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NEWS: CentrO Park will change to SEALIFE ADVENTURE PARK

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Hi there!


Finally great things happen at the old closed ground of the (Gertrude approved) CentrO Park at Oberhausen. I made a PhotoTR in 2010, look here.


Like I informed you last time, MERLIN Entertainment bought this Park and it´s located next to their Sealife Center at the Oberhausen CentrO Shopping Mall.


A half year ago MERLIN made this press release: (translated with google)


SEA LIFE Oberhausen


CentrO, Europe's largest shopping and leisure center, and the global leisure giant Merlin Entertainments (Merlin), the largest operator of visitor attractions in Germany and Europe, today announced details of an investment plan for 15 million euros announced in the framework of Merlin activities in Oberhausen , one of the leading tourist centers in the Ruhr region of Germany, are significantly increased. Merlin is building in Centro Oberhausen two new high quality attractions, which are complementary (see left) with SEA LIFE, the existing Aquarium of the company that counts since 2004 to the top attractions of the region, excellent. Both are scheduled to open in spring 2013: The Ocean Adventure Park replaces the former CentrO amusement park and lifts as exciting extension of SEA LIFE the marine experience to a new level, while the new LEGOLAND ® Discovery Centre (LDC), families with children in preschool and provides primary school children an exciting new experience.


Merlin took over management of the theme park in March last year, and in the first phase of construction already made good progress. The new adventure park opened with one of the most charming and exciting family adventures, the company has been developed and with which Merlin himself is breaking new ground: The Antarctic Adventure offers a breathtaking combination of ride, aquarium and animal encounters in a series of "test zone" all the elements Antarctica taught.


The crowning glory is an encounter with penguins that will fascinate all family members. See some of the most magnificent penguins of Antarctica both on the ice and under water. Enjoy yourself over their antics, marvel at their highly developed social community and enjoy your experience as simple ... and that's just the beginning! According Merlin strategy of continuous investment in all Merlin attractions, the park will enrich the future yet for more exciting adventures.


Merlin's third attraction in Oberhausen is the latest concept from the company, the unique LEGOLAND Discovery Centre (LDC), which is specifically tailored to families with children aged 3-10 years and about two to three hours a fun, highly interactive and informative indoor adventure offers. The built around the proven and popular LEGO brick LEGOLAND Discovery Centres include different play areas, including a 4D cinema, a LEGO pool, master classes with experienced LEGO Master Model Builder, exciting LEGO rides, and special party rooms for birthdays and other special occasions. The Centre includes - like all LEGOLAND parks - even the popular MINILAND attraction in which the iconic buildings and skyline of each location are presented with designated by the local community structures.


The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Oberhausen is Merlin's eighth LDC world and the second in Germany. It will replace the currently operating in Duisburg Centre. The move to Oberhausen means many significant benefits, both in business aspects - with centralized management, high efficiency and purchasing power - and especially for visitors, which will open up thereby possibilities as combined tickets and other special activities to visit all three exciting attractions Oberhausen one more inviting.


Sabrina de Carvalho, Business Head of Midway USA with Merlin Entertainments, is for works in Oberhausen responsible, they commented: "Merlin Entertainments is SEA LIFE since 2004 with great success in Oberhausen. The company is now investing more than 15 million euros in a new recreational facility that combines three high-quality and diverse attractions, exciting activities and events for the whole family. We are sure that this great project from residents in the area and visitors from Oberhausen will be equally enthusiastically. "


"We consciously with the conceptual realignment of the park allowed time and instead sought a quick solution to a long-term and exceptional expansion of leisure services," said CEO Frank CentrO Pöstges-Pragal. "With Merlin Entertainments we have found the ideal partner for this. Merlin is one of the world's most innovative and creative leisure and theme park provider for the development and operation of such a project. "


The Strategic Master Plan of CentrO provides lead Europe's largest shopping and leisure center on already this year in a new age. This is done both by the development of the retail concept with the CentrO expansion and conversion of Colorful alley, on the other hand this is done through the expansion of the tourism segment. With these two new fascinating Merlin attractions and existing recreational facilities in the New Centre Oberhausen will be further developed into a nationally significant tourism site.


