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Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

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Gary your pyramid climb reminds me of my visit to Chichen Itza. Scared me to death how steep it was. Plus we only had one rope to help us up and down.


I can attest to Mexican Coke being better.


Every now and then I'll pick up a Mexican Coke at Walmart.


How safe did you feel in Mexico City? I hear so much from the media hear about how dangerous it is. I never felt in danger in Mexico, but we were only in Merida and Cancun.

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To be fully honest, the only time I felt uncomfortable was within the first 15-20 minutes after leaving customs. It was mostly because of just being in a different place with a different language and the airport felt "busy" with all of the little currency exchange locations that were packed between the occasional restaurant and gift shop. After a little time passed, I felt perfectly fine. Even when walking around downtown Mexico City and downtown Guadalajara I never really felt like I was in any more danger than I would be walking around New York City. As long as you go with other people and keep a tabs on the items in your pocket, you should be good!


-Gary T.

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Hello again everyone!


While it has been a while since I last updated this, at least I think I might be on pace to finish it before the end of the year. With that in mind, it is time for the next update which brings us to.....


Day 3: Last Day in Mexico City

Part 1: La Feria Chapultepec Magico


Before talking about the park and what I thought about it, I would like to first take a moment and thank Robb and Elissa for how much effort they put into running these trips as well as their honesty and candidness. This day was a bit chaotic in the way that the plan seemed to be changing from one moment to the next, and you could see it in Robb's face throughout the day how stressful it was. Early on it seemed possible that we may have not been able to get a ride on Montana Infinitum (The Schwarzkopf Multi-Looper from Flamingoland known as Magnum Looper) due to maintenance, and Robb let us know that it might not happen, but that should they getting running we would go strait to it so that we could get our credit. Luckily the Aztec Coaster Gods smiled on us, and I believe everyone was able to get the credits they wanted to, so that was good! Again, a big thank you to Robb and Elissa for doing the best they can to make their trips the best they possibly can, even when things become difficult.


La Feria is more of the traditional amusement park as opposed to Six Flags Mexico. The park was built into a very small area, so rides were built very close together, and in some cases on top of each other. The what I was really looking forward to about this park was getting a chance to ride three of their coasters, including Montana Infinitum, Montana Rusa (their moibus wooden coaster), and Cascabel (Schwarzkopf shuttle loop). Cascabel was going to be my first shuttle loop, and Montana Infinitum would be my first Schwarzkopf of its kind, and Montana Rusa would make two out of the world's three moibus coasters for me.


Without further delay, here is how the day went:


The sign says we have made it! There was only one problem.....


....they weren't open just yet. That's okay though, it gave us a chance to appreciate those loops a bit.


While it seemed like this was just part of the morning routine, it seems to be that they may have already been working on the problem with the ride. Good news though was that they did get it opened up later and we were able to ride later.


"Which way do we go?"


This way!


Many woodland creatures are here to greet you as you arrive. I wonder if they could move one in front of the gate and make him say "Lo siento amigos, estamos cerrados durante dos semanas para limpiar y reparar favorita parque diversión de la familia en México. ¡Lo siento! Uh huh uh huh uh huh!"


Just in case you forgot where we were


Welcome to La Feria!


The stamp that allows us to ride!


And there in the distance was one of the more anticipated coasters of the trip! Although there was one thing I did not expect.....


....that a Ruffles chip could drop some dope beats!


Saw this thing, definitely under the "Never in the United States" category.


Turns out it was only for the younger crowd, but it certainly could make for some "Watch this" kind of fun at someone else's expense.


Hola Cascabel! We will be over there soon!


I liked the nod to the Aztecs in the design of the building.


Interesting place to park the train. Turns out that they would have to have maintenance workers push it to the lift hill the first few times until it warmed up


For those who don't know what a moibus coaster is, it is a coaster that looks like it has two different tracks, but really has one long, continuous track that loops around the same layout twice. So if you start in the part of the station......


...you would return on this side, or vice-versa.


