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Roughest coaster

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Any Windstorm/Hurricane type coaster. Those are the only coasters where I already know they're going to be bad. I do those purely for the credit and sometimes wonder if they are worth it.


Are you kidding me? The Hurricane at Adventureland is so much fun and its intense as hell for such a tiny little coaster. Even though they're SDC/Pinfari they feel very Schwarzkopf-esque to me.



The problem is the lap bars that only go so far down. That and the fact that I'm tall make them very unpleasant.

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The Bat at Lagoon sucked pretty bad too. My head slammed into the restraints a few times too many.


While I enjoyed it, Jet Star 2 was pretty rough. The combination of a person in front of you and those sharp turns made it pretty uncomfortable. I really wish they allowed three people to ride per car.

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in no particular order


Kong - SFDK

Roar East - SF America

Carolina Cyclone - Carowinds

Nighthawk - Carowinds

Ghostrider (2012 ride) - Knotts

Vortex - California Great America (least favorite B&M)

Grizzly - Kings Dominion (2010 ride was not good, worse than Hurler)

Ninja - SF Over Georgia

Wildcat - Hershey


not rough - but screwed up my back

Pony Express - Knotts

(that is not a comfortable riding position)

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I never got a chance to ride it, but Psyclone was probably the roughest around at the time. Hurler at Carowinds is SUPER rough, especially on those high-speed helixes that go around the station after the first drop, and around the back before the 2nd airtime hill. It screws up my back every time.....guaranteed.


This part hurts the most.

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The Coney Island Cyclone.That first turn slams you and I think I got a free spine alignment on that ride! I was riding in a row by myself, that was a mistake haha!


One does not simply *see* bunny hops on all the straight sections when the camera is mounted on the train.

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Coaster express at parque Warner Madrid. I could almost feel my brain being shattered during pretty much the entire ride. Not only that, it was also my first wooden coaster so you can guess what my first impression was like.

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I've never had the "pleasure" of riding Goudurix, so I stick by my post back in 2008 that the Great Adventure Viper was undoubtedly the worst piece of sh*t coaster I've ever ridden and I'm so happy it's rusting in coaster hell right now.


That being said, after my last trip to Magic Mountain (and first in over a decade) I have two more to add to my bottom 3, amazingly bumping the Mind Eraser clones to 4th and 5th worst.


X2: Sorry everyone but this coaster sucks. I rode it back in 2002 and hated it. Because of the way this ride is hyped up and the way everyone runs to it in the morning I was expecting something great, but after the first drop (which is really cool) this ride is complete crap. The fact that you can't brace for impact because of the way the seats rotate combined with the unbelievable roughness of this coaster makes for a terrible experience. We paid $15 per person for the Flash Pass upgrade on this coaster earlier this year because I was sure that we just caught it on a bad day in 2002. I assumed that the new trains must have helped make the ride great since it had a 90 minute wait and everyone in the park was talking about how amazing it was. After the ride, the overly excited ride op asked me and my girlfriend if we liked the ride and we didn't even have the heart to tell her the truth because she was so chipper about the whole thing... but this ride is beyond terrible and I'm never riding it again. You can paint it red, add fire effects and add speakers but this ride will always be a turd and it's only redeeming quality is the "Full Metal Jacket" sound bytes on the way up the lift (which I'm told almost never work).


Green Lantern First Flight: I was really excited for this ride because of how unique it is and because it gets generally positive reviews with the exception of the complaints about lack of spinning. I'm not an overly religious person, but I'd imagine if there is a hell... WHEN I go there I'll be forced to ride this ride over and over again without getting off and they won't even have the decency to try to prevent the cars from spinning like Magic Mountain does. That last hill was the single most painful coaster experience of my life and we had slight neck and (believe it or not) not-so-slight tooth pain for the rest of the day from biting down so hard when we were slammed down after that last hill. I've ridden almost 200 coasters and have never had anything like that happen before.


Overall we actually liked Magic Mountain a lot, and while these coasters were really disappointing, they had two coasters we expected nothing from (Viper and Tatsu) that we ended up loving. Ninja was a great surprise also.

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I heard X2 was ok in the front row, and after that the inside seat (though not to risk after front row regardless).


Never ridden SoB or Goudurix but yeah, those seem to take the mantle.


For me personally Villian at Geauga Lake is the winner. Only woodie that was too rough for me to get any enjoyment at all. That thing was a death trap.

The vekoma SLC, Great American Scream Machine and Hurler are up there.

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For me:


1. Vortex at CGA (Gave me a headache after riding it for the first time)

2. Ghostrider at Knott's (It seriously shook the wind out of me)

3. Kong at SFDK (even though it's no surprise that it's a Vekoma SLC)

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