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Floater or Ejector Air, your preference?

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I actually prefer floater IF, and only if, the ride vehicle allows the necessary freedom of motion to fully experience it. My favorite airtime sensation is abundant floater air on a classic wooden coaster with buzz bars and no seat belts.


Unfortunately those experiences are disappearing each year as more and more coasters get seat belts or new trains altogether. If I'm in a more modern, constrictive restraint system, there'd better be ejector air


Edit- There's also the rare but incredible experience of ejector air in a loose restraint system. Examples that come to mind are Magnum and Desperado - two of my favorite hypers.

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I have been debating this a lot with myself. I think that floater has the potential to be my "favorite" if it is true floater airtime. Behemoth at canadas wonderland has a LOT of airtime hills but the airtime force is BARELY over weightlessness, and its just really not that thrilling for me. But on a ride like maverick there is a CRAZY airtime part but it is so short that its over just like that. I think the balance is El Toro, where there is sustained ejector air that is very intense and thrilling.


For me the perfect airtime hill would be long and sustained, and halfway between floater and ejector, so you are being pulled out of your seat but not being smashed into the restraint painfully.

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Why do I have to pick?! LOL. If I was forced to choose one or the other than I would choose the ejector airtime. I love that feeling that I am going to fly out of my seat however, most good coasters will have at least one good floater air time hill.

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I like some ejector — the kind that feels like you're falling out of the seat while dropping (RMC first drops) as opposed to the violent, smashed-thighs ejector that comes from taking a too-sharp element too fast. I guess the kind of ejector I like is when it's more sustained. Overall though, floater is my preference — significant enough to lift you from the seat for a couple of seconds.

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^ LOL.


Floater air works best for my body, at my current age.


This was after a little "floater air" on Super Splash, Tusenfryd. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.

Before I got drown-ded. Thanks Hanno for the great OMG photo, lol! (o:

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^^-- yeah of course.


I'm kind of curious where everyone has been experiencing ejector air. Previous to I305 I don't think I'd ever experienced it and after I305, everything I've ridden is relatively insignificant compared to its 10 spots of completely unambiguous ejector. Sometimes you do come up against the bar on many coasters, but if there was a little more room you wouldn't. Although maybe a few instants on The Wild One this last Sunday right after it rained, in the back car, were quite extreme.


I actually sustained floater at least as scary as being pushed solidly against the restraints, it's freaky. However, such tightly "tuned" airtime is only highly present in a few rows, and one row, usually the back, is by far the best. That was the brilliant thing about I305 (and any predecessors I have yet to try), make the seats more the same by sustained speed and abandon all attempts at tuned air and every seat gets ejected every time.


Floater is good fun and usually more comfortable. Despite that, ejector is just awesome! The ride that gave me the most airtime to date was Skyrush and, although it was a bit painful, it was insane! Loved it. I also liked the airtime Fahrenheit gave me on that small hill right after the tight overbank as, despite being less than Skyrush, it was a lot more comfortable. So ejector for me, please!


Yikes! I rode Fahrenheit the year before Skyrush and I thought I felt my thigh bone crack on that hop.

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