While I am not exactly fluent in Spanish, I believe this sign is describing a contest that they held to see who could ride the most consecutive laps on this coaster, which went on for multiple days. 1333 consecutive rides is kind of a lot.


They had a cool model of the ride, the only thing was that it was on a part of the station that guests could not access, which kind of seemed to eliminate the purpose of having it on display.


As for the ride itself, well, it was certainly not the smoothest coaster I have ever been on. If you sat in a middle seat, it wasn't too bad. It even has some good airtime moments. If you sat in the very back like I did my first go-round......you might be doing a little experiment to compare the Mexican health care system with the American system as you visit a Mexican chiropractor. OUCH!!!!


Wait, they only did half of the loop, let's send them around again!




While it may not be on the top of anyone's Mitch Hawker ballot, many of us still enjoy getting to ride a classic and unique coaster, especially when they let us do the full loop!


Here were some of their trains waiting to be used.


Next was Montana Infinitum, the old Magnum Force from Flamingoland. This was definitely a balls-to-the-wall kind of intense ride! I have to admit I wasn't a fan the first lap as I rode in the very back, which seemed to whip through some of the transitions a bit uncomfortably. It seemed like it at least deserved a second chance later, so I rode up front and enjoyed it much more.


The train is waiting for us!


Yep....definitely a balls-to-the-wall kind of ride!


One of the cons to this ride was the restrain system.....they had shoulder straps almost like you would see in a racecar, but more of a pain to get on because of how they were put together. It also made for much slower dispatch times, which I could imagine would make for some long wait when the park is really busy.


But once you get them figured out, you are off to experience true Schwarzkopf intensity!


Little do those who ride for the first time realize just what they are in for!


Regardless of who it rides, you have to love the look of a Schwarzkopf turn!


More intensity!


Two of the more intense parts of the ride. The bottom of the first drop and the part leading into the loops.


After the crazy intensity of Montana Infinitum, it was time for what would be my favorite coaster of the park, Cascabel!


Almost 19 years since I last was at a park that had one of these (Knott's Berry Farm in 1994), and I am finally getting to ride one. Definitely did not disappoint!


Hello flywheel!


They had an interesting queue. While you didn't have to walk thought it all as they could open/close rows, it also kind of gave a point of reference for how long your wait would be as each row seemed close to being equal to the number of passengers per train.


There goes Cliff, taking dirty coaster pictures again!


Robb getting the rear camera ready for filming.


And to the back spike it goes! Definitely a fun ride.


Montana Rusa almost seems huge because of the way that it stretches over the length of the park. Certainly gives a number of angles for pictures as I will share later on.


But before that, there was still one more coaster to go. Raton Loco!


And loco it was! Not because of the artwork on the cars, but because of the crazy spinning!


Up the lift it goes!



Going LOCO!!!!!




This was another case of starting to feel as though I was being reminded of work, since this was reminding me of my boss.


Hidden Mickeys in Mexico?


Until seeing this, I thought this ride was made up on Roller Coaster Tycoon. Kind of cool to see a real one.


As you can see again, Montana Rusa serves as a centerpiece to the entire park. I now present to you a collection of pictures of this classic coaster.








Last but not least. Definitely a nice looking ride I believe.


Of course no traditional amusement park is complete without a carousel.


I also found these meeting points to be an interesting idea....the only problem was that nobody was here to meet me. Where did they go?


There they are! In line for the haunted house, which was completely insane! I have to say this was definitely one of the better ones I have been to. There was one room in particular where one of the scare-actors appeared to be chained to the bed, but then all of the sudden they were not and just sprinted up to us. HOLY CRAP!!!!! I definitely jumped at that one.


Again, an awesome haunted house! It would be cool to see more parks with permanent ones like this.


Their log flume, which I myself didn't ride. It looked like people got pretty wet from it.


I was fascinated with how some of it seemed like it was dug further into the ground than normal for a log flume.


See how it interacts with Montana Rusa. Just goes to show you how much area the coaster covers.


Yeay! More Cascabel!


Showing some love for my first Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop! It only took going to Mexico to do so.


