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Coasting for Kids 2013 - Be part of Team TPR!

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OK, TPR--heads up! I've just updated the total funds raised by all the members of Team TPR for Give Kids the World. Do you know how close we are to $14,000?


Try this close: $13,946! A mere $54!


If a team member donates $27 to my page, I will happily match it on their page! Let's hit 14 grand tonight!


First one gets the $27.

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Those of you on Twitter, remember if you Tweet @ThemeParkReview asking your followers for donations and a link to your pledge page, we will re-tweet you to our 12,000+ followers!



Thanks for the retweet.

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It's my birthday (getting old sucks).... The first person that I haven't already donated to,that posts on here and mentions this gets my birthday gift.. $12.34.

-Chris "old as eff" Con



Happy Birthday Chris!!!!! Would love and appreciate your $12.34 donation birthday gift!

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I know its two weeks late (been on a business trip and my company computers have TPR blocked), but I wanted to thank you for your TWO!!! donations to my page, and return the favor.

Thanks man

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^ Good luck! Hopefully they approve it for you and the donations will start rolling in!


Team TPR at Dorney is now up to $3,807 raised!! Can we hit $4,000?? You bet we can!


And kudos to all Team TPR riders on going over $14k raised! Awesome stuff, everyone! GO Team TPR!!

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Buy a TPR Logo T-Shirt or a Club TPR T-Shirt and we'll donate $6 for each shirt purchased to one of our C4K riders!


Purchase the shirts here:

TPR Logo Shirt: http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=14

Club TPR Shirt (Members Only): http://www.themeparkreview.com/store/index.php?productID=105


Remember - Shipping is PER ORDER, so if you buy 10 T-Shirts on one order, the shipping is one flat rate!


Support Coasting For Kids - Buy a TPR T-Shirt Now!




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I am excited to be participating in this incredible event at Kings Island again this year! Give Kids the World is such an amazing organization, and riding coasters is a great way to support it. Last year, I was able to raise $365; this year, I have increased my goal to $500. Let's get the ball rolling: I will donate $5 to the pages of the first five donors to my page! (Please post in this thread so I can find your pages easily.) Thanks.



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