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Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

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I really appreciate all of the great comments and praises so far! Unfortunately time has not been on my side lately as I have been trying to pick up hours at work as much as possible and my schedule at Disney has been kind of all over the place with my training at Jungle Cruise going on. I did finally get a chance to sit down and work on editing and resizing pictures, so with that, it is time for the next update.....


Day 1: Culture Day!

Part 2: Food, Downtown Mexico City and a Surprise!


So after checking out the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, and reaching the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, we took a short little ride to a restaurant near the pyramids for an authentic Mexico lunch. Following lunch we drove back to Mexico City, where we would see the National Palace, one of the largest cathedrals in all of North America, and wonder around downtown Mexico City before having an authentic Mexican dinner. Before we got to the National Palace, we had a surprise, but to find out what it was, let's take a look at what happened:


Near the pyramids we would take a short drive to lunch. The place had a lot of cactus's (cacti, however you describe multiple cactus plants). Some Mexican cooking actually uses cactus


And here is the restaurant that will be hosting us for lunch!


The front of Mayahuel, located only a few hundred yards from the pyramids.


In case you forgot what the name of the place was from about 12 seconds ago.


A look at the indoor section. This place actually was busier than this as most of the guests (not just our group) were dining outside as it was a beautiful day.


A bit of music to go with lunch is always a good thing.


Some chips and salsa, much like what you would see at Mexican restaurants in the US, but the real stuff! The red salsa had a good spicy kick to it.


The tortilla soup was really good! They also gave you a few items to mix in if you would like.


We had a choice of two entrees, one was chicken cooked with cactus....


...the other, which I chose, was the steak fajitas. To my surprise, they also had bacon in it, which as we all know is meat candy! Muy delicioso!


Of course having Mexican Coke with real sugar never hurts either.


Sergio brings out the big guns! This puts new meaning to the term of taking a tequila shot.


I only wish I had one of my own. But with that, it was time to load up the bus and head back to the city.


So as we ride into the city, we see this little festival type of thing going on, and as it turns out, it is actually a small kiddie park called Parque Francisco Villa that Robb and Elissa had found out about just a couple days before the trip. When we pull up, they tell us that they made the arrangements for this to be our first credit of the trip! Hooray for surprise credits!


Off the bus we go, and a short walk later we find....


...the first credit of the trip!!!!! Now, this may look like another Wacky Worm, but it's not!! How do we know? well......


...That's how! It's the Crazy Worm! and its about to be over taken by Crazy Credit Whores!


My guess is that this coaster has probably not had this many Adults waiting to ride it before.


In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we doubled the daily average number of adult riders.


And there is the poor worm that will have all of these crazy coaster fans on its back. He seems to be okay with it though.


TPR Crazy Worm take over!


And now another group of us get to ride!


For many of us, this would be our first ever Mexican roller coaster! And of all things it's a Wacky Wor......er....Crazy Worm!


Here is the normally wacky part, but this time it's crazy!


...followed by the big drop.....of about 5 ft.


It's so crazy!!!!!


One last train with TPR folks making its way up the lift hill.


Here we have a nice little overview of ride


More TPR folks going down the crazy big drop, while Sergio shows that he fits in with us by following the proper way to ride a kiddie coaster!


Robb shows that he is a man dedicated to his art by climbing on dangerous metal structures to reach perilous heights. This is the only way to find those great shots of kiddie coasters!


Parque Francisco Villa in a way reminds me of Victoria Gardens in Central Park of NYC. A small place you could take the family to enjoy for an afternoon.


They have an assortment of rides, games, toys to buy and other activities for the kids.


More of the park.


This was one of the coolest things to see. A little mini double decker bus ride for the kids. The ramp onto the back of the bus would actually turn into a slide for the kids when they got off. Speaking of Buses, it was time for us to get back on ours.


And a short drive later we start to arrive to one of the historic districts that is in the heart of Downtown Mexico City.


The first part of this stop would have us seeing this place, the National Palace


After checking it out, we would get to walk by this cathedral, which is one of the largest in North America!


Time to head into the National Palace


According to what I remember our guides saying, the National Palace does hold the office of the President of Mexico, as well as a few of the departments, which I believe he said included the likes of the treasury and defense department.


Just inside of the front doorway is this beautiful courtyard with the fountain in the middle.


