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The Rise of Intamin

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What I find surprising is that for a company that has the largest variety of coasters available there haven't been many of rides sold like their spinning coaster and suspended looping coaster at Sarkanniemi, which I would love to try.


The spinning coaster system Intamin offers is the most expensive spinning coaster on the market, that's why it dosen't sell. Add to this that the only one who exist is in a small park that isn't very well known by park owners, and that it's a ridiculous intense thrill machine. All these things are the main reason why no more have been built.


I would love to see a more family friendly version of Tornado, I think it could be awesome.

They do have a new version of the train on their website, so they probably have an improved version they are hoping to sell!


As for the inverted rides, I really have no clue. For me it seems like a no brainer to buy an Intamin SLC before a Vekoma one. I would love to see another launched one like Volcano, with todays technology. Imagine what could be created there!

It's kind of weird to see Gerstlauer seats on Intamjn coasters.


I think Intamin knows what they are doing, Tornado is intense because Bakken asked for it to be like that. Intamin is fully capable of producing a more family friendly and higher quality spinner, but nobody wants to buy their product because Gerstlauer, Maurer Söhne, Zamperla, Mack etc are competitive on prices.

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Here’s a look at Inatmin’s early years. For more great Amusement Park history visit Shane’s Amusement Attic here on TPR



I think it's funny Intamin called Hersheypark Hershey-Estates under their Gyro Tower 1200 reference.


Related to that, Hersheypark originally planned to install their tower in 1974. They purchased the ride in 1973; the steel arrived in December '73, the cabin arrived in January '74, the elevator parts arrived in February '74. (They received Sky Ride's parts around the same time: the towers in January '74, the cabins in March '74.)


However, in the fall of 1973, the Park decided to postpone the installation of Kissing Tower because of budgetary issues and economic concerns. Tower sat in storage for a year before it was installed in 1975.

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That's why I said it was funny. Because they called every other park by it's name on the list of Gyro Tower references. I already knew Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company's original name was Hershey Estates.


I knew this, because I work for the company. You can see that in my profile.

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Not sure if anyone saw this from a few days ago, but here's a new version of Intamin's Zac Spin coaster, which adds an LSM launch.



Intamin Adds LSM Launch to Zac Spin Coaster Creating Space-Saving Thrill Ride

26 February 2016


Intamin Adds LSM Launch to Zac Spin Coaster Creating Space-Saving Thrill Ride

Intamin Amusement Rides, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality amusement rides and attractions, has revealed its latest coaster innovation: the LSM Zac Spin Coaster.


Intamin have added a Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) launch to its popular space-saving Zac Spin Coaster to create an even more exciting ride on this eye-catching coaster.


The LSM Zac Spin Coaster has been designed to provide a whole range of thrilling sensations - starting with a spurt of acceleration up an incline, followed by total weightlessness, head over heels spinning, freefall drops, and hearts stopping swings back and forth.


The ride begins with an LSM launch, followed by a lift and boost reaching speeds of 11m/s through the inverted curved lift section. As they travel out towards the horizon, passengers are unable to see the track, giving the impression that they could drop off the edge at any moment. This section is then followed by an acceleration into various freefall drops. At the same time the travelling direction is reversed relative to the seating arrangement to give a different perspective. As the swinging and spinning action is heavily dependent on the load distribution within the vehicles, the ride experience is never predictable. To experience all the thrilling effects this coaster offers, riders need to ride more than once in different seating positions.


The vehicles reach speed of up to 50 km/h and are slowed by lntamin's patented friction-less magnetic brakes.


Key features of the new coaster include:


1. LSM Launch, Lift and Boost


2. No lift evacuation means needed – vehicle rolls automatically to launch start


3. Very low noise emissions because no mechanical anti-roll systems in use


4. Free spins


5. Controllable spin incitation


6. Three seating configurations – frontal, backwards and face-to-face


7. Moving station


Over the last thirty years, Intamin has developed the most comprehensive range of roller coasters of any manufacturer in the world.


The LSM Zac Spin Coaster adds to this impressive portfolio.


Key statistics for the new thrill ride:


Length of running distance: approx. 303 m/995 feet

Max. height (bottom of steel to track): approx. 32m/105 feet

Overall length: approx. 80m/262 feet

Overall width: approx. 12m/39 feet

Number of vehicles: 3

Capacity per vehicle: 8

Max. speed: 50 kph/14 m/s

LSM Launch/LSM Lift speed/LSM Boost: 10/4/11 m/s

Ride experience: 40 sec

Total cycle time: 120 sec

Capacity: 720 passengers per hour


Point 1


Point 4


Point 6


Intamin LSM Launch to Zac Spin Coaster

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^Unless these models offer less downtime by controlling the return position of the cars or hydraulic lift issues, I tend to agree. Those two issues seemed to be the biggest causes of downtown with the standard Zac Spin coasters, which S&S seems to have solved in their version.


I haven't tried the S&S model yet but looking forward to it. For the Zac Spins, Insane was literally insane and so much fun, and the smaller version in Finland was also a lot of fun. Yet, Green Lantern didn't seem as great at Magic Mountain. It would be cool to see another Zac Spin in North America, especially this new model.

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Great thread! Love that brochure.


6 of my top 10 coasters are Intamins (vs 3 B&Ms) so I'd say they are a personal favorite.


That equals 9. Whats the lone manufacture?




You need Phoenix in your life. Like you have no idea...


LOLOL That was from a year ago! My top 10 has changed a bunch after visiting CP. Now its 6 Intamins, 2 B&Ms, an Arrow and a Morgan (sorry Wild One - I love you but not top 10 love).

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Anyone see how eerily similar that layout is to the S&S Sansei model?


It looks like a ripoff to me of S&S's. I hope they are engineering these to be different than what the current Intamin models are which seems to be weight distribution alone. The Green Lantern is by far my least favorite Intamin. It ranks with the former Mantis (CP), Boomerangs, and the former (wooden) Rattler (SFFT) in a 4 way tie for being my most painful coaster experience. That said, Intamin has made many of my favorite coasters (Maverick, Millennium Force, Volcano the blast coaster (KD), etc.)

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