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Roughest coaster

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What the heck happened to Gemini????


I was definitely disappointed in it when we rode it Friday. We sat in the middle of the blue train and every time we hit the bottom of a hill, it hurt about as bad as Magnum's bunny hills. It is interesting how the turns are so incredibly smooth, but the hills are just downright painful anymore. I think we may have to pass on this one the next time we go as it just wasn't fun for us at all...which is too bad as this was the first "big" coaster I ever rode. Blue Streak was actually smoother and less painful than Gemini.

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However, I agree that it's poorly designed. Yes the banking is all wrong. Furthermore, that first hill always strikes me as pointless...no airtime, just slowly going over a big hill *yawns*.


-Doug "Millie craps all over Maggie" Heim


?? Everytime I ride I go for the last car and get some pretty good floater air the whole way down the first drop, second drop, and third drop! I don't understand the banking issues either, I thought the turns were all taken pretty well. And as far as the bunny hills, isn't that what they were designed for............

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^ Of course you come right out and infer that every Vekoma Boomerang and SLC are rough...


I've been on The Sea Serpent at Morey's Pier, Sidewinder at Hersheypark, and Flashback at SFNE, and Mind Eraser at SFNE and The Great Nor'Easter. I have to say, they're not the smoothest rides I've ever been on.

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Here are some recent contenders for me:


Voyage: My favorite coaster, but not my head and arms' favorite coaster.


Timber Wolf: Another fun coaster, but the first drop is intense in a bad way.


Hellcat: 3.1 provides an enjoyable ride, but the very back row is harsh.

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Most wooden coasters I can handle because I know how to ride them (leaning with turns and not putting my back on the seat). The roughest unavoidable ride I've been on is Mantis. I can never seem to avoid the pain that I get from that ride no matter how I try to ride it. Many people say Mean Streak but most times that I've ridden MS have been very smooth...and I've ridden it countless times.

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