As a Disney Cast Member, I giggle about the fact that we were led with a flag through various parts of downtown as it reminds me of the Brazilian Tour Groups that come to the parks and resorts. Here Sergio tells us a little bit about the palace, the design flaws and the murals.


Unlike Magnum XL 200 at Cedar Point, the palace is actually sinking on one side ever so slowly due to the softness of the lake bed where the lake that once was were Mexico City now lies. This was evidenced by the lamp that looks like it is leaning.


Another look at the fountain in the middle of the courtyard.


And here we have the first of many murals that were done by the famous artist Diego Rivera.


Diego Rivera had once been asked to help with a mural of the Rockefeller Center.


He work was rejected, however, because his murals had suggestions of support for more socialist ideas. One example of this can be seen in this mural. If you look closer at the two guys on the far left side, one of them is holding a book.....


...a book that was written by Karl Marx, who was one of the leading philosophers of the socialist movement.


While I am sure this had more to do with religion, I wouldn't be surprised if a few folks thought this meant that the KKK had a role in the oppression of the Aztec People who once lived in what is know Mexico City.


This part of the mural depicts the battles that went on between the Aztec People and the Spanish when they took over the land.


Another look at the courtyard from the second floor.


Here David explains more in depth how This area used to be a large lake, and the Aztec People built their city into the lake by creating little islands through a process of planting different plants and filling the soil around them, and than expanded outward. It was described as being very much like Venice in Italy. Eventually, the lake would no longer be there, and is now covered by what is Mexico City.


The next few murals were along the second floor walkway of the courtyard, and depict the life of the Aztec People who once lived in this city.


"Upon further inspection of this first mural, we see that it was common to try and pick up women by offering them limbs from people who had been sacrificed."


"We also see what it was like being an Aztec dentist."


A look to the top of the first mural gives you a true idea of what the city that once sat in the middle of the lake looked like.


"Hey bob, could you make sure not to back up this time? I really don't want my head up YOUR ass!"


In the second mural, we see more of the agricultural side of the Aztec People.


"I'll give you a handful of salt for your fish."....."How do I know I'm not getting screwed in this deal?"


"This represents an important question that man has been asking himself for centuries....at what point did it become unacceptable for women to be topless all the time, and who was the idiot that came up with that bright idea?"


"As we see here, the Aztec people had more of a European mentality when it comes to women being topless."


This next mural shows the more artistic side of the Aztecs, and the way they dressed for ceremonies


"Hey Bob, could you make sure not to drop that on me today? Thanks!"


In this mural, we see many of the traditions of the Aztec people.


The was a game that was played by the Aztec people, and if I remember correctly, they actually used a ball that was on fire while playing. And people thought that sports now-a-days were dangerous!


Somewhere near the pyramids earlier, there were a group of folks performing this very act. I unfortunately do not recall what it represents or the purpose of it, but it was neat to see.


This next mural shows more of the agriculture of the Aztec people, as well as the importance of corn.


.....I said corn......not porn!


Rivera also made a few uniquely shaped murals to fit the architecture of the building.


This one was made to fit right in the corner.


That brings us to the last Mural about the Aztec people, this representing when Cortez led his Spanish Army to take over much of Mexico.


The goblin looking guy is supposed to represent Cortez. He was shown this way as it was believed that he had syphilis, which made him a bit sickly looking.


When the Spanish took over the land from the Aztecs, it wasn't exactly peaceful or pleasant.


Many of the Aztec people were forced into slavery by the Spanish.


More of the slave life for the Aztecs


One of the reasons the Aztecs didn't fight off Cortez and his Army when they first arrived was because they thought he was the human form of one of the gods they worshiped, and thus made offerings to him. Cortez would take advantage of this, pretty much showing that he was a dick!


If any of the Aztec people refused to work or quit working, they were hung and left for others to see as a way to make the others fear for their lives.


While I am not entirely sure what this plaque is for, I would guess based on the time frame and the words on the top, this may have to do with the Constitution of Mexico when they gained their independence from Spain, and the list of names are of those where were involved.


With that, we were led back downstairs to continue our tour.


One last picture before exiting the courtyard of the National Palace.


Just outside the back of the palace we find another set of beautiful buildings.



If I had not taken this picture, and didn't know where it was, someone could tell me it was in a small town out in the desert and I would possibly believe them.


