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[RCT3] Oakwood Amusement Park - Reborn

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I always thought that Oakwood Park (If anyone here remembers) was the best park I ever made. Looking back on it now, there were flaws with it compared to how I build now. I decided to revamp it with the same attractions, just built differently. So here it is...



Oakwood Amusement Park: Update 1


Deep in the woods of New York is Oakwood Amusement Park... Well not really, the park sits on a large plot of land in New York. It has been here for quite a while now, and oh what a journey it has been. I'll give you the full story as we go on a park tour. Lucky for you it's spring testing, so there are no people blocking the picture.


The entrance isn't the biggest, it was recently renovated to carry a larger guest capacity, especially with a major population center just an hour and a half away.


Market street was here when the park originally opened. Back then it only had 2 buildings, now it has 5.


For today we will turn left on the junction in Market Street to proceed into Country Town. The parks first coaster Century resides in the area.


Century was built here in the 70's as a clone coaster to Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas. It is one of 3 coasters to use the 'box' style Schwarzkopf track. In 1994 though, it was threatened with removal when a teenager was climbing below the track, and got his hand chopped off by a passing train.


Across the pathway is Sawmill Falls, the only water based attraction in the park. It's great during summer, but no one likes to ride it during spring. Too cold I would guess.


Also in this area are numerous flat rides, mainly for those who either don't want the thrill of a coaster, or want a better experience than a coaster can offer.



Oh dear me, I've forgotten to introduce myself! I'm Charles Yule owner of this extraordinary park, I should hope to see you all again for our next update in the second section of the park.

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