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Today's Burning Question - Full Throttle or Gatekeeper?

Full Throttle or Gatekeeper? VOTE and tell us why!  

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  1. 1. Full Throttle or Gatekeeper? VOTE and tell us why!

    • YOfluffy, fluffy bunnyoaster
    • Gatekeeper

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GateKeeper looks like the better of the two! Ride experience, location, appearance, chain lift (finally)! I'm looking forward to a lot of rides on GK this season!


I think i would rather go into FT's tunnel and not stop. The backwards launch just seems so out of place to me. The "WTF" moment of the ride. Thats a crap way at extending the ride time lol.


I guess i can say the same about Maverick at CP. I love the ride, but to come out of that turn, hit the tunnel (and not slow down/stop) and GO like a bat out of hell would be awesome! It is what it is i guess.

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It's tough to say. I do think GateKeeper looks like the better ride in a lot of ways, as it is longer and taller (although not faster) and has a much nicer setting. The coaster also looks like it's got an excellent layout, possibly the best of the three B&Ms at Cedar Point, and it is being built by my favorite steel coaster maunfacturer. However, it is really just a supersized wing coaster, a design which seems to have gotten a lukewarm reception in the enthusiast community despite being a hit with the general public, and on occasion B&M have been known to disappoint (there aren't many, but B&M has built a couple duds).


Full Throttle, on the other hand, is a completely unique design that is unlike anything else currently operating at the park. It is also built by my second favorite steel coaster maunfacturer, and I have yet to ride a Premier coaster that disappointed me. The main issues with it are the length, pacing, and sudden ending. While I'm sure the ride will be really good, it does seem more like a proof of concept for the dual-tracked loop with a little added on to make it a legitimate ride. It would have been nice to see the park extend the attraction into a sprawling terrain coaster that dominated the hillside, but unfortunately that isn't what we get (and given that Full Throttle's price tag is probably already $10-15 million, I'm not surprised it isn't larger). Unlike GateKeeper, however, I'll actually be riding Full Throttle this year.


When it comes down to it, I guess I'll go with GateKeeper, as I see that as the type of ride that I'd want an ERT session on. Full Throttle seems cool, and I could be totally wrong about it, but as of now I see it as the ride that during an ERT session I'd ride once or twice then go do something else.

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I'm going with YOLOcoaster because it looks really unique with a little bit of everything that I like in a coaster, launches, speed, quick changes in direction, twisty inversion, and maybe even a little airtime. I didn't love Wild Eagle, and while Gatekeeper looks to have a much better layout, the Wingrider coasters don't really get me all that excited (hope this one proves me wrong though), so my vote is with YOLOcoaster!

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While i think Yolo is going to be good since its a Premier, i appreciate Gatekeeper more. Cedar Point went above and beyond in order to fit Gatekeeper in and they used all the land they could scrap up. Then SFMM had all that potential, and YES i still think Yolo looks good, but i just think that SFMM didnt put as much effort and thought into the coaster as CP did. Right now i give it to Gatekeeper!

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Will wait to see the test runs but as of right now my vote goes to Gatekeeper.


Yolo is a short ride that will more than likely be a very fun ride, I am just not all that into gimmicky coasters and Yolo seems all about the gimmick. The ride does have some very interesting aspects and the ride over the tophat will be a fun experience but overall not my cup of tea. Also Yolo just looks like the park just had to have another coaster and shoe horned it in wherever they could.


Gatekeeper is just fantastic to look at and how it is laid out in the park makes everything on that side and front so much better. I am really looking forward to riding Gatekeeper the first week the park is open.

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I voted for YOLOcoaster because I like Premier launched coasters (especially Powder Keg and the Mr. Freeze rides). We need more of these!


S&S Worldwide built Powder Keg.


Yes, this was establshed about two posts under the one you quoted, but thanks, anyway.


^Yes, the orignal ride was the work of Premier, but it wasn't a launched coaster then. YOLO!

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