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Best music in a video game?


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I always loved the music that was in Secret Weapons over Normady. The soundtrack was done by the same guy that did the soundtracks for The Incredibles, Ratatouille and a whole bunch of other things.


Here's the main theme - Skip to 1:12


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My favorite video game soundtrack of all time belongs to a RPG for the GBA called MOTHER 3 (Japan only, though there is a fan translation for it). If you play Smash Bros. Brawl and know about Lucas, New Pork City, and Porky, this game is where they all came from. MOTHER 3 is the official sequel to the SNES RPG EarthBound, the game that brought about Ness who would later join the Smash Bros. character roster.


8-bit Mega Man, Pokemon Gen IV and V, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, EarthBound, and the 3D Zelda games are all outstanding in their music, but they just don't top MOTHER 3 for me. They are close. Really, really, REALLY, REALLY CLOSE!!! But MOTHER 3 takes the cake for me, I don't know any other reason than that it has a special place in my heart and really "clicks on" with me.


Now then, have a good listen at these seven tunes, though there are far too many more that I love as well:


Opening Theme - Welcome to the World of MOTHER 3


Love Theme


Misplaced Revenge (Unfounded Revenge in Brawl)


Natural Killer Cyborg (IMO one of the best songs on the GBA)


Porky's Pokies


Master Porky's Theme


16 Melodies (credits theme)


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Some of my favorite (recent) video game music was that from Super Mario Galaxy. I could listen to the Gusty Garden music all day!







But if you want to go Old School, then I gotta go with Robo's Theme from Chrono Trigger.


Robo's Theme


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While they aren't the original versions, I am loving the orchestral versions they are releasing. Like the one below. A ton of nerds in the video, but I love the version.



I also love the Legend of Zelda orchestral versions and the Super Mario version as well (they both came as special discs with some versions of the games).


As for an entire soundtrack, I think Assassin's Creed II is one of the best. I love movie soundtracks, and that one definitely is more movie than game sounding.

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