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Today's Burning Question - Outlaw Run or Iron Rattler?

Outlaw Run or Iron Rattler? VOTE and tell us why!  

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  1. 1. Outlaw Run or Iron Rattler? VOTE and tell us why!

    • Outlaw Run
    • Iron Rattler

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Outlaw Run because its trains are red. Red trains are cool like bow ties.


Well, the track on Iron Rattler is red so that's the one I'll choose. Red is the color of hell and the devil and I want the coasters I ride to be devilish.


Track on iRat is Orange. Gonna change your vote? Lol


That's alright. It'll do as well.

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I believe I should not vote on which coaster (Outlaw Run or Iron Rattler) is the best due to the fact that it may be years before I get to ride any of them, and by that time Kings Dominion may decide to get their very own Ironside coaster ( or remake the Grizzler or Hurler, you can never can tell). But methinks that should these two coasters prove themselves as thrilling, exciting, and the next best thing to hit the parks since "wetter is better" water rides, then methinks that all the parks may want one.


Kings Dominion - 35 years of visiting that park and growing!!!

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IR looks like it will be great, and I may getting down there to ride it in the next year or two.


But having already ridden the amazingness of Outlaw Run, I gotta throw my vote there. It just does more crazy $%^& in one minute than probably any ride I've ever been on...

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I know that the winner has already been chosen for the BoC but I figured I'd share my 2 cents anyway. After watching the full animated POV of Iron Rattler, I was just sitting there in awe...thinking to myself "Outlaw what???" Don't get me wrong. Outlaw Run looks amazing too (sideways airtime hill...that looks bizarre!) but there just seemed to be something that IR had that gave it a little more punch. In the end I should ride both of these and I can give a real opinion instead of ones based off of an animation and one based off of a POV TPR shot.

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I'm going to go with Iron Rattler simply because I have been waiting for years to ride it. I've been not-so-patiently waiting for this coaster since before NTAG was finished. Rattler was my first "big kid" coaster and I've always loved it, even when it got so horribly rough the past few years. I am so beyond excited to ride it!

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