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Dominator?? how original


Or even better how about the 10 inversion roller coaster at Chimelong Paradise. I bet ya $5 its a woodie


EDIT: ok anything at Chimelong Paradise

(motorbike launch coaster, family gravity coaster etc...)

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Evel Knievel (Named after an stuntman only popular in the 70s,does Six Flags actually ever think?)

Batman:The Ride

Playstation:The Ride


The Ultimate (Ultimate what?)


X2 (X was something,but X2?Six Flags never learn!)

Batman Adventure:The Ride & Batman Adventure:The Ride 2

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^ Um, you do know that the Pony Express was an actual mail service that was around in the OLD WEST?



It makes perfect sense for the theming and setting of Ghost Town. Hopefully Cedar Fair puts a little effort into theming the actual ride and station to convey what the Pony Express was. One of the things missing from CF Knott's is an emphasis on California history.

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Let's go back to talking about the worst ride name.


Now I think the worst name for a coaster has to be Loop Screw. What the heck is that? "Yeah, let's go ride the Loop Screw!" It just sounds stupid.

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Irregardless is considered to be improper, however not entirely wrong. It's been debated over and over through history. Nobody knows for sure if it's considered correct or not.


As for worst ride name, I have to agree that Pony Express, while historically cool, is just kind of lame. Roller coasters and ponies don't mix so well.

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I've noticed that people like to pick on names that aren't exacly bad, but just mediocre and distasteful. Most coaster names in a America aren't nearly as bad as what's in Asia.


Exactly. Doesn't Eejanaika roughly translate into "what the hell"?

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^ Actually, I belive it translates into "Ain't It Great"


In a world of Space Salamanders, Boogie Woogie Space Coasters, Atomics, and Loop Screws, America simply can't compete with Asia.

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