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[RCT3] Charleston Gardens

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Top Posters In This Topic

Heres the history of the park

1973-Construction Begins

1975-Grand Opening

1976-Derecho a massive wooden coaster

1977-Dodgems bumber cars

1978-Carolina Calamity a first Arrow Dynamics coaster with 4 inversions

1979-Vulture a first Arrow Suspened Swinging coaster

1980-Emerald River with 3 new rides and a new restaurant

1981-No new rides just major upgrades and giant slide removed in middle of the season

1982-Harbortown Expanded with a new ride, a new restaurant, and a new gift shop

1983-Boardwalk Carosuel

1984-Ocean Motion a first pirate ship ride

1985-Tidal Wave a first TOGO Stand Up coaster

1986-Derecho transformed into New Derecho it's first hybrid coaster

1987-Disaster Transport first bobsled coaster

1988- No new rides and The Mystery of the Haunted House removed

1989-Millipede a new family coaster

1990-No new rides major upgrades

1991-Sledge Hammer

1992-Charleston Gardens transforms into Paramount's Charleston Gardens and Paramount's Action FX Theater

1993-Black Widow first giant frisbee ride

1994-Extreme Skyflyer

1995-a new restaurant called McDonalds

1996-The Outer Limits

1997-Drop Zone Stunt Tower and Sledge Hammer and Parachute Falls removed

1998-Undertaker a first floorless coaster

1999-no new rides major upgrades

2000-Stratosphere first worlds tallest and fastest strata coaster and Paratrooper removed

2001-Tomb Raider The Ride

2002-no new rides

2003-SW7 a first coaster with 11 inversions

2004-Paramount's Charleston Gardens was bought by Cedar Fair and Mantis a first B&M Stand Up

2005-Looping Star

2006-Nickelodeon Universe

2007-Diamondback a first B&M Hyper coaster

2008-Patriot first screamin swing ride

2009-Stratosphere Jr

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Definitely you are not awesome, at all.


Not following the rules here is just one thing, we all make mistakes during our postings and also exceed the number of posts by day, like 2 or 3 times... not 7 times like you did today.


But being rude and unhelpful while others are trying to help you? that's wrong.


I recommend you start your postings again, maybe this park is a copy of someone else's, or its just coincidence. but I personally don't like mean people who come here and think we are here to tell you how awesome your park is when its not.


Please consider this as a recommendation, to help you improve your RCT3 skills.

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This thread is a train wreck.


I wasn't suspicious until you showed a screenshot of a roller coaster of the same style, name, and color scheme as this particularly good one dreamed up by coasterdude5 -



Sorry, this thread is being locked (again)!

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