And more love for "Balls-to-the-wall" coaster!


Certainly a beautiful sight, but before leaving the park, there was one thing left to do.....


Lucho Libre Coaster Riding!!!!!!!!


That brings us to the end of our visit to La Feria. La Feria is a nice park. Not necessarily one of the best, but I had a good time. We did have another stop on this day, and that was to a smaller park at a mall just outside of Mexico City called Diverdito, which will be covered on the next update. Thank you for checking it out everyone! More to come!

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Great pics! Have to do this some day as long as they have two Schwarzkopf coasters and a Weber Traumboot.


compare the Mexican health care system with the American system


I guess the major difference is that a visit in the US would cost ten times as much...

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Hey Gary, I want to thank you of course too like Elissa & Robb, for your pictures from Mexico City and all the others...! I am glad, you did like the former carnival triple-loop coaster "Dreier Looping" by Rudolf Barth Sr., which unfortunately was only 5 times (1984, '85, '86, '87 and '88) in Munich on the Oktoberfest, called also the "Beerfestival"

^^The townsfolk from munich missing that pearl and wishing it so much back to the "Wiesn"/Oktoberfest; by the way, the quintuple-loop "Olympia Looping" from same showman has this year the 25 anniversary on the Oktoberfest...


Nice pics - THANKS!

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This was a really great park to visit. There was so much, packed into the space,

and 3 "tunnels" going through the wooden coaster for more flats and attractions.

I really enjoyed it, even wandering around, and not riding much.


Glad you're catching up, Gary!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone!


Thank you all again for the encouraging comments and for still checking out my Mexico Trip report. How about we wrap-up the Mexico City portion of this trip with the next update.......


Day 3: Last Day in Mexico City

Part 2: Diverdito


So our next stop after our morning and afternoon at La Feria was a drive just outside of the Federal District (Mexico City is much like Washington DC in that it is in it's own district and not a part of any state) to a mall which I do not recall the name of. This mall was of fairly good size (Nowhere near the size of Mall of America or West Edmonton Mall, but closer to maybe the Florida Mall here in Orlando or Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh). The mall has a small park called Diverdito, which was a park that had an indoor section and outdoor section. The rides were family friendly and on the smaller side, which I believe is appropriate for a place like this. The indoor section reminded me of a larger FEC as it had a custom Tivoli Coaster, Bumper Cars, a Zamperla frog hopper type ride, many arcade games and a decent sized Ferris wheel with the hot air balloon cars.


I will let the pictures help to tell the story


Looking out the back window of the bus, as we head to just outside of Mexico City to go to our next park.


Looks like we are not the only ones on the road


And here we are outside of the mall about to credit whore it up!


One of the first signs that the park was near....I mean, Ferris wheels that sit in the middle of a mall could indicate other things as well, but I think that it might mean the park is right there.


What do you know! When you look down from the main floor, you can see an indoor amusement park!


As we walk in, we are greeted by a friendly looking pouch. I wonder what a bark with a Hispanic accent sounds like?


And this sign helps us to know that this is Diverdito!


Add another stamp to my arm, and we are ready to ride!


The first credit was their custom Tivoli model coaster, known as El Huracan (Spanish for Hurricane, just in case you were not sure what it could poissibly be)


The ride itself goes around most of the indoor section of the park, kind of like the Orange Streak at Nickelodeon Universe, only the coaster and park are much smaller than their Mall of America counterparts I just mentioned.


It is really neat how it interacts with the park though, surrounding one of their rides in this case.




Up the lift hill....


....and back into the station


These guys really enjoyed Mexico's fastest mall coaster!


Cliff and I are ready to take El Huracan for a spin.


Into the tunnel we go!


Certainly not going to be one that people will specifically travel to Mexico for, but it was a fun little ride, and I like the way it fit into the park.


As mentioned before, the indoor part is a lot like an FEC, but a bit bigger and with some larger rides.


Like this......


....and this


Just incase you forgot where we were.....plus you can check them out on facebook!


And here we credit whores get our second credit of the park, another Wacky Worm!!!!