"Nooooo!!!!!! Don't touch it!!!!"


Words carved into the plant.


And here comes the Mexican Military Police version of a changing of the guard.


Either that, or they knew all of the trouble that TPR would cause and have come to keep an eye on us.


"Oh we oh......we oh her!......oh we oh.....we oh her!"


Seeing as how they didn't take any of us into custody, I believe we are okay for now!


and there is the truck that they arrived on.


Upon exiting the National Palace, we start to walk towards the cathedral from earlier.


This area was really busy with activity and a lot of people.


A lot of people selling different items to the visitors.


Here we have a display of what the city of the Aztec people looked like.


Just past the display were a group of people holding a demonstration of the Aztec rituals


Aztec drumming


an Aztec dance


A closer look at one of the dancer's costumes. Incredible!


Aztec style jewelry and other items were available to buy as well as books.


Here we have another look at the Cathedral.

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It would have been something else to see the inside of the Cathedral, but as busy as it was, that may be something for another day.


Just outside of the Cathedral were these folks who were talking the corn stalks and making some incredible pieces of art with them.


I will say that a majority of the pieces were centered around Jesus on the cross, but there were other items that they made as well.


Now I am not the most religious person in the world, and I know that many folks are not, but I would hope the many people can appreciate the creativeness and ability that went into making these.


Music player adding to the atmosphere of the area.


One last look at the Cathedral as we continue on with our walk through downtown Mexico City.


We happened to be walking by as they were tolling the bell.


At this point, we started to see a lot of street performers and "characters" to pose with for pictures. This guy looked like he was getting ready to start.


There was a whole row of them down this street.


Know I can say I have seen a Mexican Mime


This guy looks like a cross between Alien and a Transformer. Just to his left is the Red Queen from the latest version of Alice in Wonderland


Living soldier statue


Walking on down the street in Downtown Mexico City.


At first I was worried that my boss and his wife came down to Mexico to spy on me, but then it dawned on me that this is obviously Miguel and Melina Mouse. Not to be confused with their more famous American counterparts :)


Not sure who these guys are, but one of them looks like he stole Kyle Broflovski's hat. Maybe Spider-Man is here to grab it for him.


You know, maybe these different "characters" are really just hoping to blend in with the Mexican people.


See the flag? Good! We won't be lost then as Sergio will show us the way!


One of the smaller side streets.


I'll bet Derek is already planning a side trip to visit the Beer Museum.


This picture is funny to me because I always joke with people that there are two phases I know in Spanish. One is "Mis pantalones es en fuego!" which means "My pants are on fire!" The other is "Donde esta la Biblioteca?" which means "Where is the Library?".....and now I know where the library is!


Downtown Mexico City does have some really nice areas.


Now if you are travelling through Mexico City by bus, would you rather ride the double decker tour bus or....


...the one that looks like it could be mistaken for a porn bus?


Now we have come to our next stop. This is Café de Tacuba, where we would have an authentic Mexican dinner. The was done more like a sampling type of meal were they brought out several dishes for everyone to try a little bit.


The restaurant itself was quite nice inside.


Here they sat us with our own tables towards the front of the restaurant....incase they needed to kick us out quicker.


It appears that nuns are very important to this place. Not sure what the significance, but there were many pictures and statues of them all over.


So we had two different drinks to enjoy, one which was this fruit water that took some getting used to.....


The other being margaritas which require no such need of getting used to. Quite good.


First were some chips with guacamole.


...or some chips with an assortment of things to have them with.


They then gave us chicken that was cooked with a brown sauce.


Now the tortillas they brought for us COULD be used to eat the chicken with, but Derek shows that it is more fun to make masks with them instead!




Not sure what this was


Of course, the meal was made even better with the music of Mariachi!


"Play us a song, you're a Maricachi Man!"


As you can see, they started to surround us.


If you didn't like their music, there was no where to go. Luckily for us, these guys were really good!


Yeay! Gary does Mariachi!


For desert, they brought us flan (which I have to confess, isn't really my cup of tea).


They also brought this cake which was very moist and have a caramel flavor to it. It was quite delicious I must say. With that, I will end part 2 of the Culture Day update. Stay tuned as there is one more part of Culture Day and that is Part 3: Ballet Folklorico! Thanks for checking out Gary's Mexico Tour Trip Report

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Hey everybody!


