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Photo TR: Dam Sen Park and Le Thi Rieng Park (Jan. 31, 2013)

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I am currently on a little vacation in Vietnam. I went to two parks today in Ho Chi Minh City, also know as Saigon. My first park was Dam Sen Park. When I got there, I was asked why I chose to go to Dam Sen Park. I said I wanted to ride some DAM roller coasters. This DAM park has a very big lake, four coasters and many other rides. At $9 USD for a pay one price wristband, it is pretty good value. The four coasters are Roller Coaster, Spinning Coaster, Flying Draging and Fruit Worm Coaster. All are pretty common designs. Roller Coaster is a DAM loop and cork based on the early Arrow designs. Spinning Coaster is from a company in China called Golden Horse. I didn't even photograph it as I am sick of these DAM things. The Fruit Worm Coaster and Flying Dragon are kiddie coasters and they were closed today, but the two big coasters were open so I rode those DAM things.


After Dam Sen Park, I explored the little know Le Thi Rieng Park. A new amusement park area has been added here. There is a family coaster called Roller Coaster and despite its small size, it was a good ride. I rode the coaster here, walked around and took some photos and then left. As a side note, Le Thi Rieng Park is not on RCDB or Ace's Coaster Census, but will be soon enough after I inform Duane or the park's existence. The coaster at Dam Sen Park is the 148th coaster I have found before ACE or RCDB.


I had a DAM good time today. Dam Sen Park should hire me to work in marketing.


I have arrived at my first park in Vietnam. It is Dam Sen Park. I have been dying to go to this DAM place.


This is the large lake in Dam Sen Park.


The Ferris Wheel is huge.


This kiddie ride is one of the few kiddie rides that was open today.


I didn't go in the Haunted Castle, but it looks nicer than similar attractions in China.


They have a display of ice sculptures at Dam Sen.


Here are more ice sculptures.


Here is the DAM station for the DAM Fruit Worm Coaster.


The DAM Fruit Worm Coaster was not open today.


The DAM Flying Dragon was closed too.


Here is the entrance to the DAM Roller Coaster.


Here is a view of the DAM coaster.


Here is what what the DAM Roller Coaster looks like from across the lake.


This small bridge was in Le Thi Rieng Park.


A carousel is here at Le Thi Rieng Park.


Here is Le Thi Rieng's coaster. It has an ad for the #1 PC game Roler Coaster Tyoon.


Here is the lift for Roller Coaster at Le Thi Rieng Park to close out the TR.

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Enough with the DAM puns already!

Loving this trip already. Looking forward to seeing more of the Asian Wacky Worm and the advertisements for non-Asian PC games.


Now that I think of it, a Starcraft roller coaster would be pretty DAM amazing...

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I couldn't help but laugh reading the opening sentence of this great report; I'm old enough to remember when the idea of taking a vacation in Vietnam was preposterous.


Another very cool find! And the gates at the entrance are awesome.

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