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[RCT3]Evergreen Amusement Park

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Evergreen Amusement Park sits in the woods of Washington State. It's just 2 hours out of Seattle, and one of the only parks in Washington.


This is the area that gets the most attention in the park right now. There was supposed to be an expansion last year but the owners fell into money trouble.


I really love this building for some reason. It just grabs my attention.


Sasquatch is the only operating coaster in the park, but it really is a unique ride.


Nothing more to show back here. The queue entrance to Sasquatch(yes my signage sucks) a restaurant, and a gift shop.


A great view of the area from the outdoor eatery built into a hill.

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Yeah... this totally rules! This feels a lot like Dollywood or Silver Dollar City, and I absolutely LOVE this style of building. Sometimes realism can get a bit dull, but this is so clean and polished while still being incredibly detailed and beautiful! I will be following this carefully!

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Thanks guys!



There are rumors spreading of the park owners going bankrupt. If this is true then it could mean either new ownership or closure.


It was a clear day today, but Sasquatch was broken down for a majority of it. Crowds ceased soon after.


There are some other rides in the park. Wild Fire is a great family attraction.


The Carousel is a classic. And it fits nicely behind the gift shop.

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I love how you're doing the updates, telling us how the park was the day of the visit. Keep doing that! I love it when people do that.


I just love it. That is one beautiful suspended coaster. I also like how the guests can stand along the railing facing the coaster and see it come swing out below them, that's great. Two things though (and one I prolly should have mentioned in my first post): I would add something to that large building (the one you said catches your attention); it feels like it needs something. Color, maybe? Signage? (which, by the way, if you ever need a logo made, I make them in Photoshop - see Coupon's thread and my thread for examples). Maybe it needs a little variation of objects underneath the overhang? Maybe if you could find some old equipment, like old farm equipment or something like that to differentiate from just using barrels and crates, and also maybe consider spreading them out a bit. My other complaint is about the carousel's color scheme which is nothing personal, I just don't like red and yellow combinations, ever. Unless its I-305! But other than these two things, this park is awesome. Your style in this reminds me a lot of Tomes' Fisher Park.


Hopefully the new owners will have good taste in future attractions like the old ones did! I'm excited to follow this.

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Thanks for the kind replies everyone!



Breaking news today as Andy and Isabella Wilf file for bankruptcy. The Wilfs own a small amusement park in central Washington. They have told us unless a buyer is found the park will be demolished and made into a nature center.


Will we ever hear people walking and talking down the walkways?


Will Sasquatch have a future as a famous coaster? Or will it become a pile of scrap?



I'm sorry if this is getting a bit repetitive with updates. There isn't anything else to show, just a story to tell.

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Thanks guys!



So even after a month no one has come foreward to purchase EAP. The owners will give it 2 more months, but they aren't very confident.


There may only be a few more rides for me on Sasquatch.


I asked one of my friends who happened to fly out of Seattle to take an overview photo of the park. I cropped out the forest.


And by request, I've captured a POV of Sasquatch. Amazingly there aren't very many on Youtube.



Sorry for the music. It was the only track I had that fit, and was free.

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I LOVED that layout! A fairly small and simple coaster(which makes sense for the park) but the pacing was great as was the terrain interaction! Just looks like it would be an absolute blast to ride in real life, and for me I know it's a great in game layout when I wish it were real! Reminds me of Vampire at Chessington or something of that nature... fairly tame, but totally badass! Hoping someone buys this... it has the perfect vibe for a midsize wooden coaster or something like that!

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Love the overview, the forest foliage looks so nice. Great job. There is a lot of path though, so I might suggest adding a couple of food/drink carts on the pathways and/or some squared off landscaped areas with trees/colorful foliage on the path as well to fill in all that space. But its looking really good. Nice to see different angles. Nice POV, too. Tried watching in 3D, but I didn't have the appropriate glasses. hehe


Hope a buyer comes soon. Would love to see what he or she would do with the park!

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