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coastercrutchfield's Off-Ride Video Thread

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So I'm making this thread primarly to post any new offride videos and any upcoming videos and trips that I might be doing. (It's also for me to keep a personal reference). So I feel like that I should start out by posting my most recen offride video, and just go from there:


Iron Shark at Galveston Historic Pleasure Pier in Galveston, TX.



My next video is probably going to be an offride of the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk.

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Nice dude, what videos do you think you will be making next? Do you do any Northeast parks, because I work at SFGAdv and it would be funny to see a fellow TPR member at the park, or if you would like to meet up maybe?

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SFGAdv is probably the most requested park that I get. Unfortunately, since I did visit that area not long ago (2009), I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back (since I live around 2000 miles away)... I know that I won't be going this year though, since I'll be taking a trip to SFOG, Carowinds, and Dollywood (hopefully I won't have an emergency expense between now and then). As for other plans, I will be going back down to SFFT to film Iron Rattler, and I will also start to post construction vids of the Texas Skyscreamer. I'll also probably do a few more videos of SFMM in October during a college visit as well. My next video though will probably be a onride vid from one of the flat rides at Kemah or Pleasure Pier.

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I am so excited to see your new video, your Boardwalk Bullet, & Iron Shark videos made me happy, & feel better, when I get bored of playing video games, I watch your clips to cheer me up!


I hope you get videos of Sea World San Antonio!

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So recently new plans have hit the table, and I am considering scratching the SFOG/Carowinds/Dollywood trip for a Cedar Point/Kings Island trip. So what trip do you guys think that I should do?


Also, a new video will be up tomorrow!

If you've been to both CP and KI, you should do the Carowinds, SFOG, and Dollywood trip. If not, do the Ohio one. But you should try to hit Silver Dollar City to somewhat replace Dollywood. Similar style parks. That's my opinion.

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