Again, I would not be surprised if this is one of the longest lines this coaster has ever had.


Everyone is getting excited for another Mexican Wacky Worm!!!!!


I have a feeling this worm would be a bit more difficult to eat after taquila


Wee!!!!! How many people can say they have ridden not one, but TWO Mexican Wacky Worms!


Cliff and I about to get our second credit at the park.


Here we go to the lift hill!


JoAnna may think that I might be a little too excited about riding another Wacky Worm, but you would understand how awesome it is if you were able to say you have ridden TWO MEXICAN WACKY WORMS!!!!!


I mean, you just can't understand until you have done it. I challenge you to buy a plane ticket to Mexico City, and ride both of the Wacky Worms that have been shown thus far, and tell me that it has not changed your life!!!!


Seriously, I want you to go onto Travelocity, and make your reservations for a flight to Mexico City, then travel to the two parks and ride their Wacky Worms. You will not be the same person when you return home!


Especially after this drop!


At this point, I don't know what is better, the fact that I can die knowing that I have ridden two Mexican Wacky Worms, or the look on JoAnna's face for the drop.....okay, JoAnna's expression wins.


Robb, Elissa and Kristen take a private lap on the Wacky Worm.


They also hade other rides outside like their Pirate Ride


As well as assorted kiddie rides and the hamster ball thingy.


The bumper cars would prove to be a good time....


...especially when taken over by TPR members!


How about another look at Huracan while we are here?


Don't forget to check out their facebook page!!


Up the lift we go...


...Into the first drop...


...and into a tunnel!


But yeah, seriously, after you go to Travelocity and book your plane tickets to go to Mexico City so that you can ride TWO MEXICAN WACKY WORMS!!!! Go and check out their facebook page while you wait to catch your flight!


A panoramic view of Huracan


While we are here, I think it would be appropriate to ride their ferris wheel


The ride gives your in interesting view of the mall itself, most of what surrounds it is the food court.


Hooray for escalators!!!!


Hello down there.....


....and down there!!!!


I believe I spot more TPR members in that balloon


Another look at the indoor section of Diverdito


Another one of their rides. I would certainly be in support of more small parks like this in places that may not be able to support a full sized amusement park


And one last view of the park. It was fun to stop at this little park and get a couple more credits, but let's see what else is amusing at this mall.


Let's see, I have eaten at a Mexican Restaurant, and I have eaten at a Chinese Restaurant. Never before have I eaten at a Mexican-Chinese Restaurant!!!! Well, to have done this and ridden TWO MEXICAN WACKY WORMS!!!!!!, I don't think I really have much left to do to say I have really experienced life!


Nice fountains outside of the mall.


Even in Mexico, we are still captivated by the idea of wining a cheap stuffed animal with the claw game!


When I saw this, I knew I had to get it to go with my Lucho Libre Wrestling Mask!!!!!!!!......but not for around $25. Still funny as hell though


And to end this report, I will end it on a more serious note. While I understand that they are trying to sell new mattresses for people to improve their comfort and back alignment, I can't help but feel that they have gone too far with their advertisement behind the display bed.....


...The fact that they would show a bed bug is unacceptable for public display! :) Hope you all enjoyed this update, up next will be our stop at Parque Bicentenario on the way to Guadalajara.


It would not surprise me if we credit whores have made one of the longest lines this coaster has ever had.

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Hello everyone!


This is a rarity for myself as I have had two strait nights where I could do updates for my TPR Mexico Trip Report! Also, the new multi-image upload option helps a lot too (Thank you Robb for adding it! It is a time saver!). Enough of my excuses for not bringing you more awesomeness from Mexico, now comes the next update to my Mexico Trip Report.....


Day 4: On to Guadalajara!

Part 1: Parque Bicentenario


This park was one that people on this trip either anticipated or fretted because of the fact that all three coasters were Chinese Knockoffs. While the coasters were not really anything to write home about, the park itself was actually pretty nice. Located about half way between Mexico City and Guadalajara, it was more of a city picnic park with rides in it. It was spread out and well maintained, plus they had a nice covered area right in the middle for people to come and spend a few hours.


