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Day 1

Last summer myself and shagan6 went to leviathan bash. On the way to toronto we stopped in pa for wings(quaker steak and lube), awesome wooden coaster(knoebels) and some craft beer(Bullfrog brewery). Looking back maybe we should have taken some photos of day 1.


Day 2

Day 2 consisted of the drive up to toronto. We stopped at kfc/tacobell which was awesome because it had Mountain Dew Baja Blast. OK on to the pictures. Our time in Toronto spent at the NHL hall of fame:


(editing to use going forward.)


Finally made it to canada


The cup.


Marty & the cup.


Devils stuff.


Interactive beat the goalie

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Day 3

Leviathan Bash!

TPR bashes are awesome. Plenty of ert, food and awesome. Almost too much food.




Canadian Flag, awesome view


Early night shot of what we came here for.




Underbelly of leviathan


Must not pull lever...


B&M goodness


Dragon Fire being dwarfed


screw of cork


no caption necessary


obligatory sun shot

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The rest of day 3:


Wild Beast


Double train shot


Thunder Run (mountain)




More Vortex






What country is this again?


No one ever has taken this photo


dusk bat


more ert




good bye canada's wonderland

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  • 5 years later...

Not sure if there is an appetite for non-coaster trips, but I thought why not. The first half of our honeymoon was Ireland and for the most part had little to do with amusement parks or coasters.


Day 1: Kilkenny, Rock of Cashel, Blarney Stone and Cork night 1.

It's a rather short flight from Newark to Dublin.


trip_part1_photo1.thumb.jpg.4a62ddae3edd7f1f4bc204e0c89203af.jpgDrinks on the Plane


trip_part1_photo2.thumb.jpg.3baf8bb1c6db937d5cf60d52b446091b.jpgSunset Shot


trip_part1_photo3.thumb.jpg.a3d49636580a9a3fd5f21a800ca50364.jpgI see Ireland.



We picked up our rental car. I feel like a better driver after dealing with small roads and driving on the left side of the road. We stopped for breakfast in Kilkenny prior to seeing the castle.


trip_part1_photo4.jpg.3ba6e0830a47f27996332bc0b9ab10a9.jpgCafé la Coco


trip_part1_photo5.thumb.jpg.08af8f16fcf1e2c9c4c89d8acddded13.jpgPancakes, Bacon & Coffee



We then headed over and toured the accessible areas of Kilkenny Castle.


trip_part1_photo6.jpg.f886cede1827772479ced1dbbb669ab3.jpgThis is the castle of my master, Guy de Lombard, wait that's not right.


trip_part1_photo7.thumb.jpg.956a4563de665745c1e8c06084af47b9.jpgOld School Instagram


trip_part1_photo8.thumb.jpg.502d5e45b913ebb37fa1b9db081c09fa.jpgFinidng victor a much easier than waldo.




trip_part1_photo10.jpg.12d685e0141de1fd8a8f599298f26313.jpgHey look, we are there.



The next point of interest was the Rock of Cashel.


trip_part1_photo11.thumb.jpg.724068449b68d5dd940b7d1bcaf1ec6a.jpgYes, it’s on a hill.


trip_part1_photo12.jpg.9aeb9fc47dbf017882d668567e44883f.jpgArt, me thinks.


trip_part1_photo13.jpg.30c5b9da4065d2e2c90ce9d67e0334db.jpgFarmlands for miles, I mean kilometers.




trip_part1_photo15.thumb.jpg.f2ca097aad87f318180df50c0e3a792f.jpgVery old structures.



The driving continued to a place most people know about, Blarney Castle, and the infamous blarney stone. I confess that heights kind of get to me. 450 on a coaster no problem, but without having something to depend on I don't enjoy being very high up. Felt very normal to wait in line for the blarney stone.


trip_part1_photo16.thumb.jpg.47102c610552e22196d2276ff28447c9.jpgDidn’t realize the surrounding areas of blarney castle were so nice.


trip_part1_photo17.thumb.jpg.d70c1b96009586c09e1c4954950590cd.jpgMuch like NYC it was under construction…


trip_part1_photo18.jpg.fd04ec05d22d5f9f9d1af583045126bc.jpgAlmost time for us to go


trip_part1_photo19.thumb.jpg.13015f0c37efd387728ca355440acca3.jpgStacy took a few photos, some with very good timing.


trip_part1_photo20.jpg.0ef0177a94a568bba8ea9f5f7fda7242.jpgI missed her's, so we bought theirs



We finished our driving for day 1, went to the hotel in Cork and prepared to enjoy the Nightlife.


trip_part1_photo21.thumb.jpg.aa0df6c5d94d2df414fca69e4a77ad36.jpgStacy catching me playing Pokemon Go in Ireland


trip_part1_photo22.jpg.89aa42f089eae94eab06f2f0782124dd.jpgThe Welcome Inn, the reason we only made it to 2 bars the first night, must stop in cork.




trip_part1_photo24.jpg.ec4db783f782295ba7b805bcae4031b5.jpgThe Oliver Plunkett, good times.


trip_part1_photo25.jpg.c8481fcff1ef5e80ace07ae8159514a5.jpgEnjoying the Oliver Plunkett.


trip_part1_photo26.jpg.cff98d85cba55ae80f8d36b3e38aa38e.jpgColorful building at night, across the water.


trip_part1_photo27.thumb.jpg.306d6afbda02a745136af574d6f584cb.jpgGolden balls, why, I have no idea, but they were in our hotel.



The nightlife in cork was amazing. When we go back to Ireland, Cork will be on the agenda.

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Love photo TR that focus on culture too, so thanks for sharing!


I'm with Elissa. . I don't get the idea of kissing that dirty rock that THOUSANDS of other folks do (it's like rubbing the budda's belly. . but at least that's not with your mouth!).


great pics, and congrats on the Marriage and Honeymoon

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