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TPR Florida Amusement Industry Tour!

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Very cool report!


I had never seen a POV of Nights in White Satin and sad that I never got to experience it when the park was open. It would be cool if they could do a Pink Floyd tripped out dark ride like that someday - not sure if it would take off at a park here in the States, but I'd bet that it would be a big hit in the UK.


And I definitely agree with others that there should be more of these rides built at parks as they are very nice, fun family attractions.

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Remember to put Florida and Malaysia on the map. Hmmm! What do those two places have in common?


Nights in White Satin was such a great dark ride even further enhanced with the 3D glasses. Even walking through the queue was awesome, especially when it appeared you were sinking into the floor in the loading area.

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Just got finished watching the video--great stuff! Thanks for posting it, Robb, and thanks to Attractions Magazine for making it.


The demonstration of how they animate a character (that is, the singing bald-headed robot) was particularly interesting.

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Here's one more video that Attractions Magazine put together from the tour - It's commentary from ride designer Rich Hill as he explains the new Justice League Alien Invasion ride at Warner Bros Movie World.

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I can't narrow down my favorite part of that day... 1st off thank you Robb, Elisa and TPR for organizing such a great event (and for an AMAZING cause)... Robb you made the bus ride go by SO quick by entertaining us w/questions, stories and surprises (Cheddar/Jalapeno muffin anyone?!)... The Sally Corp tour was wonderful. Fun, friendly, talented bunch up there... But what really took me by surprise was the second tour... Bob's Space Racers. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I was anticipating a few rooms of carnival games... turned out to be a MASSIVE, sprawling property of warehouse after warehouse of carnival game goodness. I was not expecting that AT ALL! I was blown away! Only to round out the day at WoB! All in all an amazing adventure for a great cause! Can't wait to see what is conjured up next! Thank you!!

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Fantastic videos! That was amazing of them to share something like that with not only the group, but the rest of TPR as well! I learned a ton from just the trip report, so I can't imagine what being there must have been like!

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Just saw the video posted on the Orlando Attractions show and just the brief parts of the tour at Sally and BSR were amazing. Thanks for showcasing the behind the scenes views we very rarely get to see. BTW that Wacky Worm at Adventure Landing looked a bit intense.

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Great report. I alawys enjoyed Sally Dark rides. Those videos from Orlando Attractions were great as well.


Question: Did they mention any US parks getting the justice league ride in the future? I know they wont say which one but I think a few 6 flags could really use that ride. Maybe I just want one here so I can try it out.

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^I actually asked why we haven't seen one of the really A+ Sally rides in the US yet. There are amazing ones now in Australia, Belgium, and Spain. They said they had no idea! Parks out there take note...these are really good rides and we need to see more of them in the US. I'm looking especially at you SFMM and CP!!!!

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Part TWO of our Florida Amusement Industry Tour!!!


industrytour_logo.jpg.a2f79c9ce3a2e9478a6cafaa51687f45.jpgPart Two of the Florida Amusement Industry Tour hosted by Theme Park Review and benefiting Give Kids The World took us on a "credit run" stop of the Wacky Worm at Adventure Landing and then onto Bob's Space Racers!



We have arrived at Adventure Landing - This was a really nice water park!



Adventure Landing had quite a few slides including a half-pipe and a master blaster! Wow!



The entrance to Adventure Landing - honestly, we were really impressed by this place. What a great local water park and entertainment center!



And like most FEC's in Florida, they do have live gators! lol



But this.... this... oh, Wacky Worm... the crown jewel... this is what we were here for!




It just simply wouldn't be a TPR event without getting a coaster credit, right?


VIDEO! TPR on the Wacky Worm at Adventure Landing!



A wacky bunch of individuals on the Wacky Worm!



Here's a shot for you lift hill enthusiasts.



TPR seriously has an AWESOME time on coasters, no matter if they are Top Thrill Dragster or a Wacky Worm!



There's the poor guys who are waiting...



Much jealousy is down there from people who would rather be in our seats!



Garbles didn't make a sign for his #500 coaster, so we made one for him!



"Don't look so unhappy, Garbles, chicks dig guys with their coaster count posted to their foreheads!" lol






TPR loves their Wacky Worms!



Ok, guys... get wacky!



TWO THUMBS UP for Adventure Landing!



We see you Kara!






Just in case you forgot what ride we were on (Or Larry needs a pic for the park index!)






Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!



Our next stop was Bob's Space Racers....



And they even made us an awesome sign!



Thanks for welcoming TPR and Give Kids The World to your company!