Our visit to this park would for one of the most entertaining (and really sad) stories of all the TPR trips I have been on. Their wild mouse coaster, known as Selva del Raton, has a height restriction in which adults could only ride if they accompanied a child. So with Kristen being the lone child on the trip, it appeared as though it may not be as likely for everyone to get the credit. As luck would have it, there was a small daycare group at the park and inline for the coaster when we headed over. After talking with their chaperones, Elissa was able to make an arrangement with the chaperones to allow the kids to rotate with the adult riders so that we all could get the credit if we wanted. The children were really excited to get to ride the coaster multiple times, and we all were able to have a laugh (or in some cases awkward silence) about it.


As for how the rest of the visit, here are the pictures to help tell the story.


As we drove from Mexico City to Guadalajara, we had stopped at a gas station before we would get to our next park. I decided that a snack was in order which would be Mexican Oreos. These were different though, as it seemed they crushed the cookie into the cream, and then put the mixture in between the cookies. Either way, I did like them.


As we arrived to Parque Bicentenario, I find that I still love the look of the Mexican landscape. Even out here in the middle of nowhere.


I see a Chinese knockoff roller coaster hiding behind the wall!


Everybody in and ready for Chinese Knockoff coasters? Look how enthused everyone is!


Larry doing what theme park nerds do....take pictures of park maps. But then again, I have a number of those types of pictures too, so I am guilty as charged.


Off in the distance is Montana Rusa, their knockoff loop-screw coaster.


This guy was pretty important. For some reason I want to say that it isn't Christopher Columbus, but for all I know it is.


After a little bit of a walk, we come to our first credit.


Like the sign says, this is Montana Rusa!


Look at that fabulous Chinese masterpiece!


In a way, I feel like I have taken this same picture in Federal Way, Washington (If anyone knows what I am referencing, congrats, you are a coaster nerd too!)


So being that this would be my first Chinese knockoff coaster, I was not too sure about it. Ryan on the other hand is pumped for it!


As Robb demonstrates, this thing is a real pain in the burro to get into.


And this poor lady was running the whole ride by herself. She certainly did the best she could, and I give her a lot of credit for handling the unexpected rush of TPR members!


This is the point where many of us go from the excitement of riding a coaster we have never been on......


.....to wondering if this was a mistake.


At this point though, you just have to take it! It wasn't the smoothest ride in the world, but I don't seem to remember it being "cut-my-wrists" bad either. Maybe I was so beaten by it that I just didn't remember.


Along with Montana Rusa, this area also had a swinging pirate ship....


...as well as a smaller rapids ride.


They also had a small little food stand here as well


As we walked back to the other part of the park closer to the gate, we were passed by the train ride that circles the lake at the park


On the path back you had people selling little gifts and other such items to visitors.


And here is where the bar for what many of us will do to get a credit has been set to its lowest


This was like a mini wild mouse, with some killer brakes.


The children who rode with each of us really enjoyed it.


Here I am with my riding partner, who's name I don't entirely recall, but Annabella is one that seems to stick to me. She was a real sweetheart who would hold the hand of whomever she was going to ride with, and after the ride gave a big hug to each person before biding them farewell. It was actually really cute to see. Talk about a real cultural difference as they didn't seem to think anything of it, whereas back in the states this would probably never happen.


Going up the lift hill


and around the corner




So the day before I ate Mexican-Chinese food. Now I was going to ride a Mexican-Chinese Wacky Worm!!!!!!! This goes onto a whole new level of life altering than that of riding two Mexican Wacky Worms!


It was actually kind of interesting to see this compared to a regular Wacky Worm as this seemed more permanent than regular Wacky Worms......of course I could be entirely wrong too.


Even the trains looked...............different. (If you thought Chinese, than you are probably very stereotypical!)


Around the top we go.


"Watch as the Chinese Wacky Worm crawls through the bushes."


These guys are totally excited to get a Mexican-Chinese Wacky Worm! That is because they know that it will change their lives!!!!!!


