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IMPORTANT QUESTION! Please Read and Respond!

Would you attend a TPR "Bash" event during the week?  

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  1. 1. Would you attend a TPR "Bash" event during the week?

    • Yes - As long as it's a park I'm interested in, doesn't matter what the day is - I'm THERE!
    • No - I can really only do events on the weekends

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I'm fairly well locked into a M-F schedule and I hate to subject my students to having a substitute, so from my perspective weekdays wouldn't work very well. Not that I wouldn't be able to make a midweek event, just that it would be difficult.

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I voted yes since my job generally has me working weekends as well as weekdays. So attending a weekday bash wouldn't be any more trouble than a weekend bash. And if its something I'm interested in, I'll be there.

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I was on the LeviaTHON tour last year and they incorporated a bash on the Canada Wonderland day which I think all involved really enjoyed, it was such a perfect day! I can't make the entire midwest tour, but if you had a bash day at Mt Olympus, which is my closest park, I would make the trip, regardless of the day of the week. So I vote for "The more bashes the better, and if some fall midweek, so be it"

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Actually, mid week is better for me. Most of the events I do are weekend type stuff. But honestly, my week to week schedule is pretty much day to day. I work when I work, and am off on the other days. So if I'm available, and I want to be at the event. I will be there regardless.

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As long as I have advanced notice (at least 2 months) and we don't already have any work scheduled I can get just about any time off from work that I want. As soon as work is scheduled that day, I can't take time off. The WCB announcement gave me a super amount of time to schedule the time off.

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