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Photo TR: Parque Nacional del Café - Colombia

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Last saturday I went to "Parque Nacional del Café" located in Montenegro, Quindio (Colombia), which is one of the top two Theme Parks in Colombia, the other one being Salitre Mágico in Bogota. Quindio is one the states where famous Colombian coffee is grown, that's why main Theme of the park is coffee. Parque del Café its home to one rollercoaster (former zambezi zinger, WOF) and with 787.3 m lenght stands as the longest in the country, and one of the main rides at the park. Entrance prices vary betweeen $11 and $27 dollars depending on what you want. Enjoy:


On our way. Hour and a half trip in car to get there from my city.


You don't see much of the park from outside, since most of it is down the mountain, and the entrance is up.


Observation tower it's right next to the entrance, and top of the mountain the park it's located at.



Skyride it's the most popular way to go downhill, where the rides are. Chairlift and by foot are the other two options.


We see you new river rapids.


Coffee! I love coffee.


Bolivar square!


Downhill, the park is divided in three big sections, you have to go through bridges to get to each one of them


Our first ride of the day was teh Log Flume. 14 meters tall.


We got wet. It's always fun to get wet ;)


OK we are here. The former zambezi zinger. It's name Broca now, but most people call it just roller coaster and so the does the park.






It's a fun ride, specially last row.


Spiral lift hill porn


Next we headed to "Cumbre". 40 meters tall is the tallest freefall in Colombia.


Lovely colours


River Rapids is the new ride, and only of its kind in Colombia.


The line moved fast. Park started to get crowed by 11am.


Nice theming


Bumper boats! RCT anyone?. They're fun to ride and fun to watch because some people don't get how to drive then and just spin in circles. Too bad it's a capacity nightmare.


There is a playground for kids, with a "mini log flume ride".


Lunch time!


Go Karts


through the trees


Park was packed after midday.


There are Juan Valdez Cafes all over the park.





You can also go horseback riding around the park


We´re going back up


The park has a beautiful landscaping. Going up hill (or downhill) by foot you get to see a "Native American Indian Cementery" and a "leyends and myths forest" statues but we were tired.


Hope u like my photo trip report. And let me know if you come visit Colombia. I'll be happy to help


The park has other rides like double karts (for adults with kids), more kids rides, landscape and coffee related rides and shows, but we didn't went to those. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!

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Thanks for the pictures and trip report! I'm glad to see my old friend Zambezi Zinger frolicking about in such a beautiful setting. Oh, the memory of the good times we shared at WOF, . But alas, she had to be set free; free to explore the world and spread the goodness of Anton! But I digress.


A couple of questions: Does it seem as if they are taking good care of it? Does it still give a smooth ride?

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Nice report! Glad to see that the Schwarzkopf Speed Racer still lives down here (as there is only two). I'm also glad to see it got a paint job as it looked really worn judging by pictures on RCDB.


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I'm so glad you guys like it, it was my pleasure.


A couple of questions: Does it seem as if they are taking good care of it? Does it still give a smooth ride?


Yes, they take good care of it. It's the main ride at the park. I wouldn't say it's smooth, but it isn't painful either. It's very enjoyable.


I would love to visit Colombia to visit Bogota, Cartagena, and the two big amusement parks.


Bogota it's usually cold weather, 8 million plus population, capital of the country, a lof entertainment, and Salitre Mágico it's right in the city, it isn't a big park, but has nice rides. Cartagena it's a beautiful colonial city.

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Wow those are great pictures! Gee I miss Zambezi Zinger! It was Whizzer's more rambunctious brother - "my brother has ADD!" I loved that ride, can't wait to get down there sometime to ride it in it's new home. Very cool for a park to take a terrain coaster and move it to a completely different terrain... proves if a park wants to do it, they can.

