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Legacy: Maurer Söhne Giga [NL]

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Have you seen Leviathan? It uses an arch to support the top of its lift.

The support on the drop would have to be moved up the spine, but its totally possible.


I've never seen a Leviathan before! Okay I am making a Maurer Söhne Giga, that is a B&M Giga, why must they be identical, should I switch the track to B&M for you as well, sir? Also funny fact, Leviathan has five supports on it's lift hill, mine also has five in a very similar location excluding one. You clearly are nitpicking here, you see if you were actually concerned here you would have noticed that fact. The lift hill is steeper, to compensate I moved the support from about a fourth of the way down the drop, to a more centralized supporting area. Sorry if this came off as rude, but I hate it when someone tries to tell you they know your ride better than you do.

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Trains this small on such a big coaster are a tad unrealistic in my opinion. Maybe 4 or 5 cars long would be a good size. Also, be careful with sustained vertical forces at that speed, around 2.5G is the limit when dealing with a turn that takes a few seconds or more to complete. Otherwise, looks great and I might just have a go at making my own...

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