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Japan Theme Parks Trip - Suggestions Needed


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Hi Guys,


We are from Singapore and this is our second trip to Japan, in October 2011 we went to DisneySea and Fuji-Q theme park, it was really crowded and every single ride took about 1.5 to 2 hours of queuing, we almost finished DisneySea's top attraction except indiana jones, as for Fuji-Q we missed out Eejainaka and Haunted Mansion, we are planning to get back to finish the rides and retake some of it if time permits.


This time we actually heard that there is Spring vacation during our trip lasting up to 7 April 2013? Not very sure if the information is true, but there seem to be no choice but to put some of the trip during the vacation, please advise if you predict the park to be very full and needs fast pass to get around.


We thought we could ask around here for the best possible tricks and ways to get around the park if anyone can help, below is a summary of our trip:


This year we are going from

31 March 2013 till 17 April 2013


31 March to 9 April in Tokyo(Ikkebukuro),

9 April to 14 April in Osaka(Dotonbori),

14 April to 16 April in Kyoto and the last day back in Tokyo.


04 April 2013, Thursday

TobuZoo - transport by train


Looking through the forum i saw a log of someone visiting this park during holidays and there is not much people, please confirm.

We saw that Tobuzoo, if we are not buying unlimited pass it will cost only 100 yen per ride on the website , is that true? If so then i do not think it is worth to purchase full day unlimited pass at 4800yen.



07 April 2013, Sunday

Disneyland - transport by train


This would be the last day of the spring break assuming we are right, i was thinking maybe it won't be as full since it is the last day and some might want to stay at home.


08 April 2013, Monday

Fuji-Q - Transport by bus using the Q Pack(fuji-q tickets + bus from Shinjuku)


First day after spring break, we want to clear the rides we missed and retake some of them again! Because this is the most frustrating park among during the trip i do not want to waste any time to queue, which is why i place this park on this date.


11 April 2013, Thursday

Universal Studios Japan - Transport by train


Got to confirm with you guys are the fast pass tickets a must or worth it in your opinion?

How many would you purchase?

Is it possible to buy it only after i reach the park and see that it is crowded?

Is the queue long to purchase the fast pass?


Thanks in advance for the big help!


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Yes, Japanese Spring Break is usually the first week of April so you certainly will have some crowds at parks then. It then dies down for a bit before picking up the last week of April for Golden Week celebrations.


Some answers to what you wrote:


Tobu Zoo - That is incorrect about prices. There are two options. 1) Admission plus rides. Rides RANGE in price from 100 Yen to 1000 Yen. 2) Free Pass. GET THE FREE PASS.


Disney will be busy, but should be manageable. April 15 starts big celebrations there so you're smart to go there first.


I would buy the skip the line tickets at FujiQ no matter what. It makes the park somewhat tolerable.


Universal - You can probably take a quick look around and see how crowded it is before buying one of the Express book options, but if it were me, I liked the park and wanted to ride stuff multiple times I would buy the book with my ticket in the morning.

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Hi Jeryl,


I am from Singapore too so thought I'd chip in with my two cent's worth?


On a trip to Tokyo in October last year, I did Tobu Zoo and Tokyo Disney. I managed to cover Universal during a trip to Osaka last month. At Tobu Zoo, like Elissa said, always get the free pass because it's just not worth it paying on a per-ride basis? And since the park's almost always quite empty, you'll have plenty of chances to take in the rides. There's a decent zoo section if you are interested in stuff like that?


When at Tokyo Disney, use the fast passes because trust me they'll save you a lot of time queuing up? As for Universal I opted not to get the express pass booklet as lines were pretty short? But if you feel like, get it by all means?


Enjoy your trip to Japan!

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Thank you for the information SharkTums and rockysam382!


It'd be great if any of you knows about Mt.Fuji, if i just buy entrance pass and get a fast pass in the park, would i still have to purchase the ride's fee?


Meaning it will be Entrance pass + Ride + Fast Pass, or just Entrance pass + Fast Pass? Anyone tried this method before?

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^ Are the Fast Passes at Fuji-Q still working the same way,

when you had to (buy) them in 2011, Elissa? Do you know

that already, or is it another "we'll find out" again,

like practically every TPR visit there, lol?


Fuji-Q is now Officially (in my mind) a Toss-Up Day Park.

Meaning you never really REALLY know with Fuji-Q.

Until you get there.

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Seriously Fuji-Q is one of those parks where you either have a very good or very bad day? There's hardly any middle ground as far as that place is concerned?


It's also bewildering because operations at most other Japanese parks are so much better? It's a real shame because the place has got probably the best selection of coasters of any parks in Asia?

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Not sure if this is too late to mention but Tokyo Disneylands Jubilation Parade has its last day Friday April 5th before they start up the new 30th parade April 15.

I'd switch dates & do Disney on the more likely quieter Thurday & hit Tobu Zoo on the Sunday.

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