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Top Roller Coaster Myths & Rumors!

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At pretty much my homepark there was a rumor that on the first zacspin ever in the whole world (which is there exactly) someone snapped their leg to the track so they made the weird hairsafe things larger. Now this is just a rumor that is not true.

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Everyone says that Superman Krypton Coaster at SFFT has a 145ft loop, but on this press release from RCDB (http://rcdb.com/605.htm?dt=126&d=35) it says SKC has a 114ft loop.. Who is correct here?


The loop is 145ft. That old press release back from 2000 is incorrect and most likely result of a typo. If you've ever seen SKC in person, you can tell that it's way taller than 114ft.

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I heard that the helix on nemesis had to be replaced a few times because the track was stretching out from the force.

Also that the reason Griffon at bgw has floorless trains was because that was the only way they could traverse the tighter second inversion.


How about that the test dummies losing their heads and legs on the swarm wasn't a press stunt

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Every single one of these was heard at the respective theme park:


SFGAm: I rode Demon for the first time about an hour before the ride got stuck on the loop way back in the day. So many stories come from that, like "I heard that the people all fell out" "I heard that the ride got stuck due to weight distribution" I guess that explains why Demon's line isn't too long.


There are also myths about Batman concerning riders' legs crashing into various objects, from trees and support beams to other trains on the track at the same time. I know that at the top of any B&m invert's lift I can touch the car in front of me with my feet, but never have my feet or legs hit anything.


The intense airtime on the back seat of Raging Bull can cause the lap restraint to break if you're too heavy.


SFStL: Boss flies off the track at that moment of ejector after the first drop. Also, at that moment, if you put your hands up, they can get cut off.


The vertical fins on Mr. Freeze are actually brakes that keep the train from flying off of the top of the spike. How else would it make it through the top hat?


River King Mine Train has a secret track in the tunnel finale that connects it to Ninja's track.


Holiday World: I had a group of "coaster aficionados" tell me that Voyage is best in the back because on one hill the last car lifts off of the track.


Splashin' Safari got so big that Legend was going to get moved to make way for more water slides.


Kentucky Kingdom: the snap into the MCBR on Chang once catapulted a rider out of his/her seat


A switch-track Twisted Twins was removed after a park employee allowed the trains to collide head-on at the bottom of the first track. Obviously this was achieved by running two trains on the same track, but one train headed for the lift while the other headed out the back of the station and went through the circuit in reverse.


SFOG: This is my home park, so I hear a lot of rumors from here. I think I have a good myth/rumor for every ride in the park. Here are the best ones:


Goliath was rumored to have a hill that went over Interstate 20.


One of the loops on Mindbender was removed, which explains why it debuted as "the world's fist triple looping roller coaster" but only has two inverting loops today.


There were no safety fences around Batman, and that's why the kid got his head kicked completely off his body. The fences were installed after the incident.


One time Acrophobia's braking system failed, and the ride crashed straight into the ground when it dropped.


I told my brother that Ninja's new train came from Great American Scream Machine. He knew which GASM I was talking about. The rest of the people in line thought that I said that Ninja's new train was originally going to be installed on the wooden GASM next door.

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I hear this one a lot at my local water park.


Someone went off the edge of Stealth (one of those V shaped slides) and into the street where they died. I take the time to point out the wall that would block such an occurrence from happening.

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Another one I have encountered is that people claim that Millennium Force is the first coaster that have a cable-lift, it may even be Intamin that started this rumour in their marketing for this ride. The truth on the other hand is that the now defunct Giant Coaster at Fuji-Q had one long before then. It shut about the same time as Fujiyama opened so it's really hard to find any specifics about this ride, I have seen references about it on some Australian theme park photo page (which may have closed since I can't find it anymore), and I have seen a POV on youtube where it's visible, but unfortunately that user have been removed due to copyright infringement. So it's a tough one to prove.


Here is what I found youtube :


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There has been a rumor fow awhile now that Fiesta Texas would be getting a small woodie in the boardwalk section of the park. This rumor has been even further enhanced by the recent GCI video on their YouTube page showing a roller coaster with the background being Fiesta Texas. Why else would they go through the effort of 3D modeling the entire park if they didn't plan on installing that coaster?



That's the most straight track on a GCI I've ever seen!

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