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Amazing S&S towers

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Sounds like fun! My favorite S&S I've ridden was at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada. It was a combo tower and had an amazing view of the falls. The only downside was it was on top of a hill and you have to climb a giant spiral path to get to the top.

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I like the Double Shot at Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City, NJ. The airtime is way better than a Space Shot and if you sit on the side facing the boardwalk it is really cool to be facing the wall of the arcade and then get launched up and all of the sudden you see the beach and ocean.

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I usually find that the smaller towers pack a larger punch in terms of forces and airtime. Dr. Doom at Universal is one of the most intense S&S towers I have been on, even though it only stands 200 feet tall. Whereas Power Tower at Cedar Point, despite it's massive size and four towers, provides a pretty mild experience...at least I think so.

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I used to think double shots were pathetic until (big surprise) I actually tried one. I went on Starblaster at Canobie Lake Park, and was not expecting the massive airtime at the top. The double shots are proof that you cannot judge a ride solely on appearance.


As for other S&S towers, after working on Scream! at SFNE, I know the shot, drop, and combo cycles for each tower like the back of my hand. For personal reasons, I guess, I don't think Scream! will ever not be my favorite drop tower ride; although I can definitely understand differences in opinion.

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My favorite Sasquatch at TGE , I like how the towers are angled so each side gets a nice view unlike Power Tower at Cedar Point. I do agree with the person who said smaller S&S towers are better, it's the exact opposite with the Intamin ones.

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The only S&S tower i've been on is Dominator at Dorney Park, which I found to be really mild. I much prefered the much older and smaller Demon Drop that was just a few hundred feet away.

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I have been on:

Supreme Scream - KBF

Dragon's Tower - Castle Park

Maliboomer - DCA

Double Shot - SCBB

Downtime - Lake Compounce

Scream! - SFNE

Power Tower - Cedar Point

Big Shot - Startosphere

Dragon's Decent - Funtown USA


In general, I prefer Double Shots to Space Shots or Turbo Drops. Overall, I think Big Shot or Double Shot is my favorite!

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My personal ranking of the S&S towers I've been on is as follows (key: SS=Space Shot, TD=Turbo Drop, DS=Double Shot, CT=Combo Tower):


Sky Screamer at Marineland Theme Park (CT)

Scream at Six Flags New England (CT)

Dragon's Tower at Castle Amusement Park (DS)

Starblaster at Canobie Lake Park (DS)

Dragon's Descent at Funtown Splashtown USA (TD)

Sasquatch at Great Escape (SS/TD)

Downtime at Lake Compounce (TD)

Liberty Launch at Holiday World (DS)

Supreme Scream at Knott's Berry Farm (TD)

Turbo Drop at Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino (TD)

Orbite at La Ronde (SS)

Power Tower at Cedar Point (SS/TD)

Maliboomer (formerly) at Disney's California Adventure (SS)


In general, my order of preference goes Combo Tower, Double Shot, Turbo Drop, Space Shot. However, there are a few exceptions (namely Sasquatch being significantly better than most Space Shots and Liberty Launch being a bit weaker than the other Double Shots). When it comes to S&S towers, height rarely makes a significant difference in my enjoyment of them. I personally prefer the Combo Towers and Double Shots to Intamin towers (Lex Luthor excluded), but would take an equivalent sized Intamin drop tower (2nd or 3rd generation) over any Space Shot or Turbo Drop.

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^ While watching the POV, does the recording tell riders to put their hands and feet straight out in front of them? If so, I think that may be the only time that I've heard a ride safety announcement that doesn't actively encourage holding onto the restraints.

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