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Your First Schwarzkopf Coaster?

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City Jet at Gillian's Wonderland Pier sometime in the mid 90s


The first time I rode the coaster, I was surprised that there was no kind of lap bar, seat belt or any other restraint. I then found out the 2 coasters at Playland a few blocks down the boardwalk (Flitzer and Mighty Mouse) also didn't have any kind of restraint either. Although the Runaway Train at Gillian's is a fun coaster, I miss the City Jet.

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Mine had to have been Tidal Wave at CGA (Would have been Montezooma's Revenge but I was new to inversions and a lapbar only freaked me out...this was when I was just a GP). My last one I rode was Zonga at SFDK, and my next ones will be Montezooma's Revenge at KBF and Revolution at SFMM

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The Viper at Six Flags Astroworld! It was my first looping coaster too! My mom took me on it and I remember being scared to death (at this time I was deathly afraid of rollercoasters). I remember after it was over debating on whether I liked it or not, and saying I didn't when I really truly did. I never rode it again before it closed. I also remember how loud the lift was. You could hear it from anywhere in the park. It was an ear splitter. And the tunnel... awesome!!! I'm glad that my first Schwarzkopf was the viper! It was a great starter ride!

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When I was 8 in 1980 my family went to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. The first coaster we rode that day was Schussboomer, a Schwarzkopf Wildcat. The second was Zambezi Zinger, still one of my favorite roller coasters. I miss that ride very much every time I go to Worlds of Fun and walk by the lovely Boomerang replacement for Zinger.

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The only ones I have ridden are Revolution at SFMM, which has/had an awesome layout but horrible trains. I was young at the time and I thought it was the ride... turns out it was the trains. However Anton was INSTANTLY redeemed and praised after my second Schwarzkopf coaster, which is the absolutely amazingly awesome Montezuma's Revenge, which to this day remains one of my favorite coasters, and EASILY the second best coaster at Knott's after Xcelerator. From what I can tell the general consensus is that pretty much every enthusiast I have ever known loves Schwarzkopf so I would LOVE to ride more than just the two I have ridden.

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