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Coasting for Kids 2013 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Ok, guys, you have less than 24 hours to BLAST messages out to your Facebook, Twitter, make phone calls to friends, etc!


I've put the C4K link on our front page, Facebook, Twitter, and I'm about to blast out another email.


Let's give this ONE FINAL PUSH!!!


Thank you to everyone!



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Coasting_smaller.jpg.dbf6eb4385a36aef4b94fa435f3c5ca9.jpgTheme Park Review's Coasting For Kids riders have already raised $42,000 for Give Kids The World (WOW!), but we'd love to get that as close to $50k as possible!


Below are the links to our Team TPR pages. We are really close to being the #1 team and #1 fundraiser at several of these parks. Please help our team out! Anyone who donates $10 or more over this next 24 hours will get a Bag-O-Crap from us! (The bigger the donation, the bigger the bag-o-crap!) Just email me at robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with who you donated to and how much!

Fundraising ends at 12:00pm EDT on Thursday, June 6th


Thank you to everyone who has helped with this fund raiser!


--Robb Alvey

Coasting For Kids Team TPR Pages:

California's Great America:



Canada's Wonderland:






Cedar Point:



Dorney Park:



Kings Dominion:



Kings Island:



Knott's Berry Farm:



Michigan's Adventure:






Worlds Of Fun:


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So excited for this event! I donated to a fellow World's of Fun participant on team TPR that hasn't quite met the $75 limit. Think we can help her out?


Also, thanks to those who donated to me. I'm honored to be part of such an amazing community of people. I'll also look forward to meeting some of you at WoF!

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Got my Team TPR pack...I've send out some email blasts to try to get that last bit to reach my goal! There are only three members in the Carowinds group, but we are only $115.00 away from an even $1,000 raised..so close! Hop on in there if anyone still wants to work towards the generous bags of crap offer! Here goes one more shameless plug on FB!! Go Team TPR!


And for those that donated to my page, thank you!

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If someone donates $50 to my page, I'll donate $50 to your page! And remember, that would qualify for a pretty awesome bag of crap!


I just had to take you up on your offer. Thanks!


Joey is just $7 away from his goal; who wants to push him over the edge?

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If someone donates $50 to my page, I'll donate $50 to your page! And remember, that would qualify for a pretty awesome bag of crap!


I just had to take you up on your offer. Thanks!


Joey is just $7 away from his goal; who wants to push him over the edge?


Thanks! I'll do yours in just a few minutes when I get home.


Edit: Done! Just remember to email Robb with my link for the grab bag stuff.

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So, the final 4 hours are upon us! I have an all-day meeting with customers starting at 8, so I won't be able to keep an eye on things, but after a huge surge yesterday thanks largely to TPR, I've managed to move back into first (well, 2nd technically behind Jason's awesomeness! ), which means I would be able to donate my prize as planned to a child/family in need in the Dorney Park area! I am crossing my fingers that I'll stay there so I can do this!! I truly love this event and cannot wait for Sunday!!


Also, I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to ALL who donated to my page, including so many from here on TPR! You guys are all amazing, and it goes to show why I absolutely love this online community we have here. Kudos to all of you for the hard work you've done! It is beyond fantastic that TPR has raised so much money for GKTW already!! And a special thanks to Robb and Elissa who throw so much support and work behind this wonderful cause and charity! Without you guys leading the way, I think it's safe to say that many of us wouldn't have gotten to the fundraising levels we have. Thank you!


Here's to finishing strong today! GO TEAM TPR!!!

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I'm only $10 away from $100!!!


You guys have been awesome so far. I'd love to get to the $100 mark. It's not as much as most people have raised but as a late entry I think it would give me something to build on for next time.

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^ I gave you that $10 you were hoping for!


A very kind person named Craig Jensen helped me reach my minimum by donating to my page last night, which just warmed my heart! I'm normally a fundraising whiz because I have a massive family, but I've been chasing them down for weeks and was only able to get one donation this time, so that really meant a lot to me. Thanks, Craig, whoever/wherever you are! I thought I'd post it here, assuming you're a TPR member! And you inspired me to "pass it on" (though I'm on a tight budget), and help somebody else reach their goal


Hope everyone enjoys the day Sunday!!

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