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So I didn't know wether I should make a new thread or not. Since there's no that much people from Colombia (I'm guessing) I'll post it here. Parque Nacional del Cáfe it's opening a new rollercoaster in december called "Krater", manufactured by Gerstlauer. Acording to RCDB it will have a vertical lift hill, and it will be 30 meters high (90 ft aprox.)


It hasn't been widely promoted just yet, but it is listed on the website-

Una Nueva e impactante montaña rusa, con giros de 360 y 180 grados, con caídas de más de 90 grados, con una panorámica única que difícilmente podrás ver, Atrévete.


"A new an powerful rollercoaster, with 360°& 180° inversions, drops beyon 90°, and a panoramic view you'll hardly ever see, dare."


Edit: I Will be going to the park to check out the construction on October.

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Cool TR, just noticed it now. That Café park looks very green and well landscaped. I haven't been to Colombia, but looks very green like Brazil, which I've been too. I like how the relocated Schwarzkopf coaster is intergrated into the terrain and I always love a scenic sky ride. I'm glad this park is getting some love with a new Gerstlauer Eurofighter. Thanks for sharing.

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Visited the park yesterday. We got there by 9:00am because we knew the park was gonna be packed since today it's a holiday lots of people chose to travel. It was a sunny warm day, by the middle of the day the park was crowded, fortunately we were done with the rides with wanted by them. The park has a bunch of kiddie rides, I realsie now I didn't take many pictures of those, since I'm the younger of the group and I'm 22 with didn't stopped by those, but next time I make sure I will get them for you.


Krater terrain preparation seems pretty much done, track its on site, but no sight of vertical construction yet. There isn't a specific opening date yet, it's only being advertised as "coming soon", on the park map, but it's aiming for a december opening date. I haven't follow any eurofighter construction so I'm not sure if they have enough time to get it ready by december.

Acording to the park's facebook, Krater features a 95° degree drop, has an 80Km/h speed aprox., a loop, a "cobra corkscrew", and a 360° corkscrew, this are roguh translation from the spanish name of the inversions, which aren't very clear, acording to rcdb it's the same model as "Iron Shark".


You can get many on-ride photos as there are many photographers spreading around the park, they take pictures of you and then give a number for you to check out your group photos. So there aren't actually on-ride cameras but you get great on-ride photos, they have them for Broca, River Rapids, Log Flumme and Bumper Boats.


Here we are


Chairlift station


Chairlift takes you to the "Bolivar Square", then from there you can walk to the four areas where the rides are spread.


We see you Krater construction site.


Wee see you Broca, althoguh that's its oficial name, now it is listed as "rollercoaster" on the park map, and everyone refers to it to as "rollercoaster". I hope they change the name back once Krater opens.


Broca was running two trains since the vry beginning of the day.


We were soaked after riding the log flumme.


Go-karts were running only half-circuit to avoid long lines, it gets packed even thoguh you can only ride then once.


Then we headed for "Cumbre". Cumbre and River Rapids are in front of each other separated by a bridge. they're both newest rides on the park, and Krater will be next to River Rapids


River Rapids were next. They were a great addition to the park, not only because they're first ot its kind in Colombia, but because the park was in desperate need of a high capacity family ride.


Krater's sexy red track!


Another shot at Krater's construction site.


So 3 of the 4 areas were the rides are are connected also by the slowest train I've ever seen. And this is once of the tran's stations, each of then resembles an actual train station of the region.


We're heading back to Bolivar's Square now. Here's another look at Broca, which by this part of the day had 1 hour wait.


Log flumme was pretty busy too, I'm glad we got here early.


This is Bolivar's square, there's the chairlift station, a foodcourt, a chapel and this train station.


This it's the park main show called "Show del Café" (Coffee's show), it's all about coffee and dancers. I haven't seen it yet.


This its what the upper side of the park looks like. That's the Museum of Coffee and Juan Valdez it's right there too.


This it's the view from Juan Valdez. Hoe y'all enjoyed the Photo trip report, let me know if you have any questions about the park.

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