A POV look of the Mexican-Chinese Wacky Worm.


In this part of the park, they have most of their other rides, including the frog hopper, and a spinning ride that was like a miniature Dumbo type of ride with dinosaurs.


They even had this large play web-net type thing for the kids to climb all over.


This is what I thought was the best part about the place for the locals. The fact that they had a picnic shelter for people to bring their picnics into the park, and be right there were they could see their families play if they chose to have their meal while the kids ride.


This duck was certainly not afraid of people


In fact I would guess that he was hoping he might get some food for his friendliness.


"Stay......sit......good duck!"


Off to the side you can also see the lake that the train runs around.


Statues that solute different people of Mexico


A model of a significant Mexican Building.


Here was a look at the train station, which also had a food stand inside of it


From the side.


They also had a car ride that went through and past models of historical buildings.


Earlier we had passed this on our way in, which is a very nice soccer field.


Overall, this was actually a nice park for a small city park. Will it be on a must visit list? No, but if you happen to be in the area, or if you live in the area, it is a nice little place. Plus they even have a pool with a few water slides as I recall.


"Wait, Cliff, were we supposed to meet everyone for the bus here?".......Thanks for checking out the update folks! Stay tuned for more!

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The Quesadilla (or two) that I got from the place near the looping coaster was pretty much the best one I've ever had! And the women making them were so friendly and asking about the group and talking about how great Mexico was.


Couldn't agree more, can't wait to go back!

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Thanks for the further pictures, Gary = )


^^And please who says, that you (all) are nerds? I can remind me pretty much well, as I was sitting by a more than a lilliputian, Larry - a mouse called, "The Fastest Mouse In All México", Speedy Gonzales was his name



Interessting motives/photo-motives, Gary, thanks once more!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone!


Thank you again for checking out my Theme Park Review Mexico Trip Report and for all of the compliments! I always enjoy seeing a trip report of mine make the front page of the site. This next update is actually going to be one of the shortest that I have, only because I didn't take a lot of pictures for the occasion, but I still feel that it is worthy of its own update, and that would be........


Day 4: On to Guadalajara!

Part 2: An evening in Downtown Guadalajara


So after making the 7-8 hour drive from Mexico City to Guadalajara with a stop at Parque Bicentenario, it was nice to have a free evening. I don't think I took quite as we did a few laps trying to find a place to eat. Some of the group split off to go to a McDonald's, but Cliff, Josh, Jay and I decided to keep looking for a local place, and boy am I glad we did! We found this restaurant called La Antigua, which provided us with a table right by one balconies that overlooked one of the courtyards by a cathedral. The view was made even better with the awesome food! After dinner, we were able to walk around Guadalajara some more and to see the incredible buildings while walking amongst the people. It was certainly a fun experience, and I would love to be able to go back and explore it more, and it also inspires me to go and explore other cities in the same way when the opportunity presents itself! While it is a short update, I hope you all enjoy it still!


Here we are outside of our hotel in Downtown Guadalajara.


And inside is another very nice room. I don't think I have ever stayed at a hotel with TPR and thought "Man, why did they book this place?" Robb and Elissa do a great job of finding quality accomodations!


This would be La Antigua, our restaurant for the evening. It was a traditional Mexican Restaurant that was built into the second story of this building.


Notice that right behind Cliff and Jay is that balcony? What a great view for dinner!


Speaking of dinner, look at this food! So good!


A panoramic view from the balcony by our table


And another beautiful cathedral! Even though I am not highly religious, I still appreciate how stunning some of these places are. Especially here in Mexico!


A fountain that was in the courtyard


And the last one that I have. I don't recall exactly what building this was, but I still loved the architecture of it! Thank you again for checking out my TPR Mexico Trip Report! There is still more coming your way!

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I Guadalajara.

No doubt about it.


La Chata! That had to have been the best restaurant EVER! I'd love to try La Antigua next time I go.


Gary seeing this report makes me miss Mexico so much. I need to get back and I'm looking forward to 2015. Is it time to send in the deposit?

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