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Sunset Vista [RCT2] - A Brand New Sunset Park

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Hello everyone! After taking a few months off after the completion of Sunset Valley, I've started working on a brand new Sunset park. This park is going to be a little different than Sunset Valley. Sunset Vista is a smaller park (though still very large) located right off the highway near a river. While it's doubtful it will surpass Sunet Valley's impressive coaster collection, it promises to deliver plenty of great rides and attractions but I'm going to focus a little more on scenery and architecture than I did last time.


As always, comments are greatly appreciated.


The park is in a great location, right near the highway with some hotels nearby.


The parking lot entrance. The cars on the highway and entering the parking lot are all animated and set to a realistic speed. It took a long time to get this to work right but I'm really happy with the results.


The main gate area is very colorful and should give guests a warm welcome.

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Thanks for asking, yes I am... I don't have as much time to work on the park as I'd like but there has been some steady progress.


I've been working on a small themed area called "Rockport" which is themed to a classic 1950's boomtown. Comments greatly appreciated!


An overview of the new area. The coaster in the back is Wildcat, a classic wood coaster that fits in with the classic American theme. The station itself will not be located in Rockport but it's classic dips and turns provide a backdrop for the area.


Ed's Diner and J's Service Station are food service locations, while Whitman's Department Store is actually a restroom with a themed exterior.

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Nope, this park is far from dead.


Actually, I have a small update for you.


The Wildcat plaza is bustling, the area is anchored by the popular classic wood coaster and the new free fall drop ride!


In addition to Wildcat, the park also features Vulture, an Intamin Zac Spin coaster. Please forgive the unfinished exit path.

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Big changes are happening at Sunset Vista! I know updates are infrequent but I'm really enjoying working on this park and hopefully this one ends up being my best yet. As always, comments are greatly appreciated.


The Park has a band new headline attraction. Gunslinger is a brand new B&M wingrider and the anchor of our newest themed land, Gunslinger Gulch. Also pictured are Gold Rusher (an arrow mine train), Texas Twister (an Enterprise) and Rodeo (the same as Transylvania Twist at Sunset Valley).


The area is highly themed, as is Gunslinger's queue which weaves through small western themed buildings and gives the area a more intimate feel.


Americana Alley (the area by Wildcat) is seeing big changes as well. The Vulture has been renamed "Dive Bomber" and it's entrance has been re-routed. A Tilt-A-Whirl has taken the place of the old entrance and a new ice cream shop and games building have popped up.

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Thanks for the feedback. The Abassi coaster is probably my favorite at Sunset Valley which is why I wanted to try my hand at building a larger wingrider to be one of the star attractions at a different park. I went through about 5 designs before I found one that I'm happy with but I'm very happy with the way this one turned out.

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Don't worry, I absolutely plan to release this park when it's finished... though the park is probably only about 30% complete at this point so it may be awhile. I think I may send this to NE competitively which I've never done before. I'm not on the same level as some of those guys but it would be a good learning experience. Thanks for the feedback by the way, it's always appreciated!

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Hello again!


I finally have some more screens. Some of these have been on New Element for awhile so I apologize if you've seen them already. Comments greatly appreciated!


The Sunset Mill and Old Mill Grill where guests can sit and eat and enjoy a view of the creek and the park's authentic, functional waterwheel.


Sunset Vista's modern wood coaster is Rumbler. Rumbler is a GCI coaster featuring swooping turns, a curving first drop and a station fly through.


The Timber Falls log flume and Buzzsaw coaster.


The new Shango coaster treats guests to two 90 degree drops and two dive loops. It's located in an African themed area of the park featuring lots of unique shopping and dining options.


Shango is an African god of Thunder, Lightning and Fire (according to Wikipedia so it has to be true).


The Mountain Pass area of the park featuring a launched family coaster and a rapids ride.

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