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Photo TR: Kings Orlando Bowling Media Preview

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Upscale bowling joints are certainly the "new hotness" here in Orlando, and we have a new location that is opening up on I-Drive on April 15th! We were able to take a preview look at the new "Kings Orlando Bowling" today, and they say they are a "Classy Bowling Joint", and we feel that's even an understatement, because it was an amazing wonderful entertainment venue!


The bowling area looked amazing, we loved the "private rooms" for party functions they offered, and the menu and drinks including some rather unique offerings. This location is billing themselves as slightly more "adult" as it's 21 and over after 6pm, and Kings is open until 2am every night.


Take a look at a few of the pics and videos we posted below....


Today was the preview of Kings Orlando, and it really was an awesome sneak preview! They are still working on the outside of the building....



We were greeted by "Woody" - A real live bowling pin! (No, really, it's a living bowling pin!)



Thank you Kings Orlando!



Walking into Kings, you can tell it's a "Classy Bowling Joint" like they advertize. Kings Orlando opens on April 15th and is located on I-Drive near Ripley's Believe it or Not.



Here's a look at the bowling lanes...



The bowling lanes had an awesome lighting package on them!



...and a look at the bar area.



The menu is filled with all kinds of yummy treats! (You'll see more later in this update!)



Yes, that is a $150 drink! I'm told it needs to be shared by friends, and if you get it, they even put your name and picture on their Facebook page! Apparently, when you order it, the entire place explodes or something like that! lol



Would anyone else like Elissa to hold their ball?



Upscale bowling places seem to be the "new hotness" in Orlando now, and Kings is really impressive!



We loved the "private rooms" they had - perhaps a TPoRlando party in here one day?



Love that a lot of the drinks are a group activity!



And speaking about drinks, they have two tables which have their very own beer taps! How amazing is that?



"How many glasses would TPR like?"





Here's another look at one of the "private" rooms, this one with four lanes and an outside patio!



You are looking at what is called "Fizzy Lifting Drink" and it looked amazing and frightening at the same time!





Let's just say the food in this place was "lovely!"



The food offerings were top notch! It was like "upscale comfort food" - Buffalo Chicken Won tons - WOW!



The food was as good as it looks!



The wings had a serious kick to them (that's a good thing!)



We sampled a little bit of everything, and there isn't something we would tell you not to get. It was all fantastic!



We would recommend Kings, not just to bowl, but to come hang out, have dinner, drinks, and just enjoy the atmosphere.



Yes, you are looking at a "Strawberry Pop Rocks Martini" - Nothing like getting drunk and having your stomach explode at the same time! It was seriously wonderful!



Isn't it like self abuse for a bowling pin to throw a ball at other bowling pins? We didn't care...we thought this was awesome!






Now this is something you don't see every day....






Another shot of the bar area including some pool tables.



The management of Kings Orlando welcomes us and thanks us for checking out this new entertainment venue. And thank you for having us!



And thank you! Kings Orlando opens April 15th and is located on I-Drive near Ripley's Believe it or Not. (Google it!)


Kings Orlando Website: http://kingsorlando.com/

Kings Orlando Twitter:

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This looks very nice...so much different than the ghetto bowling alleys we have around here.


I would love to have something like this around here because me and my family really enjoy bowling...especially during the long winters. And we all love drinking and eating good food too!

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Looks awesome! There is an "upscale" bowling alley here in Jax that has been open for a few years called Latitude 30 that is very very similar to this. I've never had the chance to really get a lane and fully experience it because the place is always PACKED, I mean 4 hour wait for a lane on a Wednesday night kind of crowd, and I'd expect this place to be very successful as well. Great update as always, I'll have to check it out next time I'm in town.

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Vine adds just a litte extra touch to trip reports, it makes it much more fun to read! Awesome report, these places seem to be successful; Cincinnati's is pretty cool.

I agree! More people need to download Vine! I think it's one of the best, most useful iPhone apps to come out in a while!

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Really my only issue with the place is the 21+ after 6pm thing.


I totally understand a 9 or 10pm curfew, but we couldn't even go to dinner or bowl with KT at 6pm? Just seems odd, especially for Orlando, ESPECIALLY on I-Drive. I know that they're going to try and keep it high end and attract a lot of convention people, but a good portion of the place was the restaurant, and excluding a giant demographic of Orlando for dinner time seems a bit odd.

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Thank you for doing a a great TR on an industry I've been working in for a long time.


This seems to be the trend in new bowling centers, more upscale, restaurant like, with a nightclub feel with good food and awesome drinks. It's more expensive than a typical bowling alley but you are paying more for the service and experience. Plus the private areas are great for company events or private parties.


This place looks really cool, I love the retro feel it has to it and beer taps on the tables? No way.... awesome!

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I really need to get back to Orlando some day!


The front of the building looks like it was originally a grocery store and I'm still not 100% sure where this went in....


Did it take over the old Gooding's Mercado location?

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