I know it has been a while since I last updated this thread, but between two weeks of 50+ hours at Disney, work at Pizza Hut and doing some side work for a small business I am trying to start to replace Pizza Hut with, I haven't had a lot of free time for doing an update until tonight. So we'll jump right into it....


Day 1: Culture Day!

Part 3: Ballet Folklorico


An option that we had as an add-on was to attend the Ballet Folklorico after dinner, which was a show that was all about many traditional Mexican dances and music. I was quite surprised that this was a wonderful show to see, and the venue was quite beautiful! There was a combination of what seemed to be tribal dances, symbolizing the ancient cultures of Mexico, as well as the more traditional Mexican Mariachi Music, complete with the hat dance. Hope you all enjoy the last part of the first day of the Mexico Tour!


On our way from the restaurant, we passed by a few more statues.


Here is where the Ballet Folkorico was held, the Palacio de Bellas Artes


My ticket for the show. I never thought about Ticketmaster being in Mexico before.


One of the statues right outside of the Palacio.


Let's go inside, shall we?


Inside of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Waiting to be able to go to our seats.


The architecture inside of the lobby was beautiful!


Our view of the stage from the gallery section.


I absolutely loved how this theatre looks!


TPR folks are ready for the Ballet Folklorico!


These drummers got things started


These folks danced to the drumming.


These guys would play the next few songs for the show.


Some of the dancers dressed in what we would be more likely to associate with Traditional Mexican dress


The only shame of being up in the gallery was not being able to see the women. I have to admit, there are some gorgeous women from Mexico!


And now the men join




The next part centered around these three women....


....dancing to music played by these guys....


....with this guy, who basically had a dance with each woman....this guy was pimpin'!!!!


Soon they would be joined by others.


Eventually, they would transition to this group of dancers


I am not entirely sure about this part as it had the women marching and forming firing line types of formations. If I had to guess, I am going to say it either had something to do with the Mexican Revolution or something similar to when people moved out west here in the United States.


Now this guy with the lasso was pretty good. He also kept that thing going for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time!


He showed off some tricks.


Then was joined by this woman dancing.


He then proceeded to spin it around the two of them for the remainder of this set.


Others joined the dance, while to guy still has the lasso going.


This show also featured what seemed like a lot of pretend PDA.


At least they eventually went for some privacy.....well, except for lasso guy.


These guys then came out to play the music for the last set before the intermission.


This segment seemed a lot like a Mexican version of a Riverdance/Irish stepdance show like you can see at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


The main differences being the music and the clothing


Being a fan of the Celtic shows that Busch Gardens has had the past few years that I went before moving to Florida, I really liked this part




It did start to get a little odd when they brought these characters out. Something just didn't seem very PC about them :)





Out comes the rest of the group


And the final bow before the intermission.


When the show continued, they started with a dance of ancient cultures.


This part was centered around these two characters that seemed to be playfully courting one another.



This set was one of the more interpretive dance portion as two of the characters were hunters and one was a deer or something similar to it.


This band would be the last band and play the remaining sets of songs that were based on traditional mariachi as we know it.


This would also be one of the more elaborate numbers for the number of dancers and routines.




The traditional Mexican Hat Dance, and yes, the music was that of the hat dance (if you are not sure what song I mean, copy this address and listen



Hat Dance continued



And one final bow and a solute to all of the performers. All in all, this was one of my favorite days of the trip as it really gave me a chance to experience some true culture of another nation which I had not yet had a chance to experience until now. With that, this completes day one of Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report. I hope you all enjoyed it and I look forward to bring you more updates. The next one being Day 2: Six Flags Mexico!

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Now I know what you all saw in the show, lol! Great coverage

but my, you guys were up high there. When one of you said "two rows

from the top," I just thought pffft... I stand corrected, heh heh.


(I had seen a tour of it in Vancouver, twice before, so I declined going.)

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Gary! What are you doing in my #600 Coaster Photo???


Get back to your own TR, darnit!


Just strolling through other Mexico Trip Reports, are we?

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Hey Everyone!


So it has been about a month-plus since I last updated this Trip Report, but it looks like I found a bit of time to keep going through all of my pictures, and can now proudly bring to you the next update to Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report. And this update is for.......


Day 2: Six Flags Mexico!!!!!


