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Re: Florida's Dreamland

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Do you break the rules to be funny? Or is it to get attention? All in all, it's sad. If you aren't going to co-operate and follows the rules, just leave. Yeah, we all break the rules here and there, but it's never on purpose. It's always on accident. You're not entertaining anyone.

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I'll give you one more shot at making a legitimate thread.


I have told you multiple times to read the rules threads, board FAQ, and the Terms of Service thread, and it looks like it hasn't sunk in.


Please do not post screenshots as individual posts. You can attach multiple images to a single post.


If you once again don't comply, I will be forced to issue a ban.

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i didnt understand it dont double a post and how i do edit the post because i just join about 3 months ago

If you would actually read the Board FAQ, you would learn how to edit your posts. Which, it seems like you haven't, because you asked that question. This is getting a little embarrassing for you here, I suggest that you actually read the rules and then think about creating another thread.

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