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The Magic Springs & Crystal Falls Discussion Thread

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The water park at Magic Springs & Crystal Falls will be dramatically expanded for the 2007 season with the largest water slide complex in Arkansas


Is there really that big of a market in waterslide parks in Arkansas, that you need to advertise that you're the biggest?

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EDIT: I saw this on Wikipedia's Magic Springs entry: (not that there's any credibility to this)


Delineate - (coming in 2008) - A small capsule ride suspended eighty feet above a "bowl" shaped pool. The capsule rocks as you go further into the abyss


Sounds like it could be a topple tower.

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Man..this does not sound like fun...an X-Car coaster stalled at the upside-down part of the top of the lift. I hear the restraints are uncomfortable...imagine being stuck upside-down in them!


Associated Press


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - A dozen riders on a roller coaster spent half an hour hanging upside down - 150 feet above the ground - after a power outage shut down the attraction.


It took about 30 minutes for the city Fire Department to rescue the riders using a ladder truck Saturday evening, said Aundrea Crary, spokeswoman for the Springs & Crystal Falls amusement park.


Spectators cheered when the riders were brought to the ground from the highest point of a loop on the X-Coaster, but one passenger threw up after reaching safety.


The X-Coaster was one of several rides brought to a halt by the outage that originated somewhere near the park.


"You could tell who got off the (X-Coaster) because their faces were red," said Angela Salter. She was riding the Gauntlet, another coaster, and said park employees worked quickly to free her.


The park resumed normal operations, although the X-Coaster remained closed.


One X-Coaster passenger, Jay Plummer, 37, was taken to St. Joseph Mercy Medical Center in Hot Springs after complaining of neck pain and a headache.


"It was very scary," said his girlfriend, Connie McBride. "I love the amusement park, but I will never get on the X-Coaster again."


The park has experienced outages before, but usually they last only seconds, said Dan Aylward, Magic Springs president and general manager.


Entergy Corp. was investigating but crews found no faulty wiring.


"The cause could be a (tree) limb or as simple as an animal (on the lines)," said Mark Hunt, general manager of customer service for Entergy. "We could find no faults, but we are going to continue to investigate until we find the cause."


Courtesy of KTHV

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Man, that's gotta suck. I rode the ride last summer and that's not a place you want to get stuck upside down. (the lap restraints don't give you the best sense of security)


Good thing no one was injured.


The ride is still awesome, everybody should go ride it.

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I'm surprised there's not some kind of manual release to let the train go from the upside down position in the event this happens, I hate rides that keep me upside down for a sustained period of time, (ie some skymaster/kamikaze/ring of fire rides) This would be an absolute nightmare for me.

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Wow, in the hundreds of stories I've seen reported in the media about "People Being Stuck Upside-down on a Roller Coaster", I think this is only the second which actually did involve people being upside-down.


Remember when Two-Face got stuck on the lift hill?

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Of all places to get stuck too! I mean look they are feet from being let go to complete the course and are feet from geting stuck facing upwards which would of been a much much more comfortable position to get stuck in. But nope they had to get stuck in the worse position possible! Not to mention that is one seriously stupid way to go up a lift hill. Who ever thought of this idea for a lift hill seriously did not think things through!


I move to actually destroy all coasters with this type of lift hill because now they are proven dangerous!

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