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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (BPB) Discussion Thread

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ummm, no this is taking along time for somethin so small... and easter hmmm, that sounds unrealistic for pleasure beach mentality.. maby june more like but either way its gona be slim pickings for febs opening, no:

big one



big dipper


and any other rides that just cant be bothered to be opened... ill be getting pass next saturday.

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I had heard that the Big One and Big Dipper were supposed to be open for the February weekends. Would be a shame if they were close and I'd probably re-evaluate a trip I have planned there if they are!


coaster-inc - I just want to say thanks for all the updates you're doing, I've really enjoyed them. Any chance you could do spelling and grammar checks on your updates before posting them? That would make reading your posts even more enjoyable!

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I believe SFOG claimed it as a triple looping roller coaster not 3 inversions. Still a lame claim on the parks part but still an amazing ride.


3rd = horizontal loop



It's like when people say the Georgia Mindbender has three inversions because of the horizontal loop....


Actually though, that little overbank right there is IMO the least painful element of the SLC layout, other than maybe the drop.

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Hey Everyone!


Even though Robb is off working hard on his day job, he had a bit of free time over the weekend to check out the Winter Happenings around some UK Parks. Our own CoasterLou kept him company (and was mainly in it for the food!) but she had a good time molesting the Vekoma Track too!


This update features some up close and personal shots of Vekoma Track, supports, and a muddy area where Infusion is starting to be put up. It also features a great 'off season park tour' where you can see what's being done to some of the parks signature rides. And of course, the crazy antics of Robb and Lou!


Check it out here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/bpb2007/blackpool1.htm


Here are some teaser photos!


Check out Lou in her sexy hard hat!


It's a sea of footers, mud, and Vekomaness!


Jahan, return that piece of Arrow Track ASAP!!!


It's like a really, really bad nightmare!


Big Dipper is participating in 'Extreme Coaster Makeover'



Thanks again to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for letting us get a sneak peak for the new season!


We'll be posting updates of some other UK Parks soon!

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Excellent update!


It sure is weird seeing the park deserted like that, but a very cool thing to experience I'm sure. It appears that BPB are really putting a lot of work into getting the place looking nice for the 2007 season. I'm just wondering how likely it is that the Big Dipper and Big One will be open for the February weekends.


Thanks again for the update!

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From the BPB Web site:


A brand new steel beast is growing day by day at Pleasure


Best tagline ever!


The name "Infusion" is starting to grow on me a bit, but with all those water effects, why not "Expectoration" or "Ejaculation"?

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You can tell Blackpool that if they ever want to see their track peices back, they'll have to send Lou over to negotiate.





Ok, that was creepy. I'm done. Great update Robb! Glad to see you were able to get out, there!




Lou's a pretty good negotiator dude. She could turn you straight faster than Robb can turn around.

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