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New launched model! Made it with Intamin in mind and even attempted a box-style track. My original intention for this one was for it to have a flying snake dive as Storm Runner (will do that on a later model maybe) but I'm happy with the end result anyway. Enjoy and don't forget to comment!





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(sorry for the double post) But what model(s) would you all like to see? At the moment I'm looking into making Oblivion/G5, both of the B&M Top Guns, Stealth, maybe Saw, Krake, Talon, Phaethon, and possibly but unlikely Dæmonen. I will likely get to all of them in the next year or two, but the order doesn't matter if there's one someone wants me to make sooner. And of course I'm open to doing custom models. So...anyone?

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^Maybe I'll do a eurofighter next...I dunno. Thanks for the input.


But for right now, I just finished my Stealth recreation! (or Zaturn, if you prefer that...) It's pretty basic so it only took a couple hours to make, but it still looks pretty cool. The braking section doesn't work exactly how I wanted, but it's effective nonetheless...



Comments are appreciated!




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I made a eurofighter model about 3 months ago, but never did anything with it (not sure why). Anyway, here are some pictures of it, I will update the post once a video comes along, which will most likely be tomorrow.


EDIT: Here's your video Bomer.



I attempted to do a Takabisha-type drop on this one.


I also tried my hand at a banana roll, and I failed quite a bit. Maybe I'll try this one again sometime.


The model is very short in length given its height, but that's alright. The second half includes a twisty hill, dive loop, and incline into the brakes.



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New model! This one is loosely based off of the Chinese S&S launch coasters such as Extreme Rusher and Bullet Coaster. Enjoy!



EDIT: I just noticed that the video has a few minor glitches in it, so I apologize for that.




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I've been trying to find a coaster dynamix kit for ages, they haven't been in stock for about a year. They really need to get more sets in
I second that. I haven't been able to find any ... any where. I look almost daily. These amazing models make me want coaster dynamix even more!
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It's been a while. Here's a new model -


I was originally going to recreate Oziris but realized fairly quickly I wasn't going to have enough materials. So instead I went for an Oziris inspired/modern-ish B&M invert. It has a vertical loop, dive loop, helix and an inline roll.


I'll have a video up within the next day.



I tried to more or less recreate Oziris's drop and I'm satisfied with the result.


The loop looks horribly misshapen from this angle. Oops.


The roll is my favorite part of the ride.


Overall view.

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New floorless model. The first one, actually. The beginning is Mantis/Green Lantern inspired but it kind of meanders at the end. I'm satisfied with it overall. I've already got the next model made, but it'll be at least a few days before it's posted.






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It's been a long time but for some reason I just got around to filming and photographing the model I've had up.


I got the idea from Intamin's now defunct Euro Star that operated in Russia's Gorky Park, after serving as a German fair coaster.








I tried to make the ride as compact as possible while keeping a significant amount of length.





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Considering that Knott's is my home park, and I have ridden Silver Bullet MANY times, this is a really neat model! Good job!


Out of curiosity, do you re-use all of your pieces? If not, where do you buy them? I really want to get my hand on a new kit, but CD is always out of stock.

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Thanks. I do reuse all of my pieces; don't think I've ever had 2 models up at once. I have no idea where to buy any kits, perhaps just do a round on Ebay every so often? Stuff pops up there occasionally, albeit way overpriced. I completely lucked out last fall because the KD merchandise department agreed to sell me their ages old Scorpion model that was on display in an International Street shop. I don't expect that to happen to me again though.

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