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Good Eating Outside of Theme Parks

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Dorney Park:


Coopersburg Diner, 336 N. 3rd St, Coopersburg, PA.


A nice family restaurant with plenty of good entrees, sandwiches, breakfasts, desserts, etc. to choose from. They also have a good soup and salad bar.


Directions from Dorney Park:


Take I-78 East/PA 309 South to exit 60, which becomes PA 309 South. Continue for about 3 miles and the restaurant will be on the right, just past Fairmount St. Keep an eye out for the building, because it's easy to pass by if you're not paying attention.


Cedar Point:


Blue Sky Restaurant (24 hours), 917 N. Leavitt Rd, Amherst, OH.


This restaurant is not right near Cedar Point, but it is conveniently located off of OH 2, about 30 minutes east if you happen to be heading that way.


See descripton of Coopersburg Diner above, except without the salad bar. One of their specialties is the Yeddish Sandwich, which is corned beef with latkes (potato pancakes) as the bun.


Directions from Cedar Point:


Take OH 2 East for about 22 miles. Exit and turn left onto OH 58 North. The restaurant will be on the right.


Helpful hint for leaving the restaurant: The driveway at the front of the property is right turn only onto OH 58, so to avoid having to find someplace to turn around, simply go behind the building and turn right, then turn right at the end of that driveway (behind Chipotle). This road allows you to turn left back onto OH 58.


I hope this info is helpful!

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Java Moon Cafe is a worthwhile stop on a visit to SFGAd, nearby which there is not much other interesting food. It's just up the road on the other side of I-195. They have an imaginative menu with some unique creations, especially the sandwiches. Yelp notes some issues with waitstaff attitudes, but we didn't have any problem.



Just wanted to post an update for a previously-mentioned location.


The Java Moon Cafe by Six Flags Great Adventure has CLOSED. The building is vacant now. No word on if anything else will be moving in there.

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Yesterday Michael and I went to check out one of the other U Pick 6 locations in Erie - The U Pick 6 Public House on Rt. 20 (or commonly referred to in Erie as W. 26th St).


This one is located closer to Waldameer and is a bit more spacious (and more family-friendly) than it's downtown counterpart. There is also a U Pick 6 Harbor House on the East side of Erie which we hope to visit soon. I really like that they have a beer store right in the restaurant so you can pick out some great beer to take home with you after a good meal.


The menu is about identical to the one in downtown...the pub food and beer selections are very solid!


Upick6 Public House


From the outside.


Draft menu. I think that Founders Double Trouble became my new favorite beer. A splendid Imperial IPA without too much hop kick (not that hop kick is a bad thing).


I also had a DuClaw Hellrazer - not bad, but I was too blown away by Double Trouble to enjoy this one as much.


Michael got the Cordon Bleu 'Boli with a honey mustard dipping sauce. Great combination of cut up chicken breast, some ham and provolone cheese with the zing of the honey mustard (although I would probably order a hot sauce accompaniment).


I opted for the Southwest Burger with tortilla chips, guac and salsa...very juicy and VERY good! Could have used a bit more kick, but still a fine burger overall. All burgers come standard with their kettle chips which taste similar to Cape Cod Salt & Pepper chips.


My new fave beer - Founders Double Trouble. A 4-pack set me back about $14, but damn is that some good beer!


You can see the kitchen and wood-fired oven for the pizzas.


The bar area of U Pick 6 Public House. Highly recommended if you are in Erie visiting Waldameer!

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^ I would fully agree with your suggestion as I found it rather tedious trying to search & revive this thread.


Anywho...here are two more to add for the Waldameer/Erie area...


I have been to U Pick Six Tap House in downtown Erie, PA twice now and we have yet to be disappointed in their food or beer selection (they have a lot of great drafts and bottles!). Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is an upscale steakhouse located in the Millcreek Mall. I took Michael there for his birthday and while the prices were quite high, the meal was wonderful!


Last night after going to see Everest, we tried the u Pick Six Tap House again and while I didn't have my phone or camera with me, I will say that the beer braised onion burger was to die for! Michael had the Italian Boli which was also very good too.


I believe during or last visit we had the cordon bleu boli and a mushroom flat-bread pizza - both really tasty!


The only caveat for the Tap House is that this is more for adults than a family friendly place to bring kids. The Public House might be larger and more family friendly, but the Tap House is more like an adult bar/pub. I will have to check out the PH sometime and let everyone know how it is.


In the meantime, I will let the photos of our meal at Firebirds speak for themselves!



Edit: Forgot to mention the ridiculously cheap cost of the beer during Happy Hour (5-7 PM M-F) at U Pick 6 Tap House...one 8 oz glass of Stegmaier Cellar Series Grand Hoppa Imperial IPA and one pint of Duclaw Mad Bishop Oktoberfest set me back a whopping total of $6!!!! Michael got two bottles of Stella Artois and those set us back $4 apiece....so go with the drafts versus bottles if you are there drinking beer during Happy Hour!


Recommendation is to try and hit this place up during Happy Hour as they have 1/2 off specialty pizzas and flat-breads too!


U Pick 6




That is one of the most incredible looking steaks I've ever seen!

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Hey great thread! Bookmarking...


During our Dollywood trip in April, we really enjoyed Pottery House Cafe, but I'm sure that's been recommended before. Great food and service; plus I like that they text you when your table is ready, so you're free to wander the area.


If you're flying in to Knoxville TYS, just a few minutes up the highway is Sweet P's BBQ and Soul House. Awesome BBQ.

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Mel's Hot Dogs, just outside Busch Gardens Tampa at 4136 E. Busch Blvd. Tampa, FL 33617. http://www.melshotdogs.com/


It was a 7 minute walk from the park entrance. Founded by a native of Chicago over 40 years ago after he realized he couldn't get an authentic Chicago style Vienna Beef hot dog in Tampa. He he started importing hot dogs from Chicago himself.


Personally I still prefer the tinge of garlic in New York hot dogs, but it was certainly worth the stop. A little over $10 total for the meal I bought.



Menu Board


Bacon Cheddar Dog with Onion Rings. Also, unlimited refills on soft drinks.

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Right beside California's Great America is an IHOP which is attached to a hotel. The IHOP is very reasonable, and is a great place to eat breakfast before entering the park.



Really? If your going to eat at a megachain you might as well go to the Krispy Kreme around the corner from Great America Parkway on Mission College Blvd. You won't get stuffed to the brink on mediocre food that might make you throw up on one of the rides. And if you live in SF then just eat at one of the many great cafes there before coming to CGA.

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Sigh . . .


From the "ground rules" for this thread:


2. Remember that this must be a locally owned restaurant--no big chains.


I would call IHOP a "big chain."

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They opened a chipotle near six flags America.


Read the post literally two posts above yours. Two...


Sigh . . .


From the "ground rules" for this thread:


2. Remember that this must be a locally owned restaurant--no big chains.


... Two

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This fits since its technically not on the piers and its a local business. I may have posted it in here a while back but I'll post it again because I eat it when I'm not even hungry. Its hard for me to pass it and not stop.


If you are in Wildwood/at Moreys and want the best slice is pizza in the tri-state area, BEHOLD. They put butter in the cheese and it makes for the greasiest YET most delicious freaking pie I've ever had in my life.






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