The city of Oberhausen welcomes and supports the joint planning of CentrO and Merlin Entertainments quite explicitly. Mayor Klaus Wehling described the signing of the agreements as "a good sign for the development of the new center in Oberhausen and the tourism potential of our city." The planned investments are also a commitment to the business and leisure alike Oberhausen. Wehling literally: "Two new attractions underline the continued momentum that is with us in the field of cities and day-trippers. The establishment of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centres and the Ocean Adventure Park Merlin Entertainments is the future three times in Oberhausen. A better proof of the quality of the site as this investment I can think of no. "The current plans are carried out in close consultation with the City of Oberhausen. For the pending approval and implementation phase Wehling secured to continue to the full support of the City Council and Economic Development.


Glenn Earlam, Managing Director of Midway Attractions in Merlin Entertainments, said: "This is a significant investment for Merlin, but one in which we have full confidence. Our creative colleagues at Merlin Magic Making have for the new adventure park created some remarkable ideas that are guaranteed to please. At the same time the concept of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centres already in Europe and the U.S. is successful. More than that, from our experience we can say that a combination gives a versatile, exciting range of shops, restaurants and high-quality leisure attractions, as we find here, family trips a whole new dimension, and so both the shopping center itself and the region Total significant additional business opportunities. We are therefore particularly pleased with our close cooperation with CentrO, in all these aspects are realized. I would also take the opportunity to thank our partners and our landlord CentrO with whom we enjoy an excellent business relationship and its strong support for our decision to invest was crucial here. Projects of this nature are an important part of Merlin's future growth strategy for our Midway or indoor attractions in town centers. "


The work on the Adventure Park are already underway, and the work on the new LEGOLAND Discovery Centre will begin in summer 2012.


Today I spent Oberhausen CentrO a visit and tried to capture some progress. Sadly I couldn´t get that good pictures, but the area is taking shape.



Oh Gertrude! Do you want to check out the building ground, too? Nice to meet you again.


That´s an overall view of the new building ground. On the left is the lifthill of the waterride "TEST ZONE"


On the right, the finished building of the Lego Discovery Center.


Logos are installed, too.


I tried to zoom in a bit


(A picture of the Sealife Adventure Park Facebook Page1)


(A picture of the Sealife Adventure Park Facebook Page1)





(A picture of the Sealife Adventure Park Facebook Page1)


(A picture of the Sealife Adventure Park Facebook Page1)


The Park Map of the Discovery Center (a picture of the Lego Discovery Center Oberhausen homepage2)


Lego Kingdom Quest (Shooting Ride)


Lego DUPLO Dorf (DUPLO Village)


Lego STUDIOS 4D Cinema


Lego FRIENDS (with Karaoke)



Like I mentioned in the pictures they launched a new

1. "Sealife Adventure Park" Facebookpage

2. "Lego Discovery Center Oberhausen" Homepage

where you can find some of this pictures.


The Sea Life Homepage has an cheaper offer for the Adventure Park and some additional information about the park. (like before translated with google)

New for Spring 2013: Antarctic adventure - SEA LIFE Oberhausen will be extended by an exciting SEA LIFE Adventure Park. Come with our spectacular whitewater course on an expedition to the South Pole and experience our playful penguins at your fingertips!


In the park there is also a lot more to discover: two more rides, adventure playground and a 12 meter long slide make the trip for the whole family to an exciting experience.


SEA LIFE Adventure Park has been ground-breaking ceremony on 9 October 2012 has seen much happening. The earthworks were completed. Where two months ago wooden stakes marked important construction vertices, today show large concrete components, where future test stations, the log flume and the 260-square-foot house to invite the Antarctic penguin fun. Special feature: the route leads through a glass half-tunnel, passing directly under the penguin plunge pool. Until the end of 2012, the new home of at least 15 Gentoo penguins get its imposing roof. Actually completing the keepers of the SEA LIFE Oberhausen, which will be responsible for the black and white crowd favorites, and special training in the friendly penguin experienced LEGOLAND Billund.


The central support, for today was the first excavation of Santa Claus is dredged to support her six-meter long horizontal beams, the high range of the flume that provides thrills: from 14 meters height the expedition plunge into the cool water. The support consists of approximately 10,000 kg of steel. A foundation of about 20 cubic meters of concrete and 600 kilograms of steel (4m x 4m width x depth 1.20 m) are a safe stop.


The new theme park for families with children in the Ruhr opened in the spring and our early bird tickets are now available for check out from the middle of May!

The previous SEA LIFE Aquarium in Oberhausen will be part of this new leisure attraction in NRW and the early bird tickets are valid for entry into both attractions (on the booked date)!


What I could see today and have heard before the most attractions of the old park concept are removed (incl. Spinning Mouse, Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship). The Maze, the Playgrounds and the huge Slide Tower still exist

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