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Here's the ultimate question!


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With year round coastering in SoCal, my guess would be no, but from what I know about both of their opinions of the nearby coasters, I don't think it'll be too much of a problem.


I know if it were me, and I was THAT worried about it (which I don't think they are), I'd try to plan for a mid summer planting of the seed.


Brian, who thinks Brian is a sterling name for a male born child. 8)

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Although the story of "my first coaster" is so interesting I think we should get back to the topic.


So my advice to Elissa, don't go on coasters if and when your pregnant...something could go horribly wrong. Or it could turn out fine! I turned out just great and so did my mom! My Avator is a family picture of us < See...we are 110& Normal!

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If pre-natal rides count in coaster counts I will certainly be asking my mother what she was up to in the 9 months leading up to my birth.


Kids would kill my coasting so I aint having them, I'm just an overgrown child myself.


just for heaven's sake, don't ask them to talk about exactly what they were doing right around 9 months before you were born.


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But seriously..... My daughter went to Kings Island at exactly one month... rode her first rides that evening: The HB Carousel, Antique Autos (which explains my sentimental attachment to them) and maybe the big carousel, I can't remember. We have since taken her to Dollywood, Cedar Point, and WDW.


I have been singin' the praises of Cedar Point for the past few years because their extremely easy and well executed "child swap" program allowed both my husband and I plenty of rides on their coasters and large thrill rides. Our little one didn't have to wait in line with us and we didn't have to split up the whole family (he has two teenage daughters as well) to insure we all got to do things we wanted.


If your child is introduced to the whole "theme park" environment from the time they are a baby, they will be just fine!


Shari "the only problem we had was when she got mad she was too small to ride something" Shoufler

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