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Least favorite coaster element.

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I think the worst coaster element would have to be the MCBR. It just causes the coaster to lose all the great momentum that has been built up throughout the ride.

Honestly, when I play around with NoLimits coasters I design them so the train goes through a mid-course brake at about 20mph. That way the train doesn't have to be slowed down when going through it normally, and has enough room to do an emergency stop if necessary. Just call me a pioneer.


I could do without inverted top hats, honestly. It kind of defeats the purpose when you can't see everything around you at the top of the...hat.

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I've never had an issue with B&M corkscrews, I'm surprised to see that so many people don't like them.


The corkscrews (or Flat spins if you want to be technical) on the old inverts are actually some of my favorite B&M elements.

Me too, I love the snap! As opposed to what gerstlaueringvar said I actually didn't like the arrow corkscrews that much as I like them to be very fast and forceful (like on most B&Ms). I don't have any problems with cobra rolls either, I do find them quite fun.

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