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[RCT3] Canada's Dreamland

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Shot0186.bmp Hello is been two month's now it is Late August 1978.Shot0187.bmp This area awarded for "First Most Beautiful Area" in the park.Shot0188.bmp Almost all people wants to challenge The Mighty Canadian.Shot0190.bmp Coney Mall is packed with people today.Shot0191.bmp The Canada's Swing is down today.Shot0192.bmp Canada's Avenue has been awarded for "Second Most Beautiful Area" in the park.Shot0193.bmp Something haunted behind that fence.Shot0194.bmp New 1979 attraction announcement will be tomorrow.Shot0200.bmp International Festival at night.Shot0201.bmp Skyline of The Mighty Canadian at night.Shot0202.bmp Canada's Avenue at night.Shot0203.bmp Have a good day.1979 Announcement1350130318_images(3).jpg.20dfb6bea1ae3e720a06bc2488e8a823.jpg A new log flume ride with experiences Lighting effects, fog effects, and haunted creepers in the forest opens in May 1979

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