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Sunset Vista [RCT2] - A Brand New Sunset Park

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damn, you're getting pretty good man. i'd suggest you just get away from those ugly tiled rooves in general as they don't fit the aesthetics of rct whatsoever, as well as redoing that foliage in the african screen, but your forms and structures are improving for sure



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Hey! I thought I could help out a little if you don't mind! How bout a CCI Wooden Coaster, Vekoma SLC like Mind Eraser, or Kumali, B&M Flying Coaster, Togo Standup, some 1920's/1930's surviving Wooden Coasters like Big Dipper from Gueaga Lake, Giant Dipper at Belmont Park, a Arrow Corkscrew like the one from Michigan's Adventure, or Double Loop from Gueaga Lake, Vekoma Flying Dutchman, some Kiddie Rides like a Zierer Tivoli, Vekoma Roller Skater, a Classic Racing Wood Coaster sort of like American Eagle at SFGAm, or maybe even a Rocky Mountain Construction Woodie!


Just giving thoughts, & ideas!

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Thanks for the feedback.


This project is alive and well, I was actually re-profiling Wildcat's brake run the other day. You can see some more frequent updates of the park at New Element, of course I'll always update it here as well though but out of respect for the forum rules I can't post as often because when you build with this style it takes forever to get 3 good screenshots to show and you're not allowed to post less than 3.


Anyway the park is probably 90% full but now I'm going through and re-doing all of the foliage in the park to bring it up to a higher quality. I'm still trying to get the hang of proper RCT foliage so it's a lot of trial and error. Also, Gunslinger gulch, the main entrance area and the area near Wildcat's turnaround was built before I started using quarter tile objects so all of that is being remodeled to fit the rest of the park.


As far as the coasters go, I have assembled a collection that I'm very happy with. It's unlikely that I'll add any more though I may re-profile the Wing coaster.


Right now I have 10 coasters...


High Thrill Coasters

Gunslinger (B&M Wingrider)

Wildcat (Classic Woodie)

Blackhawk (B&M Invert)

Shango (B&M Dive Coaster)

Dive Bomber (Intamin Zac Spin)

Rumbler (GCI Wood Coaster)


Family Coasters

Golden Eagle (Family Vekoma Suspended)

Buzzsaw (Family Tire-Driven Launch Coaster)

Gold Rusher (Mine Train Coaster)


Kids Coasters

Log Jammer


I feel like that's a pretty well rounded collection and I don't have room for much else, I really appreciate the suggestions though.

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Awesome. I sent you a PM with the download link. Can't wait to hear what you think of it!


By the way I'm still working on Wildcat's brake run and a new theater in place of the old drop tower. I'll have screenshots up in the next week or so.

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I absolutely love the atmosphere you've created with the details in this park. The ride layouts are just icing on the cake, from what I can tell. Really excellent! Would love to have a download of this once you're finished!

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Sorry to hear you guys had issues with the stream. I believe there is still an archived version up at that same link. I don't know how long it usually takes for that to expire.


Anyway I have some new screens but I also wanted to let everyone know that my new NCSO park (Whispering Pines Family Fun Park) has been released. Feel free to check it out. I had a lot of fun building it and I hope everyone enjoys it. If you feel inclined I'd love to get some feedback on it (either as comments or votes) as I'd like to try more NCSO parks in the future... maybe of a larger scale.



Here is the link to the park.


Anyway enough about that, I have some new screenshots. You may have seen some of these as they've been floating around in a few places but I realized I never posted them here. Please let me know what you think.


Sunset Vista is a park that's been under construction for almost 2 years now. Throughout the project I feel that I've improved a lot (which is mainly due to the great feedback I've received here and in my streams... so thank you) and because of this I've found myself going back and re-doing older areas of the park to bring them up to the level of everything else.


This entrance area is almost unrecognizable from the last screenshot I posted of it. Every building (including the main gate) has been replaced, ride entrances have been removed and queue lines have been re-routed.


I've also added two signature attractions, the carousel ride and the S&S tower complex which is guaranteed to make a visual impact when guests pass through the gate for the first time.


And here is the area prior to it's complete renovation.


I've completely updated the Wildcat plaza and given the ride a more fitting station and queue. A classic Wildcat car has been put on display in front of the ride to showcase the long, unique history of the ride.


This is what that area looked like before.


Americana Alley is another completely revamped section of the park. This area features the majority of the games and flat rides in the park as well as the classic Wildcat coaster. In this screen, you'll notice that the classic scrambler and tilt-a-whirl attractions have received face lifts.


This is what that area looked like before.

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I just heard two great parks good job! Whispering pines looks awesome as real as I wish! Sunset vista still looks good no matter what, it will be one of my favorite parks I have ever downloaded along with sunset valley, sunset lake, moonlight pier, and whispering pines! Also another thing, I'm interested in that b&m invert!

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Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate you always checking out my stuff and giving me feedback. It makes building a lot more fun.


As far as the invert I'm really happy with how that turned out. Robbie from NE helped me with the layout (I redesigned it a few times) and it's finally at a point where I'm satisfied. Now I'm going through that process with the wingrider.


PS: Nice to see Moonlight pier get some love. lol

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Funny you say that as that was probably the main inspiration for it. I really wish I had more time to work on that micro, I feel like if I had the chance to add more details I would have had a better chance to advance (though I was up against some great competition so I can't say that for sure).


I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless though.

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In honor of reaching year 500... here's an update. Again, you may have seen some of these images at New Element but I don't like to post here until I have 3 images to share per the forum rules.


I haven't posted much about it lately but I've actually made a ton of progress on Sunset Vista and am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.



Gunslinger Gulch (and the Gunslinger coaster) have been totally re-designed and brought up to the standard of the rest of the park.



Gunslinger's new inverting drop offers guests a brand new thrill experience. The layout has been totally re-done and improved and this element (based off of similar elements on X Flight and Gatekeeper) is the centerpiece of the new layout.


I'm just about finished with this new area now and am moving on to improving the Mountain Pass area and filling in some of the land surrounding the park.



The area near Blackhawk (which is still it's name despite the new color scheme) has been totally re-vamped. This includes new foliage, a new S&S tower ride and a new Arrow coaster to replace the old Zacspin. Blackhawk's layout has also been changed to make it flow better.


I've also gone through and updated almost all of the foliage in the park. I still have another hundred or so game years to go but this park is finally starting to move along again. So in honor of year 500... here's my latest screen. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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I like every picture I see in these, no offense, I thing the Gunslinger Gulch looks much better now like Abassi, the Blackhawk looks really wonderful, reminds me of Flight Deck from California's Great America, the Arrow Coaster looks Scenic, can't wait to see more pictures of these Awesome Three Coasters, also that Zac Spin, is there any other place in the park to relocate that, cause that makes a very good selection of Coasters, but anyway nice to see this again!

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