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Coasting for Kids 2013 - Be part of Team TPR!

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Here is my Carowinds page! I sure hope The Carolina Cyclone is left OFF the list though

I'd love to do the Intimidator for 8 hrs!!!




On a personal note I am SOOO happy to be able to do something to support GKTW. My own step bother, his wife and their son who has a brain tumor were sent there by the Make a Wish Foundation last November. They had an amazing experience and couldn't say enough wonder things about GKTW!

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My friend Erica has a daughter named Haylee. Haylee was diagnosed with Leukemia on 12/22/11. She started chemo right away and was in the hospital for several weeks. For months, she was in and out of the hospital for treatment. On 5/17/12 she was admitted to Children's in Milwaukee, WI to start high doses of radiation and chemo so she could receive a bone marrow transplant. Later that month, she went through the transplant and has been doing exceptionally well since then. It was Haylee's wish to go to Florida with her family. In 19 days Erica, her daughter Haylee, her two other young kids and husband will be traveling to Orlando and staying at the Give Kids the World Village.


When I told Erica about the event, and the amount that was raised last year she was really excited. She's very thankful that we're raising money for families like hers to go on vacation.

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Trying very hard this year to get permission to drive out and sign up for the Cedar Point day; maybe even have my brother tag along. I really want to be given the opportunity to raise money for this cause. I think I could do a great job if I told kids in my college marching band and residence hall about it. College presents such a great opportunity for stuff like this. It just comes off sounding so awesome, 'Can you donate some money to charity in support of me marathoning a roller coaster?' I want to be a part of something special and I know this would be such an awesome experience.

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This looks awesome! Dont know which to sign up for, drive 1.5hrs to Dorney, or drive 5hrs to Kings Dominion...Any sugestions?


I'd go with what is closer. Dorney's event last year was done really well. As mentioned above they had one train on Steel Force dedicated to us and we could come and go all day. Some people stayed for long periods while myself and who I was with came and took a ride or two once an hour. Also they opened up Stinger for an hour of ERT for us too last year.

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I am over the moon excited to see what TPR members are capable of this year! I'll again be posting in here as frequently as I am able to share more about GKTW's impact and answer any questions about the event. Whether you're participating, donating or cheering on your fellow riders-- thank you to this awesome community for having a heart for this event.


Today I'm going to kick things off with a family letter. Be warned it's pretty emotional, but our story is best told in the words of the families we serve:


Our family was changed forever when our beautiful four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Hearing the words, "Your child has cancer," is a moment in time my husband and I will never forget. Our world was flipped upside down and we didn't know if there would ever be something to celebrate again. We were so wrong! There was joy and happiness all around, we just needed to find it again-- and we did, at Give Kids The World.


The Village was like nothing we had ever experienced. Amelia, or Miss Millie as we call her, was the happiest we had ever seen her, which was quite a contrast to how she had felt during the worst of her treatment. We were able to hear her contagious giggle as she spent private one-on-one time with her favorite princess, Belle, while riding the carousel. We watched her get a mischievous, yet darling look on her face as she gobbled up ice cream for breakfast. We were able to witness a complete change in her countenance when she was at the pool splashing around freely and being a kid again.


My family has never felt as overwhelmed by the love of strangers as we did when we were staying at Give Kids The World. We are eternally grateful for what they did for our family and for our sweet Millie.


Just days after Millie finished over two years of chemotherapy, we learned that she had already relapsed. She is currently in the hospital fighting for her life all over again. Words cannot describe how grateful we are as parents, during this frightening time, that we have such wonderful memories to cherish. Give Kids The World treated Millie like the princess she is and we can't wait to come visit and have ice cream for breakfast as soon as she defeats cancer for a second time.

--Amelia's Mom, Utah


Amelia, age 6

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You had me crying on the first story. I'm glad this sweet girl got to have a fabulous time at the Give Kids the World Village. I'm hoping for the best for her.


I look forward to seeing the rest of the stories you'll have for us leading up to the event. Thank you again, for being involved with such a wonderful organization.

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