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Coaster Dynamix Model

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Whooops!!! I bought two Dragon kits. I keep getting those two confused!



Yeah, tell me about it. Only a 600 dollar difference.

I plan on getting ONE scorpion kit before the end of the summer.

Hopefully this will satisfy me for a little while.

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I plan on getting ONE scorpion kit before the end of the summer.

Hopefully this will satisfy me for a little while.

I ordered a Scorpion kit on Friday, it will most likely be arriving today.

I can't wait to build it and take pictures.

I'll post them in this thread.

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I have about 2 1/2 kits when the product first came out. I now noticed that they offer "package" sets within their inventory if you wish to expand on a ride (or a design of your own). Most of the people I have talked to that actually done that feel its kind-of wasting your money (purchase extra package sets). The reason being, when you actually get the pieces you'll end up needing additional parts (or even a train assembly). My advice, purhcase the larger kit and the second (smaller) kit at the same time or another time. And then decided if you wish to purchase the additional package piece kit(s).

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Well here it is! It took me about 9 hours to build and I finally have pictures!


The outside of the box


Everything inside the box once I opened it


The trains were much smaller than I expected. I can't believe how much quality and detail they fit into these small trains. Not to mention, the wheels are of such high quality, I couldn't believe it. When you spin one of the wheels, it keeps going for about 20 seconds. In my hand is one of the wheels, inside it's housing.


Putting the supports for this kit together was SO PAINFUL!

I have a mark on my hand a day later from pressing the pieces together.


More items from the kit, including the train support tubes, assembled lift motor, power supply, and the bag of 300 cross ties.





A single car from the train, shown next to $1 for scale.


Train climbs the lift.


Coasterdynamix uses these clever connecters that resemble real spine segments endings to connect the sections of spine.


Twisted rails everywhere on the scorpion


The lift motor, drive shaft, and train


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Haha, looks like the hands from someone who played Tug o' War on Mario Party on the N64.


I considered getting one of these for a while. I actually have a perfect place for it, and when I get a job and money I will get one.

The funny thing is, this was one of the main reasons I got a job.

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^ The Scorpion set comes with everything to build a full working model.


I nearly killed my hands putting some of the supports together. I want to make a custom model but some of the pieces are on so tightly, I don't think I can ever get them off.


The thing does take up a lot of space...I spend most of my days moving it to different places in my room.

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is it really hard and do the instructions explain everything good???

It took me nine hours to put ti together, but the time flew by.

Everything is very sturdy, easy to put together, and high quality. In my opinion it is worth every penny.

And It has a 1 ft by four ft footprint, and it about 2 feet tall.

I have two places I have it.

On my shelf, and on my desk

I keep i on my shelf, but put it on my desk sometimes.

Who wants a video?


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Ive never seen a video of one of those before. I always wanted one but after seeing how it hauls mass thru i dont want one anymore.

Honestly, that turned me off at first too, but it's going at a scale speed.

If you spin one of the wheels it continues spinning for about 20 seconds.

I enjoy pushing it around the track with my hand and just watching it twist and turn.

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The Scorpion is a better deal. If you can afford either set (Scorpion or Dragon) Buy 2 sets of the Scorpion b/c then you have 60 ft of track. Plus 2 sets is $400 compared to the hefty $500 of the Dragon. I dunno how much track the Dragon has in a set though.


I have the Dragon and it's great. There is so many designs you can do w/ it. I don't have the Scorpion though because when i got the Dragon for Christmas the Scorpion was priced at $275.

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Right now I'm working for one scorpian, I alomost have enough money... Then come my B-day I get a lot of money somtimes $500(Big family), then I will get a second scorpian. So then I will have enought to make a big track with a station and brake run! (Just use a second lift) And then I will have 2 trains so I can make one a Floorless. For cool designs look at there main site www.coasterdynamix.com (sorry for the link), but there are peeps that do cable launchs on these. Someone made Kingda Ka with the station! Well I'm done...

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