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Kumba Recreation with K'NEX

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Hey guys, about a month ago IOAgeek and I started to make a Kumba recreation with K'NEX, every so often a video update will come, and maybe some pictures.

The ride stands at about 7 and a half feet tall, and ill be completed in June of 2013


Here's the first video:


Please leave a comment or question!

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Thanks for all the comments, guys! And yes, ^ I've taken that into consideration. It's my favorite steel coaster, too!


I am sure you guys wanted a test video...



And two pictures on the horrible shaped dive loop (not final, I am going to rip it apart and redo it again.)


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^Thanks, I'll try to finish strong!


Ok, a quick update on things. I have the unsupported Dive Loop and Zero G Roll. I typed a whole bunch more then it got deleted... So time for pics.





BTW, some of the elements may look mishapen and that's because of the panorama option for iPhone

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I completely forgot to show you guys the video, so better late than never, eh.



And my latest model, named Voda. I call it a screwed up looper because it is compiled of Vekoma, GCI, B&M, and Intamin elements all in one coaster!



Thanks for watching them, guys.


Which one do you like better?

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Wow, very impressive ! I love both, and I really like the beginning of Voda because it is very similar to the beginning of a coaster I made in RCT3 a few years ago ! My favorite is Kumba, tough, I think it's more complex and impressive and it's the one I would like to have at home the most ! But both are very close and awesome !

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