So this was our first park day after an incredible day of getting to see the culture of Mexico. You don't hear too much about the place since most enthusiasts are not exactly making a point to go to Mexico as much as some other countries for roller coasters, so I didn't really have any idea of what to expect. What I found was that this was a great park overall, and honestly one of the best Six Flags that I have been to! The things that I noticed was that in comparison to other SF parks, it was quite clean, the people were very friendly (and I mean the guests as well as the staff), and on top of that, the theming was well done for many of the rides! The two that stick out the most are Superman-el Ultimo Escape and the Joker. Superman has you walking through the Daily Planet offices for the queue, fairly similar to what you see with Spiderman at IOA, and Joker was really cool with the evil funhouse for part of the queue.


I made the comment to Roberto, who was the representative with SFM for our group, about who I thought the theming was very well done, and he made the comment that they really appreciated comments like that, especially from guests who have visited other parks before. I was truly surprised with the amount of theming they had.


Superman was awesome! It is actually a very unique layout with the fun pre-lift section that reminded me a lot of some of the GCI coaster, only with more intensity. The air was also great! There was one little kink right before the mid-course brakes that could toss you a bit, but otherwise, I would say this was easily my favorite coaster of the trip.


If I could have done one thing differently, I would have liked to see a couple more of the shows. For the one that we did see called Blackout, I think I was in the minority of our group that liked the whole thing. I would never say that it was the best theme park show I have ever seen, but it was a fun show to watch and a nice bit of air conditioning.


For my other thoughts and observations, I will allow the pictures to help me tell the story of the day. So without further delay, here it is.....


"Hola! Me llamo es Blanco Nino! Por favor, disfrute el siguiente informe de viaje!"


The bus for the next few days wasn't as "especial" as the other one, but it was a bit more modern, and had wifi!


It even had a backdoor for quicker loading and unloading!


Interesting fact, the lavatory was beside the backdoor, but this would come to bite most everyone in the ass on the last day of the trip driving back to Mexico City from Guadalajara as someone unleashed Montezooma's Revenge on us poor souls in the back.....but that is a story for later.


And there is Six Flags Mexico!


Superman off in the distance.


And Medusa also saying good morning.


And there you have the front gate.


We are here!


Since the gates were not yet open and we were waiting to meet with a representative from SFM, we would need to find ways to pass the time....


Cliff would help me prepare for what may come from Medusa....


Anth would go on and prepare for the beating that was likely to come from Batman.


Most everyone else decided to be normal and socialize.


Would Medusa be as rough as other CCI's that we knew and love, or would it be a surprise? More to come a bit later on that one.


Speedy Gonzalez on a sign outside of the Mexican Six Flags=100% awesome!


JoAnna is saddened by the lack of Taquila....oh wait, there is a difference when you add another 'L'?


This is Roberto, our wonderful guide for the morning as we went for our morning rides on Superman, Joker, Batman and Medusa.


The VIP experience was had by all who were with the trip, which gave us front of the line access for most of the rides!


Oh boy, oh boy! We get to go in!


Tea cups, which could always be made better with tequila!


The Looney Toons gang is here to greet us!


Going on TPR Tours really gives you a chance to enjoy the design of the buildings and what the parks are like before the public enters.


Things like this really made this park stick out from the rest of the SF chain.


I really like the look of the park. Very well done!


Our first ride of the day! Superman el Ultimo Escape! One of the best Morgan hypers I have been on. Easily my favorite coaster of the tour.


These were the VIP wristbands that allowed us the front of the line access on several rides. The park wasn't so busy that we couldn't have had a good time without them, but it certainly was nice to be able to get on with a minimal wait.


As I mentioned before, the theming of SFM is some of the best at any Six Flags park, perhaps better than some other theme parks I have been to. This was the entrance to the Daily Planet offices


I think they like Superman at the Daily Planet


The editor-in-chief's office


Is Bill appreciating the theming or questioning the interior design of the office? You decide!


Again, thumbs up to SFM for some great theming so far!


After the tour of the Daily Planet, you come out to the main part of the queue, cross over part of the track then head into the station.


There is a second train just waiting to get a chance to give awesome rides!


Coaster train fans, rejoice!


This was a neat idea to draw arrows towards the rows they are intended for. I am surprised that you don't see more of this.


The train coming back from one of its test runs


Even right outside of the station has some more theming to it with the phone booth


Such a pretty ride!