For those of you who may not know who Bob's Space Racers is, I'm going to say one name you will instantly know who they are - "Whac-A-Mole!"



Jack Cook, President of Bob's Space Racers, explains to us a bit about the company, their history and the products they made.



While not their best selling game, oddly enough (Their water games are), they are most known for "Whac-A-Mole", and they have made all kinds of different themed Whac-A-Mole machines over the years!



Some brochures and CDs for us to take home...



The company not only makes new games, but they do a lot of refurbishment work for existing games.



Jack tells us there are still Bob's Space Racers midway games out in the field that were made in the 1970s!



A look at their warehouse and you can see all kinds of tools and parts used to make the midway games.



Bob's Fishin' Hole is one of the newer games showed off at IAAPA last year.



Let's go check out the paint department!



Concept art is given to the designers for them to create the physical game artwork....



...and you can see it will end up looking very much like the concept (with some personal tweaks here and there)



I just love signs like this!



Bob's also ships games all over the world. This particular game is going to Russia.



Yes, this a box of "moles!" lol






Jack explains to use how they use perfectly round hoops for their basketball games. They do not practice, nor do they suggest parks squash or bend their hoops. And yes, he says parks WILL do this! (If you've ever seen the movie Adventureland, you know what I'm talking about.)



Yup, those are toilets! lol


Here are just a few of the "moles" the creative department have come up with over the years.





As the sign says, this is the oldest known "mole" they have in their offices.




I'm sure you may recognize a few of these.



This is an actual "mole" on a "mole!" (get it?)



Any ideas where these guys come from?






More awesome looking moles!



I spy Plankton!



Hello Itchy... How's it going?



Here is one of the stations where they paint the actual "moles" (You can see a partially painted Itchy on the left)



Some of the artwork from Busch Garden's Oktoberfest section.



Disney's California Adventure games!



TPR is huge fans of Ferrari World!



Yes, that says "Whac-A-Hipster" and it was built in the back of a Toyota for a special event!



More Disney games from Bob's!



In the warehouse, they have all the components ready to go to assemble new Whac-A-Mole games.



The warehouse has many different areas for assembly, painting, and even bringing in full-sized trailer games to refurbish them.



More of the concept artwork and instructions on how to build and place the artwork on the cabinets.



Dog Pounder is a popular game for ticket redemption at FEC's



Apparently, this guy is well aware that TPR is in the building!



With all these different games and themes, Bobs Space Racers is like the Willy Wonka factory of amusement games!



Thank you Bob's for an AWESOME tour!!!



And an even bigger thank you to our supporters at TPR for helping us raise money for GIve Kids The World!



Now back on the bus for our fun filled trip back to Orlando!



Our members raised $2,500 and Sally Kicked in an extra $1,000, so in total, the tour raised $3,500 for Give Kids The World! Thank you TPR and everyone who was involved with the tour!


Let's do this again soon!!!

For more info about Give Kids The World, please visit their website: http://www.gktw.org/

Please also support GKTW by helping out or Coasting For Kids Team TPR! Details here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=64842





Construction Photos from early Feb 2005


Construction Photos from early Feb 2005

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I had totally forgotten that this event included a trip to Bob's Space Racers as well. (STUNNED that Wack-A-Moles are not their biggest sellers!) And the FEC stop. Awesome, and one hell of a bargain at $50.00. If this becomes an annual thing, I'll have to try and make it some day.


And WELL DONE on raising the $2,500!

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WOAH, you were at Adventure Landing?! I work at the restaurant next door; TacoLu Baja Mexicana. It's my first job, and I host/bus tables. Great food and locally owned! But anyways, I agree that Adventure Landing is actually pretty nice. The Laser Tag is so fun, as well as the go-karts and the mini golf. And the water park is actually really nice. It's well themed, and the master blaster (The Rage) has a pretty decent drop on it and a few good airtime moments. The rest of the slides are also top notch.


Plus, they have an AWESOME Halloween event. They have rafts that sail down the lazy river (they call it "haunted river", or something like that), then you get out and explore a massive maze set throughout the water park. They also have a second house located in the Laser Tag room. Last year it was 3-D and was completely terrifying/disorienting.

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That trip looks like it was so much fun!

Plus, they have an AWESOME Halloween event. They have rafts that sail down the lazy river (they call it "haunted river", or something like that), then you get out and explore a massive maze set throughout the water park. They also have a second house located in the Laser Tag room. Last year it was 3-D and was completely terrifying/disorienting.


They send you in a raft??? That's got to really unique and interesting!

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