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Good Eating Outside of Theme Parks

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^In all seriousness, this thread is about locally owned restaurants, not international chains (although regional chains, such as Cook Out, are fair game).

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Canada's Wonderland:



Evviva is a nice little spot on Rutherford (just south of the park). Seriously good and seriously reasonable prices lol (I know that's important if you're spending money in the park all day). Amazing breakfasts. They do takeout as well, if you're in a hurry to get back to the rides. And note that I'm putting it under the "dinner" category only because they do serve dinner foods, but keep in mind they close pretty early most days (like 4 or 5pm).



If you're a walker and want to eat a little closer to the main gates, or just in a bigger hurry, or if you're a fan of spanish food, head across the street from the "kiss-n-ride" drop off to Pollo Loco Churrasqueria. Seriously delicious chicken, friendly staff, less than a 5 min walk from the front gates, and a long-time favourite of locals. It's take-out only, but I've had many a "picnic" with good friends eating Pollo Loco food on the grassy boulevards around the parking lot.



Typing that out just now not only made me really hungry, but also really made me want to visit CW... Hurry up, Spring!!!

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I just want to commend you for making the Best Thread Ever. My wife and I always take our mid day park break for a good food and beer "cheat meal." Since we don't really believe in chain restaurants or fast food, we'll definitely reference your thread, Chuck. Thanks for the extensive list. What's your favorite around BGW? We'll be heading there next summer for my 30th. Any chicken wing recommendations?



I like McDonalds


In all seriousness I love fast food so I usually go to McDonalds.


Great contribution to the thread... but I wouldn't really call fast food, food. Keep eating that garbage and let me know how it works out for you when you get to be middle aged.

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I feel like the KBF section needs more love...


Paul's Place has amazing breakfast burritos and is a local "fast casual" place that's quite good.


Farrell's is a famous So Cal Ice Cream parlour that is making a comeback.


Can't leave this one out from the SFMM section either!


Wolf Creek Brew Pub


There's also an Oggi's in Santa Clarita as well

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If near cedar point, I highly recommend the thirsty pony.


Here is the menu. I recommend the pizza, wings, and nachos. We have been there a hundred times and never had a bad meal.



I also need to mention that they have a great beer selection as well. You can also bet on the horses while in there.

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There's this restaurant, opposite the Burger King, outside of Playland (PNE).

Which is actually only a five minute walk away from the park's gates, or an

easy stop on a bus going back into town...


And everything advertised, outside and on the menu, is under $10!. Cdn!

Which includes every possible food, including seafood, meats, salads, sandwiches,

burgers, classic favorites, comfort foods, the list goes on and on...


I ate there once, and remember having a great meal, though service was a bit slow.

Will check this out more, once the park reopens mid-May for it's 2015 Season.


Not much help right now, I know. But - eventually....

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Canada's Wonderland: Vaughan is one of my favourite cities around Toronto for good food. It's one of the few cities where you can find Asian, European and American food in the same plaza. It's a short drive (if you don't hit traffic) to Vaughan Mills on Rutherford and there is some epic restaurants there. My favourites are Lucky Bamboo, which is a Vietnamese restaurant that has amazing pho noodle soups. Vinnie Zucchinis is also amazing. It's an Italian buffet that is to die for. It's a little pricey ($15-25 bucks depending on the day and time), but you get to stuff your face with amazing food till your stomach explodes. La Taquizza is also pretty good for authentic Mexican food, considering it's Canada. Again all of these restaurants are literally like a 2 minute walk away from each other, and the best thing about them is you can see Behemoth and Leviathan peeking above the buildings out of the windows

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15 minutes north of Kings Island is Ohio's oldest hotel, The Golden Lamb. It was originally opened in Lebanon in 1803, and has been in its current building since 1815. The hotel has hosted many presidents and other famous people over its 200-plus years, and its upper floors (and hotel rooms) double as museum space for the renowned visitors.


Yes, it fits in this thread -- the hotel aside, The Golden Lamb is also well-known for its restaurant. It's a little higher-end, but if you're into history and well-prepared dishes (and one of the best pieces of banana cream pie I've ever found), it's easily worth a visit. I guess the menu could be described as traditional American, but well-adorned and using local sourcing when possible. There are actually two semi-separate restaurants in the same building -- The Golden Lamb (for the pricier entrees) and the Black Horse Tavern (for sandwiches, other less-expensive options, and the bar).