And it rides as pretty as it looks!


Much joy is experienced by those on the ride as their butts are lifted with airtime


Again, I truly enjoyed this ride!


After Superman, it was time to check out the newest addition to the park, the Joker.


Sign shot.


Again, this park takes the theming for a Six Flags park up a notch with the awesome evil funhouse of the Joker for a queue.


TPR members proving they don't mind being in the mouth of a strange man.


Spinning vortex


Funhouse mirrors


Moving floors


Uneven flooring


And another funhouse mirror before you go to the loading platform. It was almost like getting two attractions in one!


A look of the lift hill of Joker


From the looks of it, Half of the cars were designed for Harley Quinn


and the other half for her love, Mr. J.


Elissa and Kristen are about to take it for a spin. KidTums doesn't look so sure about it, but in the end she absolutely loved it!


Robb, Roberto and Derek take a spin together as well.


Up the lift goes the car.


A look at the layout of the Joker


Again, I really dig the theming at this park.


The ride itself was also fun! I can't remember who I rode with, but I seem to remember we spun pretty well.


Again, great theming.


I also like the reference to the origin of the Joker


A very detailed statue of and evil looking Joker, or a guess at what Michael Jackson would look like if he was still alive (with a new nose)? You decide.


I cannot say I have seen one of these before. Really neat looking ride.


Know came one of the rides that was special and yet terrifying at the same time. Terrifying in that it was an SLC, but special as it would be a Mexican SLC (or even more terrifying depending on how you look at it).


While SLC's are not exactly the most popular with enthusiasts, we will always gladly ride it for the sake of the credit.


Don't let the symbol deceive you. This is not your typical B&M Inverted Batman clone.


"Who is really excited for riding an SLC?"


A symbols of hope, justice and good.


A symbol of.....well, it's a symbol.


Who are you more convinced by their show of Enthusiasm for the ride? Bill or Ginny? You decide!


The climb to the top.


On most SLC's, I would probably have said "ouch" or other four letter words an average of 3.3 times by this point.


Was that the best coaster ever or what guys!?


SLC's may give rough rides, but they sure do look nice!


If you were with the group and rode this, you can now check "Ride an SLC in Mexico" off of your bucket list!


There is no freakin' way! Churro statues in Mexico!? Yes! This is just plain awesome!!!!!


Of course if you don't car for Churro statues, there are other statues you can pose with, like the Johnny Rockets burger guy.


And now it was time to solve the mystery of how Medusa rode.


Medusa would be a monumental coaster for Bill as it was his 600th!


Looks like it could be such a great ride.....


...but I have only been on one coaster with the G-trains that I really liked, and that was Cheetah at Wild Adventures. So what did I think of Medusa?


To be honest it was actually a fun ride. A bit shaky for my liking, but if it wasn't for that I probably would have liked it better. Either way, it was better than I had thought it might be.


"Now boy, I say boy, what in the hail do you two think you are doin' to me!"


Anth and Cliff find a happy place after Medusa


Nothing like a lunchtime beer!


After the little break it was time to seek out the remaining credits. The first that our group of four did was the Dark Knight. This one seemed to be a few notches above the one at SF Great Adventure for theming. I havn't been to Great America so I couldn't say.


Again, they did a great job in the design of the place


I also like how they took the commuter train station theme up a few notches as well.


The theming just adds to the experience in my book.


Now it is time to go inside and experience the ride itself.


From this point, the experience is pretty much the same as it is in Great Adventure, but with one difference. The use of Spanish instead of English


Aaron Eckhart's Spanish voiceover sounded kind of like he was trying to seduce someone, but maybe that was just what I interpreted.


Even the cars are pretty much the same


Up next we took on the Vekoma roller skater called.....Roller


Much like other Vekoma roller skaters, only this one had an awesome feature...


A VIP line! Nothing like getting right onto the next cycle without having to wait.


Cliff, Anth, Jeremiah and I are all ready for the credit!


One of the more interesting themes for a wave swinger. More to come momentarily.....

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Day 2 continued.....


A neat looking Chance Inverter


Awww hell! Here we go with a Boomerang. Not exactly the kind of ride that people travel thousands of miles for. At least this one was a special one, as it was the first ever Vekoma boomerang built!


And it actually wasn't too bad.


The one down side was that it was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeallllllllllly slow to go up the lift.


