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AstroWorld- Coming soon to the Houston area!

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Before the first update, I would like to announce that this park is obviously based off of the original AstroWorld. But the park will be my own version of it, which means my own story line. Will there be an AstroDome? No. Will there be a bridge over Loop 610? Maybe! Also, if you are on other RCT exchange forums, you may have seen this same park by the user of, iOS. I am that user. My account was hacked into, and I didn't want to take the chance of some hacker screwing things up for me on the forums, etc. I ditched the Coastin account on the other forums, but unfortunately, I am unable to do that here, but no sweat to that, life will go on. I present you my version of AstroWorld! Enjoy!


Update #1

AstroWorld- Coming soon to the Houston area!




Hello everyone, my name is Nicholas Cellus and I am the Public Relations and Company Publisher for Thrill Time Amusement Inc. A few days ago, I received this letter from my boss, and the CEO of Thrill Time Amusement Inc., Andrew Zickters



Which he is referring to this letter that he had received from the city of Houston.



The morning after I had received Andrew's Letter, I hopped in my car, and made the hour drive to the construction site of AstroWorld.



Though it looks like bare land covered in trees now,


this land will soon be the site of AstroWorld, Houston's first premier Amusement Park.


For now, I will leave you with the park's official logo!


I hope you continue with me, and watch the fun, action packed construction, and operation of AstroWorld!


Thanks for stopping by!

-Nicholas Cellus (Thrill Time Amusement Inc. Public Relations & Company Publisher)



Update #2

Ground Has Broke!



Hey everyone! Much time has passed since my last update, last November. Ground has officially been broken, and construction has been going strong and steady! Though I only have a few pictures to show you guys. Hope y'all enjoy them!


This will soon be the Guest Relations building. Though I have a feeling the yellow color may get old real fast.


Stroller Rentals


A few of the buildings on Main Street.


A full view of what has been currently finished on Main Street.


Due to the lack of photos in this update, I though I'd leave you guys with the almost finished entrance, at night.



I hope everyone enjoyed this post, and continue with me on this journey of AstroWorld!


Thanks for stopping by!

-Nicholas Cellus (Thrill Time Amusement Inc. Public Relations & Company Publisher)

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Here's a novel concept...if we ban you for making multiple accounts (iOS), don't start reposting under an older handle, that uses your old handle name in your avatar.


Especially if you've recently been banned. My memory isn't what it used to be, but it's still pretty good.

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To add to this, everyone remember that this is not a new rule. It's been present in the Terms of Service since 2005 -


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