting away without being banned from the park. I grassed on an idiot who filmed on the Grand National recently, he was told to put his camera in his bag and keep it between his feet during the ride. He didn't, he got it out and filmed once out of staff view. I told staff when we arrived back in the station, and that tit isn't coming back. TWO - getting hit by a camera, or just a tiny mobile phone is just NOT nice on a high speed ride. THREE - there's actually copyright issues you know. Remember, they own the damn rides and all the rights to them. You are just lucky enough to be allowed to enjoy them, you don't own any part of them or any rights to them. Use your brain (properly, for a change)and DON'T BE A DICK.


As for Infusion - I couldn't applaud the park more for what they've achieved with a bog-standard issue, second hand ride. They're in trouble, Pleasureland was in trouble so they let go nomatter how hard it was (trust me, BPB Ltd are real people too you know, they have feelings like the rest of us and are in the job for what it does for customers i.e fun and happiness, escapism... they're not in it to make loads of money - there's sod all money coming in, trust me!). They literally can't afford brand new fancy B&Ms or Intamin rockets or whatever. In this case, what they've achieved with what they had to hand is bloody fantastic, and it's transformed that part of the park from dingy dirty knackered flume area, to bright, fresh & funky Infusion. I love it.

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^ I agree with pretty much everything you have said, but you might want to tone the language down a bit.


I think alot of people forget that alot of Blackpools 6 million visitors are walk arounds. They come into the park for free, dont actually ride anything (alot of mums do this) so dont pay any money. Plus with so many classic rides needing maintenance, and Valhallas huge gas bill eating away at the finances, there is ALOT of outgoing cash at Blackpool. Not to mention the downturn in the UK tourism in general with cheap flights abroad. Also remember the rather flamible park having to recover from several fires over the decades. The lastest requiring new Nash trains, rebuilding some of the station and fixing up the damadge to Alice as well. Thats not cheap.


Blackpool do a great job with very limited funds, and they have to make some very tough decisions to stay alive. I applaud them. It will never be Cedar Point but they do great with what they have.


And personaly Im looking forward to riding Infusuion when I next go later in the summer.

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what ever, ill do wht i like that there are no signs to say otherwise. copywrights are a bit out the window seeing as thev been on tv and available to acess for free... and i dont thing you tone is wright for this forum!!! and i dont care about infusion, wether it is or not the same, either way both or the same ride are as bad as eachother.

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My tone? This is the real world. Grow up mate, grow up!


You're one of those 'enthusiasts' who moans about everything then eh... think about that long and hard... while you're breaking park rules at the same time. If I find out who you are, you're not entering PB ever again. A quick message to my ops mangement friends is all it takes... DON't be a dick. Dick isn't even harsh enough, it's actually rather flippant, and I'm being dead serious, NOT flippant.


I'm positively Infused. Anybody else?...


Don't get me started on copyright technicalities. They own the rights, they can give permission to TV people. You do not have permission. The ride is private property, not yours, understand that concept?


Signs, yeah, if a sign doesn't say... use some common sense. Society today is in the litigious compensation mess because people stopped using common sense and thought that they can do something if it's said nowhere that they can't. It's called using your brain - we're humans, we're a clever species. We can think for ourselves, we don't need signs for every last little thing. Sadly, due to idiots like you in every walk of life, more signs will appear here there and everywhere and the whole sordid mess will continue to spiral into anarchy - the breakdown of society. Use your damn brain, properly.

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you do know that there are tonnes of people that take cams on all the rides, and most ops don't care, u cant be banned for doing so which i have been informed by a probably the most senior ride manager there is on there, who don't care about taking cams on as long as not obvious and dangerous... but this is not what this forum is about, its about all the people who enjoy one thing, theme parks... so lighten up.

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There is no need to get fighty about this. I like these boards because I could have a discussion, disagree with someone, and not have it degenerate into a fight. Lets keep it that way.