In fact, I bet you could leave the line when it starts, go use the restroom, buy some food, play a game, ride Superman a time or two, take a nap, and still be back before it drops.


At this point, they have about 3 minutes to go until the top....a most accurate guess of course :)


Loop fans rejoice!


I have a feeling you could get this shot of almost every boomerang in the world.


With a lot of boomerangs, it would be more fun to sit on this cactus without any pants on, but this one might be a case where it would be better just to ride the actual coaster.


The last credit we had to get (which we accomplished before we had lunch, thanks to awesome VIP wristbands) was Tsunami. A large Tivoli coaster like those seen at other Six Flags parks. There was one unique feature for this one.....


The Jeep themed trains


Their S&S combo tower was a lot of fun as well. I definitely like the combo towers better than just the launch up or launch down only.


This one makes for good pictures too.


This was also a really cool walk-though haunted house that normally is an upcharge attraction.


SFM was awesome enough to allow our group to go through free of charge! Ahh the perks of a TPR Tour! Certainly worth the money in my opinion. The house it self had a good few scares with the live actors.


After that, it was time for some re-rides on Superman.


Anth and Cliff are ready for some Ass-Happy airtime!


I myself did not experience their rapids ride, but it seemed like you wouldn't get very wet...


But Anth helped disprove that notion.


As you can tell from Cliff, there is just nothing more comforting than a wet hug!


I am still so happy to have seen Churro Statues in Mexico!!!!!


So this was one of those wacky shack kind of attractions where everything is unbalanced and a tour guide does all of these tricks that are based off of the illusion and tricks played on your eyes because of the angles and what not. Kind of like the one at Knott's Berry Farm.


"Welcome amigos! Be warned, you will have no idea what is going on if you do not speak Spanish!"


More theming is always a good thing!


Hey Medusa!


It looks like we go this way.


Nothing bad could happen here, right?


This is where things started to get all kinds of wacky!


Quality work on this here house!


Cliff and Jeremiah look like they are ready for this wacky experience!


Now, for the most part I have no idea what was going on or being said since I am not familiar with Spanish. There were tricks that were done to play tricks on the angling of objects, made even more tricky as the floor we stood on was also angled.


Who is standing up strait? You decide!


Cliff does his best to try and stay upright




This will get you kicked out of a lot of bars in the US, but is perfectly fine at Mexican theme parks


Trying so hard to stay upright.....or are they?


While I don't know what went on half of the time, it was still neat to see one of these again.


The Churro Bandit: "Now look here amigo, I don't take too kindly to your finding amusement in my people living in our home land of Mexico!"

Gary: "I don't give a s***. Churro statues in Mexico are freaking hilarious!"

Churro Bandit: "Well then amigo....DRAW!"


Churro Bandit: "Damn, I forgot, I'm a statue......okay, you win!"


After that amazing victory, it was time for us to enjoy a ride on the ferris wheel to see the park from above. But this ferris wheel had a twist......


....you could make it spin!


This made it easy for taking pictures without having to really move, and the view was great for many of the rides. Here we have Boomerang


Here we have Roller


A skyline view of the park.


A closer look at Joker from above


While it may not have been the best wooden coaster I have ridden, it was certainly one of the nicest looking!


Vampire Infestation (Worth checking out if you ever visit the park, even if you have to pay for it).


Such a great ride! I will miss it, but hopefully I will have the opportunity to return and ride it again in the future!


I love the timing for this as I could get both coasters trains in the shot!


And after a snack, seeing Blackout and a few more spins on Superman, it was time to head back to the hotel.


Robb taking a moment to get a great shot for the Medusa video. Always high quality stuff!


With that, I want to say thank you to Six Flags Mexico. You guys have a wonderful park and I would love to come back one day to visit again! If anyone happens to be in Mexico City, I fully recommend going to this park! Thank you everyone for checking out my update, I hope you all enjoyed it!

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That funhouse queue is an awesome idea! Hopefully we see stuff like that here in the future.


That would be great, except for the non-sensibility a lot of North American parents seem to possess, that anything that happens with their child falling over - well, it's a lawsuit, right?


The Funhouse queue house would be serval lawsuits waiting to happen, I am sure of that.


But everybody else in the rest of the world, takes it in stride, and just puts it to "kids being kids" etc.


Doubtful this will happen in any North American park soon.

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