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If you're headed to Martin's Fantasy Island, when leaving take I-190 south across the bridge to I-290, 12 miles total to Duff's, one of the local places in the Buffalo area that has been part of the 'Wing Wars' since the very beginning of Buffalo Wings and my personal favorite...plus you can tell everyone you've been to Tonawanda which is a fun name to say! http://www.duffswings.com/

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^ I agree that I prefer Duffs to Anchor Bar, but I have been hearing about some other places in Buffalo that has folks ranking them higher than either...all could be an easy pit stop on the way to MFI, Darien Lake, Niagara Falls or Marineland depending on if you are coming from the south.


La Nova - I have not had their wings, but I have read pretty good reviews about them. I believe that they are more of a carry-out/delivery place though - La Nova


Bocce Club Pizza - I hear their pizza is killer, but that they also have good wings - Bocce


Gabriel's Gate - A really cool bar on Franklin of which I had heard good things about their wings, but I thought they were not properly cooked in true Buffalo fashion. A bit of a disappointment. - Gabriel's Gate


716 bar - Mammoth new sports bar that recently opened down by the Sabres ice hockey arena. We tried to go one day in the mid-afternoon but there was a two hour wait. I heard they have good wings (and several other Buffalo specialties like Beef On Weck, Stuffed Banana Peppers & Buffalo Mac & Cheese), but I will wait for the popularity to die down before I try again - 716


We instead opted for Lagerhaus 95 and they had Spaten on draft (A BIG draw for me!) and the food wasn't too shabby either. I did not try their wings & opted for their Hendl Schnitzel instead. The homemade mustard is OMG good! - Lagerhaus 95


Edit - tried to upload two photos, but the uploader doesn't appear to be working at the moment - will try again later.

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Another good spot for breakfast or lunch in Williamsburg is Shorty's Diner. It's located in what used to be a Pizza Hut on Merrimac Trail (aka Rt. 143).




Although I prefer the Five Forks Cafe, Shorty's is very good and very popular with locals. It's also closer to Busch Gardens than Five Forks is. They serve breakfast all day, but are open only from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Country Fried Steak, anyone?



Shorty's Diner

627 Merrimac Trail (in the James-York Plaza)

Williamsburg, VA 23185

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Down in the Pigeon Forge area, I was quite a fan of The Diner in Seiverville. When you go there, you really feel like you've transported back to the '50s. The food is great, and there's a VERY extensive menu (my personal favorite is the Elk Burger). The milkshakes are amazing, and they give you enough for two!

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I went to the DMV area at the end of October to get in coasters before some parks closed and I got a chance to go to Ben's Chili Bowl when I left SFA. Although it's not right around the corner it was close enough and the food was good enough to make the trip worth it. Maybe I'm greedy as hell but I went back and ordered seconds that day.

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As a disclaimer, I've been to most of these only once or twice...


Coney Island - Totonno's - 1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224


It's a short walk from the boardwalk at Coney Island. One of Scott's recommended pizzarias. Still the best pizza I've ever had (though it's hard to go wrong in New York).


For anyone planning a trip, be aware Totonnos is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


Just realized that I forgot to add something to this post. About 2 miles away from Coney Island's Luna Park is Roll N Roaster a Brooklyn institution for over 40 years serving up insanely good roast beef sandwiches.

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Two others places I'd like to recommend in the Buffalo area -- both are 'chains' but only in the immediate area (save a single location in AZ for one of them):


Anderson's for Beef on Weck and Frozen Custard


Ted's Hot Dogs for char-grilled Footlongs


OKAY...one more: Mighty Taco...its like Taco Bell, only better

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I'll add Portillo's to the list for Knott's Berry Farm. One of only two in CA of this famous Chicago chain happens to be in the Buena Park Mall right across from Knott's. Fantastic hot dogs! And fries! And shakes!


Do the CA versions have the delicious Italian Beef?


Same menu. I haven't tried the Chicago one, but I was definitely impressed by this one.

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^Technically, that restaurant is a part of Knott's, so it doesn't really qualify. I've always rather liked it, though.

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