There are signs up on pretty much all the coasters showing you cant take cameras onto the rides. Its is also true that staff at Pleasure Beach don't often enforce this rule. Just like they don't often enforce the seatbelts on Rollercoaster that much. I guess that leaves it up to you whether your trust yourself enough to not drop the camera. If it has a hand strap to secure it to your hand, fair enough. If its being held freely, I would be too scared of dropping it. Personally I don't take cameras on rides. Still, its at least polite to ask if you can film, just like its polite to ask if you can line up at the back seat instead of going all the way to the front. Most Ops will let you if you ask, but tell you to move down if you don't.


The Copyright thing...well, you cant copyright a rollercoaster. You can Patent it, but not copyright it. And the Patents for infusion will be owned by Vekoma, not Pleasure beach. If anything, the copyright for any images taken of Infusion are owned by the person who took the images. The only copyright Blackpool likely own is for the Infusion Logo and its associated imagery. And think about it, why in the name of blue hell would Pleasure Beach want to stop images of their nice shiny coaster getting into the public domain? Thats free advertising.

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Sadly the Lottery funding doesnt really work that way. lol.


I wouldnt say Blackpool is a UK hotspot at the moment either. Its pretty much been in decline for the last 20 or 30 years. Its nothing like as popular as it used to be. London, Newcastle and York seem to attract way more people. Mostly cos Blackpool cant shake off its tacky, cheap image. The Pleasure beach and stag/hen parties are the main reason people go to the town now.

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I think if Blackpool did get lottery money it should be used to the historic rides just to keep them operating and maintained.


A bit like the Dreamland park they are planning in Margate.


But cant see them any funding much now especially since they didn't get the casino license.


Also after what they did to Cyclone at Southport, they don't deserve anything.

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Got some pic's of work being done on the Wild Mouse.


All the brackets that support the rides frame are being replaced, by doing this it will be a good number of years before the ride needs scaffolding around it other than for track work.






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The paint has started to come off "Infusion" already, check out the top of the air gates..


No-one should take any type of camera on a rollercoaster unless they have full permission from the Park, if your silly enough to sneek one on, it falls and hits anyone you can expect a summonds in the post.


Hopefully your be thrown out of the park if caught.


Blackpool does deserve a better image than today's one, I have always had a good time at "Funny Girls" or "Flying Handbag" pubs. I love the atmostphere of BPB and the "Classic" woodies.


The good thing is I could buy a 4/5 bedroom or 7 bedroom guest house in Blackpool for the cost of my house down south, but the pay is not great for jobs.

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From the beginning of the 2009 season, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool will be operating a new entry system. Guests will be required to purchase either an Unlimited Ride Wristband or a £5 Freedom Pass to enter the park. As well as entry to the park, the Freedom Pass includes admission to 5 of Pleasure Beach’s favourite family attractions.


Try not to get lost as you are challenged by the twists and turns of the Chinese Puzzle Maze. Take a leisurely ride around the park on either the Pleasure Beach Express or the Monorail. All aboard Noah’s Ark for a fantastically fun journey into the unknown on one of Pleasure Beach’s most loved rides. If you love first class entertainment then you can enjoy the new stage show at Pleasure Beach’s newest venue Planet Rock.


This represents fantastic value for money as if you were to purchase tickets for each of these attractions individually, the cost would be £10.



This is surely madness!! They tried introducing an entry fee to Southport and then they said it was no longer viable so they closed it and destroyed some of the historic rides. OK BPB is trying something slightly different in that you can go on 5 rides/attractions but I cant see the reasoning behind this. It means that a family of 4 must spend £20 minimum and then buy tickets to go on the rides they or the kids want. You will no longer be able to just go in to go on a your favorite ride or even just for an ice cream with melted chocolate.......mmmmm..


So what do you think? Good idea or bad!


ADMIN EDIT: Do you really need so many exclamation points?

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This was being discussed back in 1996. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened yet.


On a busy summer day, there are *thousands* of people that stroll through the pleasure beach completely for free.


And while they may not be paying for any attractions, someone has to clean up after them.


I personally think it's *MADNESS* that some parks still offer a free admission when you see the way people just trash stuff sometimes.



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You make a good point about cleaning up after people and it does cost. But generally most litter is from stuff purchased in the park.


My main problem is that BPB carried out a similar admission charge in Southport and then closed it as they didnt get enough visitors! So are the Pleasure beach going to use this as an excuse to close the park in 2010 and sell the land to build flats on!!!!!!

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