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Lost Season Two (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Sir Clinksalot

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Nothing I saw Creative Force. Damn it, do I really have to wait another 6 days for more LOST? I so am addicted to this show.


Anyone wanting a hilarious laugh must watch Boston Legal I never laughed so hard in my life!



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Yeah I was a little disappointed with the 'tail section' people and the raft guys. I felt that whole scenario was a bit predictable, I was screaming at the tv for them to stop trusting the stupid girl!


Oh well, at least we're getting some answers...of course we're getting answers that lead to even more questions but whatever!


Plus Hurley was hilarious in this whole episode, next week should be even better!

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Has anybody else maybe thought that the guy that threw Sawyer, Michael and Jin in the pit could be Rose's husband? Remember, he was in the back of the plane, and she said early in Season One that she felt he was still alive.


I want a Rose Flashback!!!! Maybe this is why we haven't had a flashback of her yet.


I just find it VERY hard to think that the people from the back of the plane could have gotten 'that' "Lord of the Flies" already. Unless they have had to deal with attacks from "The Others" or if they are "Sick".


Great episode. The preview got me more than anything. Jin knows ENGLISH!!!!


I got Deja Vu in the first few minutes. I screamed at the TV:


We have seen this already!!!!


I'm glad they didn't spend too much time getting us to where we already are.


There is ALOT going on at the same time.


And once again, you want to think Locke is a crazy man, but you can't help but feel sorry for him.

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I had to laugh when Locke said, "We're going to have to watch that again."


It's exactly what I was thinking.




Oh, and a couple of things:


Everyone knows what Walt was saying when he appeared to whats-her-name, right? If played backwards, he says, "Press the button. The button is bad."


Then the third episode is all about pushing that EXECUTE button. "The button is bad."


Also, playing the numbers game... Hurley's numbers add up to 108. Which was in the murial (along with a polar bear I think). 108 is the number of minutes they have to enter in the code.


This show is so facinatingly intricate! :shock:

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Walt actually says (backwards)


"Don't press the button, the button is bad"


You just forgot the Don't.


And remember, before Walt set out on the raft he 'knew' about the hatch, telling Locke to not go down there.


I was actually very surprised that Hurley didn't mention anything when they were typing in the numbers.


Since next weeks episode is a "Hurley-centric" episode titled "Everybody hates Hurley" I'm sure it will come out then.


I thought it was great when lock typed in '32' and Hurley said "That's it". Come on ... Sayid is there, being some kind of math wizard and he can't figure out that the numbers equal 108? 4 8 15 16 23 32 don't equal 108!!!!


I honestly hope they don't spend TOO much time in the hatch though. I can see it getting real old real quick if they center around the hatch. Let the 108 minutes expire soon. We all want to know what happens.

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I just find it VERY hard to think that the people from the back of the plane could have gotten 'that' "Lord of the Flies" already.


I'm actually liking this scenario. It shows both extremes. One group of survivors were able to put aside their differences (well, for the most part), help each other out and really function as a civilized society. The other group fell more into a pattern of savagery and "survival of the fittest." It'll be interesting to see where this goes now that both societies have clashed. About a week ago, I was getting disillusioned with the direction of the show, especially the whole re-cap (did we really have to see that hatch episode twice?!). I can honestly say that my interest in the show has peaked once again. And just to reverberate on what Gregg pointed out.... Jin speaks ENGLISH!! I'm definitely there next week.

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Just thought I would throw this into this thread..

I was watching NBC earlier and they are making a new show that is totaly copying "Lost". It is called 'Flight 29 Down", I think. The really weird thing is they advertised is as a regular show, but it will be on Saturday morning of all times. Who the hell watches tv on Saturday mornings?? :?

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^ It's a kids' show, kids watch tv on a Saturday morning.


Although it does feature a plane crashing on an island off radar, with the survivors presumed dead by the rest of the world... I think that's the only similarity. There's only about 11 or 12 survivors, and seeing as they're so young I can't see there being crazy French women, diseases, polar bears, and huge mechanical sounding monsters on the island, not with their target audience.

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Thought I'd resurrect this topic...


I can' believe they killed off Shannon! I admit she wasn't the strongest character, but she was a work in progress, and that's what I loved about her. She didn't even get her own flashback until tonight, and then they decide to kill her off? WTF? I wanted to see how far they can take her, but I guess that'll never happen. I would have prefered to see the stupid redneck go rather than Shannon.

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It's really dumb. By killing her off, they've eliminated any further insight into either her or Boone's life. Plus they've left WAY too much unanswered. I always assumed that Shannon's marriage would be shown at some point seeing as Boone was so evasive about it. I hope Sayid tortures Ana-Lucia.


But maybe she's not dead... I'm clutching at straws here, but it is possible. :?


And for anyone who cares, Walt's backward speaking in this episode was "They're coming. And they're getting close."

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I LOVED last night's episode! We knew she was going to die, but how was insane!


Really got me back into the crazy obsessed phase. And the previews for next week were great, I was wondering if we'd get to see the crash from their point of view.


I'm sure we'll still see more of Boone and Shannons story since we saw them interact at the hospital with Jack.

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Last night's episode was great, even though one of the hotties got shot. Honestly, how do you mistake a wet blonde running through the jungle screaming "Walt! Walt!" for one of the others, trying to be all stealthy and whispery.


I'd like to think she didn't die, but I don't think that'll happen. Bring on a world of hurt to Ana-Lucia, Sayid!

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