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Best Roller Coaster "Moments"

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I probably have a top 10 in terms of individual elements.


10. Semi-Loop on Hollywood Rip-Ride Rockit


9. Last Floater Airtime Hill on Maverick


8. Final Hill and Turn on Millennium Force


7. First Drop on Maverick


6. Launch on Incredible Hulk


5. Quadruple-Down on Magnum XL 200


4. Rolling Thunder Hill on El Toro


3. Double-Down on El Toro


2. First Drop on El Toro


1. Pretzel Loop on Superman: Ultimate Flight


If I called any of these the wrong thing (which I think I did on a few of them) let me know. I swear if S:UF had 2 pretzel looops, it would be near the top of my list in favorite coasters.

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Bizarro at sfne in the rain, and trapper slider at fort fun, also in the rain!!



...Considering you just mentioned two entire rides, I wouldn't call those "moments". Maybe Bizarro's triple camelback into the brake run during rain would be your "moment", but if you want to say something like this, I would advise creating a new thread.


Suggested name: "Best Rides at Night/In the Rain"


Ok then - the moment when I realised how great they ran in the rain!!

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A few of my favorites are...


- Kingda Ka's Launch. Completely blew me away!

- El Toro's "Rolling Thunder Hill". Probably the most incredible airtime on a ride ever.

- Nitro's helix into the brakes. I could barely keep my hands up because of the intensity!

- Rock N' Rollercoaster's Launch. It never gets old.

- Intimidator 305's first drop. No words can explain it.

- Volcano's launches are pretty incredible. The rest of the ride is just 'meh'.

- Hulk's amazing first half.

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Heide Park's Collossus during ERT on the 2012 Europe Tour. I know it cannot and will not ever be replicated, but that was the most fun I've ever had on a rollercoaster. I've been on bigger, I've been on better, but with the TPR takeover, the absolutely punishing downpour, the mood of everyone, it was truly magical.


As for something that CAN be done again, Raptor at Gardaland. The swooping turn through the swamp and under the tree trunk where you're being shot at and geysers of water are going off as if bullets are hitting the water. That whole ride has phenomenal themeing and interaction, but that portion was my favorite.

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Reading this thread makes me realize that I am rather inexperienced when it comes to coasters.


I honestly kind of struggled with this...


SDL's loop at HP. It was my first inverting coaster and I shall never forget the first time I was flipped over. I then realized how awesome Schwarzkopfs were.


Kind of cheesy, but probably the inversions on Batman at SFGAm. First invert and rode in the front. The intensity was phenomenal and made me love inverts.

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There's so many moments that I wish I could claim to have and don't. I'm dying to get credits like El Toro, Bizarro @ SFNE, I-305, Behemoth, Leviathan etc. One day.......one day.


As for my personal favorite moments, they are as follows.


-MF's first drop and bunny hill to the last over bank, I remember marathoning it during Halloweekends the year it opened. Nothing like cold friday nights with a hint of rain on that beast.


-Wicked Twister's last row on the back spike, I love the whip as you exit the spiral


-Tatsu's pretzel loop, I may have only ridden it once but the feeling was nothing like I imagined it would be. One of the few coasters that has left me searching for words in recent years.


-X2's crazy roll/rotation hill before the last raven turn, getting thrown in just about every direction within those few seconds is pure awesome


-Dueling Dragon's face to face loop, "oh crap, oh crap, OH CRAAAAAP.......that was close" haha. It's a shame it doesn't duel anymore


-SooperDooperLooper's loop, this one is only because my little bro wouldn't ride any coasters until my mom and I talked him into riding this one (now he's almost as into coasters as I am). Even though I told him how forceful the loop would be, he still folded in half but came out laughing


-Apollo's Chariot, the final double down into the brakes...whoa

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Georgia Cyclone, back seat, 4th drop - Insane airtime. In some cases, you can get "nearly-fly-over-the-seat-divider-airtime", with the 5th drop also insane. Sadly, the bottoms of these drops are the bumpiest parts of the ride.


Top Thrill Dragster, front or back seat, spiral down - In the front, you get the view of the heartlined spiral. In the back (and probably other seats), you float down the spiral before slamming into the brakes.


Millenium Force, first drop, back seat. Airtime, airtime everywhere.


Maverick - First drop and camelback. In the back, you get wicked airtime on both. In the front, you miss out on the first drop airtime, but the camelback may be more intense.


Gemini, first drop (back), first hill before turnaround (front) - In the back, you get yanked over (which is ruined by the roughness at the bottom, though) and in the front, some surprising airtime coming back up.


Magnum - Airtime everywhere. Coathanger design at its finest.


And many, many more...

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Absolute favorite moment, definitely Phantom's Revenge, the second drop into the ravine, at night. Pitch black, can barely see the track, just feels like it's never going to pull out of that dive...it's just amazing.

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Rock n' Roller Coaster's initial launch is one of my favorite starts of any roller coaster I've ever been on. The forces on the launch, followed by the welcoming to pitch blackness with the flashing of the ride photo camera going makes it somehow magical. If only more indoor launched coasters could do something like this.


Also, the dark tunneled triple dip on Voyage caught me the first time I went on it. I never expected to go down three times right after the mid course brakes, and that brought wonderfully unexpected airtime on each drop! Also, the fact that the coaster does not let up until you reach the end (with only the mid course brakes to slightly catch your breath.) makes it the most adventurous roller coaster I've ever ridden as well.

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Wait, how did I forget about this one in the original post?

I have one more to add for now:


Steel Venom's Intense Back Spire

It may seem pretty boring from a distance, but you have to ride this one or one like it to know exactly what I'm talking about. On the second time up the back spire, the bulky supports get put to use and the entire train gets held. At the top. For an entire second. If you aren't expecting it (which I'm sure as hell I wasn't), it scares the crap out of you, and with my first ride being in the back seat, the way back down really scared the crap out of me with the insane drop out of the spire.

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