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Montu and SheiKra CoasterDynamix Models

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I have built Montu and SheiKra using CoasterDynamix!


It has been a few years since I have worked on them. I am hoping to begin rebuilding them later this year after we (BF and I) move to Florida.


Here's my Montu model:


The model had improved in terms of shaping of elements and such up until we moved it to Florida, where it sits in storage.


Here is the SheiKra model:


The SheiKra model stands 4ft tall at the highest point.



Very close to being "scale" in height. I created and built the water brake and train scoops, painted the trains, and had decals made. This model has lift hill lighting, an automatic holding brake in front of the "station". The next train had to come through the station and push the train off the brake to advance to the lift. It also has brake on the MCBR, but was really hard to adjust them just right to slow the trains down. This model is also in storage.


The rebuild next year will bring both coasters back to life, and the elements will be more "scale" in relation to the life size counterparts. The rebuild will include the beginning stages of Kumba and other BGT features.


My goal is to have a fully operating O scale model of BGT.


Yes, I know they go extremely fast. You can scale the ride, but you can not scale gravity.

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Those are beautiful! I remember seeing them on Youtube a while back and just being amazed at them. It's great that you are rebuilding them + building new ones. Can't wait to see some progress!


Yes, I know they go extremely fast. You can scale the ride, but you can not scale gravity.

YES. I can not begin to imagine how many people I've told this to on my Youtube channel. It seems like a rather simple thing to understand, but apparently not...

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