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MTV Developing Theme Park Drama

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The last thing we need is a reality show in an amusement park if you ask me.


- A reality show about furries.

- A reality show about bronies.

- A reality show about furries and bronies.

- Another Kardashian show.




Though I'll admit I'd watch a show where Bronies bother the Kardashians...



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Well, I understand that there might be some hate toward MTV, as many of their shows aren't all that great, but we can always hope that this show will be a better production.... and who knows, with it being on a TEEN network, MAYBE (although unlikely) it'll change some GP's minds about the amusement industry, & some previously closet coaster fanboys will come out... with the show being popular, & teens being more into the idea, maybe they wouldn't be ridiculed or called geeks/nerds/dorks etc.


Sure... it's unlikely, as I said above, but who knows!

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Wow, so this shown is finally getting some traction? I wonder what park they got to do it. That was their biggest stumbling block. Finding a park where they were willing to publicize the social activities of the employees and their day-to-day work life.


Having worked at a park, I can see why most parks want to keep "what happens between 17 year olds at a park, stays off TV."

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