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Photo TR: Marcel goes Holiday Park!

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Hey guys!


This weekend I had to visit my home park ''Holiday Park'' to see what's goin' on there! Since I haven't been there for a couple of weeks (it has NOT been the best time to visit the park (due to weather conditions- snow snow and have I already mentioned SNOW?!) I decided to go there!

The weather was VERY nice for April and for a big surprise it wasn't crowded at all! Plopsa did some new changes like paving a new way to the ''Pfälzerdorf'' area and building a new restaurant called ''Maja Restaurant''. To make the waiting time at Expedition GeForce more enjoyable, they did a new game where you can collect GeForce miles! It's availabe in the App Store!


With that being said, let's go on to the pictures!!!


Look at that AMAZING first drop!


Racing for the sky!


New queue game! Scan the code to collect GeForce Miles! At the end of the season you can win an annual card if you are the best!


4.5 g-forces!


What's that red thing behind the ''trees''? Ahh Intamin Goodness!


No leaves guarantee this view!




Tabaluga got a new entrance!


Do you want to build a boat with him?


Check out the new Maja restaurant!


Sun flowers!


Here we go!


Plopsa really love sun flowers! They create a good atmosphere in that area!


Willy at Blütensplash!


The singing Maja!




New created path to the ''Pfälzerdorf'' area


Have a seat!


The new path allows new views to Expedition GeForce!


Yeah! Intamin!


I really LOVE free falls! Thumbs up!


No rafting due to maintenance!


Sun goes down!


More free fall please!


Check out the Holiday Park museum with its mascot!


There you can see several pictures of the creation of the park's attractions! Very interesting! Here we go with my lovely FreeFallTower!


Do some shopping! With the annual card you get a 10% discount on ALL the articles!


Palms in Germany? yeah!


Last but not least! Expedition GeForce bill!

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Negative I never had that problem and I don't have that on other Intamin coasters. It's been since they renewed the trains. The padding on the lapbar is a lot firmer. It stays the best coaster on the planet though!



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TP - you've clearly not been following our GeForce Weekend trip reports - we've been meticulous in detailing the changes to the park year on year! Ha ha Yes - Holiday Park has been reworked to the max in recent times!


I confirm that the padding on GeForce's lapbars is so much firmer than on other Intamins I've ridden - the year where the 1st trim was taken away and the negative Gs were through the roof left us with pain in our upper thighs for a long time afterwards, we got so much airtime! Not a complaint, Holiday Park / Plopsa Germany / TüV - please take the trim away again!! It's not just due to height - I'm nowhere near as tall as Hans!

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