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Roughest coaster

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Son of Beast (post loop), but I liked the pain. My ribs hurt for days, but still fun.

Are you a sadomasochist?


Not really, I don't normally like pain. I guess some feeling of OMG this thing is crazy and might destroy me adds to the excitement. I only felt the pain in the ribs the next day when I got on Mean Streak at Cedar Point, which very well could have added to the discomfort. lol

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The grandpa woodies at Blackpool.

Most of the SLCs (especially Blue Tornado at Gardaland)


After this years mini trip to Spain i would like to add:

- Coaster Express

- Stampida

- Tomahawk

- Furius Baco's outer seats (huge difference between the outer and inner ones)

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I'd also have to nominate Son of Beast for this dubious distinction. I rode it when it had the loop and it was the part after that which was awful. It literally gave me a pounding headache and my neck was really sore for at least an hour or more. I've been in two car accidents (one where the pickup truck I was riding in t-boned a car that ran a red light and shoved it under a tractor trailer!) and I swear that and a few other coasters have done my body much worse. Actually bad coasters can be worse since neither accident lasted more than a few seconds, but SOB made me really wish I could have stopped the ride and gotten off. I almost never feel that way about any coaster, even ones that I don't care much for.


Other honorable mentions are Hurler (passed on the one at Carowinds, I didn't want to aggravate my back) at KD, Shockwave at KD (thought I was going to end up with a busted tail bone), Grizzly at CGA (rode it way back in the 90's and it was bad back then), Vortex at the same park (at that time I couldn't believe that a B&M could be a head-banger, but sadly it's not the only one, as I incurred a good Vekoma-esque head-bashing on Raptor this summer), Mean Streak (actually rode it again this summer and it was "rideable" in the front seat; not as rough as I remember it years ago), and Hoosier Hurricane at IB (made the mistake of riding towards the back and I paid dearly for that, my neck ached for close to an hour).


Others too generic and numerous to mention would include SLCs (lots of jittering and head-banging) and most Arrow loopers (the worst of which I've ever been on was Drachen Fire - I should have been forewarned when every other coaster and ride at the park had hour-long lines and this one was a walk-on!).

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1. Lethal weapon @ movie world (right name for a slc)

2. Cyclone @ dreamworld

Lethal weapon hurts like a bitch, but I dont find cyclone that rough at all. Only ever experienced light headbanging and the train shakes a little.


In Australia, these are the only coasters I'd call rough:

1. Wild Mouse (Wooden wild mouse of death)

2. Lethal Weapon (SLC of death)

3. Mick Doohans Motocoaster (The knee crushing brain shaker, seriously the train shakes like crazy)

4. Runaway Reptar/Skyrocket/Whatever its called now (Its a baby SLC, and it hurts all the same!)

5. Cyclone (maybe)

Sea Viper would probably make it on that list but I havent ridden it yet.

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Wood - Either Son of Beast or Mean Streak. Runner-ups are Villian at Geauga lake and Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun. Also, at Mount Olympus, the small "family" woodie Pegasus gave a horrible ride for its size, and Zeus was also bumpy.


Steel - I really don't know, but there was one particular ride on Vortex at KI that was so rough I didn't ride it for quite a while after that. I've been on several other Arrow loopers, and those can be pretty bad. Gemini @ CP can be smooth, but it can give you enough vertical g-force at points to make for a rather uncomfortable ride, and the same goes for Magnum's bunny hills (although Gemini has more rough potential). Arrow Dynamics just makes bumpy rides a lot.

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I am not sure if I have responded to this or not but Space 2000 Atomic Coaster at Gyeongju World is the most violent coaster I have ever ridden. Of the 715 coasters I have experienced this one easily takes the prize for the roughest coaster. It is so bad I am known to call it Space 2000 The B---- Slap Coaster.


^This. That ride is pure evil. Going into the first corkscrew the entire train slams violently to the right, then to the left. By far the worst coaster I've been on.

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